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  1. Seriously, i've got spoiled even in the Still Reading sections, so I advise you only to start reading the thread after you finish ADwD. I couldn't wait, and that's why I got spoiled, but maybe you're stronger than I am! haha
  2. hahaha that sounds like fun! one day i'll spend some time there, im really curious about it. how is it to live without sunlight?
  3. hahaha please, explain what's T3 syndrome!
  4. hey, i'm Gabriel, and like many here started reading after watching an episode of the HBOs series. i'm halfway through AFFC, and lovin' the story and the political background that it's set. also a major fan of fantasy, movies, and tv series. i'm here also because i don't have many friends available to discuss the book series, only the TV show. i live in sao paulo, Brazil. btw, i think we should all exchange experiences about reading/listening/watching ASOIF stoned, coz to me, its a godly experience hahaha hope to get to know you all (: cheers
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