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  1. I live 60 miles east of Syracuse. It's safe to say that a lot of folks are Orange fans here. I'm sweating away in my spin class at noon (wearing my UNC shirt, of course) right beside my Duke alum colleague. She's streaming the game on her phone and I keep asking for the score. All the while, the spin instructor keeps yelling "focus ladies! Keep your RPMs up!" Please, oh please. (I am much more of an "anyone but Dook" fan than a SU fan.)
  2. @timmett Here I am a blubbering mess at my computer. Such lovely words. My deepest condolences to you. I remember her well.
  3. I’m maybe (?) at a career crossroads. Currently 16 months away from being able to retire from my current place of business with a pretty sweet college tuition benefit for the kids intact. I’ll be 52, so not ready to retire from the workforce. At that time the youngest will be just starting her senior year of high school. I’m really not interested in staying at current place of business, but jobs in my field aren’t plentiful in the wilds of upstate NY and I wouldn’t make her move at such a critical time. What do I do? Consult? I’m half tempted to become an Instacart shopper just to get out of the house.
  4. It's Family Weekend at my college of employment. Student ensembles are performing. All attendees must be vaccinated. It's on the college website. And in the press release. And on the poster. And in the email I sent to ensemble directors. A mother shows up to see her kid sing with the college kid's younger siblings who are 14 (all good) and 6 (not vaccinated). Mom is NOT happy when I tell her the youngest sibling can't come in.
  5. To boost or not to boost? I've got the Pfizer chip and because of my job (I work in person at a college) I am eligible. Note the CDC says "may" but not "should" get a booster. My campus is 99% vaccinated (there are a few religious and medical exceptions). I DO host public events. Attendees are supposed to be vaccinated, but the college is not requiring proof, just asking that people be honest about vaccination status. Masks are required at all events and indoors on campus at all times. So, yay or nay on the booster?
  6. There is nothing like teaching your kid to drive to make you realize your own bad driving habits. And yes, my kid is 17 and just learning to drive.
  7. Thank you. I remember how terribly draining your father’s death was for you and your family.
  8. Thank you Chats and Fury. It does sort of suck. I did not post to bring everyone down. My dad 100% had his shit together in terms of what he wanted, plus he had a will and trusts and contingencies to the eyeballs. This does make it easier, but it still blindsides you.
  9. So yeah, my dad died unexpectedly 13 days ago. In the grand irony of it all, he had cardiac arrest on the sidewalk walking into his cardiologist’s office (for a routine check up, even.) He had a DNR, but my mom, who was too shocked and overwhelmed to process anything didn’t tell the EMT’s. Mom has early dementia. What that means is she’s outwardly fine, but cannot make decisions and cannot process anything not part of her routine. Seeing her husband of 56 years collapse on the sidewalk without a pulse was definitely not part of her routine. She was not allowed in the ambulance (COVID), so she went home and called my sister, who called me. We could not get any concrete info out of Mom. The ER wouldn’t talk to us. Eventually, I get a phone call from the ER “Hello, this is Dr McXxxx. Your father was brought in this morning with cardiac arrest, but we were able to get a pulse back. He had a second incident here in the ER, but we administered CPR again. We have him on a ventilator, but there are signs of brain damamge. I understand your mother has memory problems and she has told us you are the power of attorney...” My father and I weren’t particularly close and I knew without a shadow of a doubt what he wanted, but it’s heart wrenching to have to say “He had a DNR, please do what you can to make him comfortable and let him pass.” It’s even worse to have to call your mother and tell her that no, there really isn’t anything that can be done. (She knew that he emphatically did NOT want to be kept alive, but she could not bring herself to say the words.) All this over the phone from across the country. My dad had a DNR, a living will, and power of attorney, and there was still confusion over what to do in a medical emergency. He’s been cremated, as planned. He said he wanted his ashes scattered in Lake Mead. My mom says she wants to keep them in an urn. I say let her have them. He’s not around any more to care and she never got to say goodbye.
  10. Zoomed with my dementia patient mom today. She was SO. EXCITED. that she remembered how to log on all by herself. And she was able to switch from “gallery view” to “speaker view” when I gave her a video tour of our house (we’ve lived here 6 years and she hasn’t been able to visit since she lives across the country). At the end of the hour, she blew us (my sister was also on) a kiss and said “I do so love both you girls. Can we do this again next week?” Yes, mom, we can.
  11. You are too sweet. How's life?

  12. If anyone causes this kind and gracious woman ANY trouble than they will have to answer to me:p-


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