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  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I had to make the same decision in December. (three months ago today, in fact.) Even though you know it's the right decision, it's still not easy. Get the tattoo (kinda not even joking) or wear a bracelet if you are really serious. My father was accidentally resurrected twice recently, even though he had a DNR. Let me tell you that when you collapse on the sidewalk, EMS is not going to go through your wallet. My mother was too stunned to tell them to stop before they loaded dad into the ambulance, and she was not allowed to go with him to the ER (death in the time of COVID). It was several hours later and he was already on life support when they finally called me and I was able to say "He has a DNR. Stop what you are doing."
  2. A good friend of mine here is married to a psychiatrist who works exclusively in a hospital. He was letting other healthcare workers go ahead of him since his risk was low as far as healthcare workers went. He wasn’t seeing COVID cases. Until they had to open a psychiatric unit for COVID+ patients. He got his first dose in Christmas Eve. My friend says that was the best gift ever.
  3. One year ago is bittersweet for me. I was in Nevada with my family. My sister and her family were meeting us to celebrate 2020 with our parents. This year I’m also packing to go to Nevada, but for a very different reason. I’m terrified to fly, but needs must.
  4. Well yes, but they do like our windows. I painted the front porch during quarantine and the mayor’s wife was in my font yard “approving.” She liked it, luckily.
  5. No HOA here (thank goodness!) but lemme tell you that living in the historic district of a 200+ year old town (old by US standards, stop laughing you Eurocommies) is tough sometimes. The old biddies on the historic district board are vicious! There's no screaming at each other, but there's a lot of tut-tutting and side eye. Still, there's no one to tell you that you have to cut your grass or landscape your lawn or bring your trashcans in by a certain time each day.
  6. Thank you. I remember how terribly draining your father’s death was for you and your family.
  7. Thank you Chats and Fury. It does sort of suck. I did not post to bring everyone down. My dad 100% had his shit together in terms of what he wanted, plus he had a will and trusts and contingencies to the eyeballs. This does make it easier, but it still blindsides you.
  8. So yeah, my dad died unexpectedly 13 days ago. In the grand irony of it all, he had cardiac arrest on the sidewalk walking into his cardiologist’s office (for a routine check up, even.) He had a DNR, but my mom, who was too shocked and overwhelmed to process anything didn’t tell the EMT’s. Mom has early dementia. What that means is she’s outwardly fine, but cannot make decisions and cannot process anything not part of her routine. Seeing her husband of 56 years collapse on the sidewalk without a pulse was definitely not part of her routine. She was not allowed in the ambulance (COVID), so she went home and called my sister, who called me. We could not get any concrete info out of Mom. The ER wouldn’t talk to us. Eventually, I get a phone call from the ER “Hello, this is Dr McXxxx. Your father was brought in this morning with cardiac arrest, but we were able to get a pulse back. He had a second incident here in the ER, but we administered CPR again. We have him on a ventilator, but there are signs of brain damamge. I understand your mother has memory problems and she has told us you are the power of attorney...” My father and I weren’t particularly close and I knew without a shadow of a doubt what he wanted, but it’s heart wrenching to have to say “He had a DNR, please do what you can to make him comfortable and let him pass.” It’s even worse to have to call your mother and tell her that no, there really isn’t anything that can be done. (She knew that he emphatically did NOT want to be kept alive, but she could not bring herself to say the words.) All this over the phone from across the country. My dad had a DNR, a living will, and power of attorney, and there was still confusion over what to do in a medical emergency. He’s been cremated, as planned. He said he wanted his ashes scattered in Lake Mead. My mom says she wants to keep them in an urn. I say let her have them. He’s not around any more to care and she never got to say goodbye.
  9. Zoomed with my dementia patient mom today. She was SO. EXCITED. that she remembered how to log on all by herself. And she was able to switch from “gallery view” to “speaker view” when I gave her a video tour of our house (we’ve lived here 6 years and she hasn’t been able to visit since she lives across the country). At the end of the hour, she blew us (my sister was also on) a kiss and said “I do so love both you girls. Can we do this again next week?” Yes, mom, we can.
  10. There was I recovering this one. The pit was about 6 ft deep.
  11. What are you famous for? Last weekend, I went to my friend’s remote camp in the Adirondacks and DROPPED MY PHONE IN THE OUTHOUSE. Yup. Could not be retrieved. (Not that I wanted to, it was an iPhone 6 and due to be replaced anyway.) It was hilarious. Of course I posted the funny story on Facebook. Now, I live in a REALLY small town. Today was farmers market day. I swear 5 people out and about said “Oh hi Stripey! So sorry to hear about your phone” with barely a straight face. Apparently, I will forever be known as “the girl who lost her phone in the shitter.” Go ahead, laugh. It is funny. But really, what makes you a local legend?
  12. Ah shit.... this thread is making me miss Manwoody. :(
  13. Hey y’all. So great to see you all. I’m still in upstate NY. Skunklings are teenagers now, the oldest being 16. Pandemic means he can’t get to the DMV to get his learners permit so I haven’t taught anyone to drive this summer. Younger skunk is 14 and starting her freshman year of HS. Still married to the same guy. The dog my original name (Skunkbelly) inspired died at the ripe old age of 17.5 many years ago.
  14. I run a concert hall (granted it's all classical music and jazz and the like) and I'm pissed off I can't present a concert until who-knows-when. My whole industry is fscked, but there ya have it. I'll do what I can, stick to streaming stuff, and hope all my patrons and subscribers (mainly older folks) don't die before I can re-open.
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