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  1. Zoomed with my dementia patient mom today. She was SO. EXCITED. that she remembered how to log on all by herself. And she was able to switch from “gallery view” to “speaker view” when I gave her a video tour of our house (we’ve lived here 6 years and she hasn’t been able to visit since she lives across the country). At the end of the hour, she blew us (my sister was also on) a kiss and said “I do so love both you girls. Can we do this again next week?” Yes, mom, we can.
  2. There was I recovering this one. The pit was about 6 ft deep.
  3. What are you famous for? Last weekend, I went to my friend’s remote camp in the Adirondacks and DROPPED MY PHONE IN THE OUTHOUSE. Yup. Could not be retrieved. (Not that I wanted to, it was an iPhone 6 and due to be replaced anyway.) It was hilarious. Of course I posted the funny story on Facebook. Now, I live in a REALLY small town. Today was farmers market day. I swear 5 people out and about said “Oh hi Stripey! So sorry to hear about your phone” with barely a straight face. Apparently, I will forever be known as “the girl who lost her phone in the shitter.” Go ahead, laugh. It is funny. But really, what makes you a local legend?
  4. Ah shit.... this thread is making me miss Manwoody. :(
  5. Hey y’all. So great to see you all. I’m still in upstate NY. Skunklings are teenagers now, the oldest being 16. Pandemic means he can’t get to the DMV to get his learners permit so I haven’t taught anyone to drive this summer. Younger skunk is 14 and starting her freshman year of HS. Still married to the same guy. The dog my original name (Skunkbelly) inspired died at the ripe old age of 17.5 many years ago.
  6. I run a concert hall (granted it's all classical music and jazz and the like) and I'm pissed off I can't present a concert until who-knows-when. My whole industry is fscked, but there ya have it. I'll do what I can, stick to streaming stuff, and hope all my patrons and subscribers (mainly older folks) don't die before I can re-open.
  7. Ormond: It sounds as though you are able to be safe on your trip. Again, I am so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. I am glad you were able to to to her ceremony. The kids and I went to our bubble friends' camp near Lake Placid in the Adirondacks this weekend. We felt ok going since these are the only people we have socialized with other than our immediate family of 4 since March. The camp is very remote and we saw nobody (except passing a few kayakers on the lake while we were there.) Essex County, NY has only had 65 total COVID cases. It was a 4 hour drive. I stopped once to use the toilet in Saranac Lake. Everyone in the convenience store we stopped in was properly masked. We drove through lots of tourist town in the Adirondacks, which were very crowded and not all the people on the streets had masks on. We usually opt to visit Lake Placid to shop and eat when we go to camp but we decided not to take the side trip this time. We did stop for ice cream shop on the way home. There was a big sign stating "no mask, no ice cream." One one party at a time in the shop and no more than 3 in a party.
  8. Mountain bike season has started, and I'm a coach for the kids' team, which is absolutely ridiculous since they are all faster and better than me. (Ok, I might be faster than ONE of them, certainly not my daughter, who smokes me on the regular) But, the league states there must be two coaches per 8 kids to ensure social distancing, and there are no other volunteers. I like to check out the trails before each practice, I am riding the trails 3-5 times a week. I've got bruises all over, but my core is getting much stronger and my legs are nicer now. I really, really, really miss the pool. It's not open currently and may stay closed all semester.
  9. No, you’re misunderstanding, or I’m not being clear, that part of the exercise was in my building, which was mostly empty that day. It was clearly marked with signs and I knew that unusual sights weren’t real. I left mid-day as they were getting ready to start the exercise because I didn’t want to hear yells and banging all afternoon. I went through the staging area, and thus over the body. I got more of a laugh than a startle. I also have the type of job where I can come and go as I please so nobody was forcing anything. Had I left out the back door I wouldn’t have seen anything at all.
  10. The big ones are annual events. The other ones are to test the campus emergency system.
  11. https://www.hamilton.edu/news/story/national-guard-ny-police-emergency-drill It was fun to see the helicopter land, since my office overlooks the rugby field, and I had to step over a "body" (plastic dummy) in a pool of blood when I left as they were setting up part of the drill. https://wibx950.com/hamilton-college-with-new-york-state-police-and-local-agencies-conduct-full-scale-emergency-drill/
  12. A good COVID thing... my sister and I finally got our parents on Zoom today. My mom is a dementia patient (she still lives at home) and my dad is a very not tech savvy 86. They resisted Zoom because they thought it would be too hard to figure out or needed special equipment. I had to send my mom the invitation then call her on the phone and walk her through getting on. It took another 30 minutes before we could get her camera to work. But then in utter delight she starts saying “Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! There you are! I can see you! Can you see me, too?! Wait! Don’t go anywhere while I get your father. Oh! Oh! This is so wonderful!! Then the grandkids came on. If I live to be 100, I will always remember how excited she was.
  13. I work at a small college and yes, we have active shooter drills. I’ve seen the “Run, Hide, Fight!” video many times. We have lockdown drills. We’ve also had the campus locked down for several hours due to false alarms. Every summer (well, not this one) there’s also a large scale emergency/disaster drill with pretend hostages, assigned injuries, fake blood, SWAT teams, EMT services, helicopters, and news media. I always avoid campus those days, but if you participate they give you free breakfast and lunch.
  14. My kids are in high school. I’d feel ok about homeschooling elementary age kids, but there’s no way I (or Mr Stripe) can do physics, pre-calculus, etc. I worry about the classes with labs. I think my district will probably do hybrid learning, and that might be ok. I do worry about exposure. I am worried about exposure in the workplace for me. I work at a college that is set on offering in person classes. College students from all over the country will be arriving on campus and you know they will not be careful about social distancing. My department chair has already decided to teach remotely, so hopefully I will be able to stay home for the semester also.
  15. We went on a hike to a local waterfall and swimming hole yesterday with friends. It was the first time either kid had seen a peer in person since mid-March.
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