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  1. Whitestripe

    Well-Fitting Foundation Garments

    I got nothin'. Nude tights are very much not a thing over here. I love skirts and dresses, but my wearing them is generally limited to two seasons. Summer when it is warm enough for bare legs and fall through before deep winter when it's just too cold, even with fleece lined tights and tall boots.
  2. Whitestripe

    The Diversity Pipeline

    I'm about as far from STEM as I can get, but at my college, professors are generally "Professor Last Name" in entry level classes. Once you get to an upper level seminar and you've been working with that professor for several years, you can call him/her by their first name. I always refer to professors as "Professor Last Name" when speaking about them to a student. If they respond back with first name, I respond in the same. (Of course, I always call them by first name because I am a grown up and a colleague). Most of my professorial friends are in the humanities, but the few that I have in the sciences (chemistry, physics, geology, and biology) say it works the same for them. For my children, I always call the teachers by Mr/Mrs/Ms Last Name in a school setting, even if I know them personally. I will call them by first name when not on campus, and I always refer to them by surname when speaking about them to my children. Often the college students call me Ms. Stripe, and I correct it to first name, because that's just how I roll.
  3. Whitestripe

    Car insurance headaches

    I did call my insurance company. Truck 1 (the one I reacted to) is not involed at all. They drove on, and I have no idea if they even know they started it all. The truck that hit me was following me in left lane when this whole thing started.
  4. Whitestripe

    Car insurance headaches

    Two weeks ago, while the kids and I were coming home from our two-week tour of California and Nevada, I had a car accident. I was almost home, driving on the NYS Thruway on a beautiful sunny afternoon with the kids in the back seat when a tractor-trailer truck started to merge in my lane. I remember reacting by moving over and hitting the rumble strips, then nothing... but "coming to" with the side airbags (driver and passenger) deployed and the OnStar operator asking if I needed assistance. My car was up against the guard rail facing the wrong direction and the whole back end was crushed. An off duty firefighter stopped to offer assistance and an ambulance and two police cars came. Luckily, we all walked away without a scratch. (I am especially grateful that my son was unharmed since his side took the worst hit and his arm was caught behind the airbag) There were two other commercial trucks pulled over, but in my confused state I had no idea why they were there. Their info was on the accident information exchange form that the police gave us. They drove off after the police released them while my car was towed away. My husband (who was not on the trip with us) came to fetch us. I was cited for "failure to use designated lane," which caused me to believe that I swerved out of my lane when I hit the rumble strips (I have no memory of it, but I don't remember giving the police a statement or talking to the EMT's either). I got a copy of the police report for the accident. It does not list my citation, but does say that the truck behind me was following too closely and hit me from behind after I reacted I the first truck merging into my lane. I started a claim with my insurance company, and my brand-new-less than 3000 miles-10-week-old Subaru was totaled. My insurance company has paid off my loan, rented me a loaner, and is sending me a check for the equity I had in the car. I've already purchased a replacement and am waiting for delivery. I did not tell my insurance company I was rear-ended because I didn't remember it. I did say that the truck had a dent in its front and although I didn't remember it, there may have been contact. They told me that they would get the police report and investigate. Today, I got a letter from driver 2's insurance company asking for information and stating that I am due compensation if the driver is found liable, etc... I've never been in an accident like this before, so how does this effect the claim with my insurance company? I'd (obviously) like to get my $500 collision deductible back if I could, and I am sure that my insurance would like to recoup the loss of the totaled car. Not to mention I'd like my rates not to go up. I guess I should call my insurance and tell them about this letter and then fill out the forms? I have almost no experience with insurance claims.
  5. Whitestripe

    Direct Marketing - Dreams and (Pyramid) Schemes

    I have a grad school friend who is always flooding my FB feed with Rodan + Fields. She even sent me some samples, but I never bought anything from her. Every once in a while an Avon caralogue turns up in the office. I find it really annoying and never buy anything.
  6. Whitestripe

    Death of a Proud Sailor, a Board Legend - RIP Lord O' Bones

    Ok bawling now. What a lovely rememberance
  7. Whitestripe

    Death of a Proud Sailor, a Board Legend - RIP Lord O' Bones

    Double post. But I'm still sad.
  8. Whitestripe

    Death of a Proud Sailor, a Board Legend - RIP Lord O' Bones

    Too many of us here have gone too soon. RIP Bonsey.
  9. How do you give someone a fish pond? Aren't they in the ground? And unrelated... my husband bought his mother a really ugly piece of pottery for Mother's Day (it was an auction for work). We aren't seeing her for a few weeks so it hasn't been given yet. I usually pick the gifts and I am afraid that she will think I picked this out. What do I do? 1) mail it with insufficicent packing and hope it breaks? 2) leave the bowl on the counter and hope the cat swipes it off? 3) give it to her, but make sure she knows I didn't pick it out? (And before you think anything else, my daughter said "Gramma won't like that" plus, my BFF says it's ugly, too.) Hubby also bought me a rather uninspired photo of Edinburgh Castle at the auction. It's meant to be for my Mother's Day gift, but since it was taken by a friend of his, I'm going to suggest it go in the home office, which I rarely use.
  10. Whitestripe

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Conditioner is a must because of tangles. When my hair was short, I didn't need it. The problem with needing to washi hair every comes when I want to swim on my lunch hour. I really can't go to work with unwashed hair, but even though I wear a swim cap I still have to wash my hair after the pool. I don't want to wash and dry twice in a day. May try dry shampoo on mornings that I plan to swim and see what happens.
  11. Whitestripe

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Kair: we're both on the slippery slope to 50 . I mostly use Tresemme volumizing and only condition the ends. My locks look great right after I've blown dry (upside down) with some lifting spritz I got at the salon) but at the end of the day.... not so much. My daughter has poker straight, corn silk soft and fine blonde hair all the way down her back. (Think 1970's California girl model). She will either love it or hate it later.
  12. Whitestripe

    Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    Speaking of hair, are salon shampoos worth it? I have very fine straight hair and have to wash every day. All products just weigh it down. Curl lasts about half a day.
  13. Whitestripe


    Husband picked up some small batch bourbon from the Adirondack Distillery (it's just up the street) for a recipe of bourbon chicken. We knew it would not be great but wanted to try it. Besides, it was going in a recipe. Turns out it's pretty awful, and we didn't like the chicken either. The bourbon is tolerable (just) with water or ice, but not neat, which is how we both drink it usually. Oh well. We may have to have a party and make mint juleps or something.
  14. Whitestripe

    Any Car Advice?

    Sigh. So yeah, hubby and I are very short on time these days. We decided what we wanted and looked at online inventory of all the cars around. Hubs talked to "online sales" dude at dealership we chose. Picked out model and negotiated price. Then, made appt to go to dealership to talk to showroom sales guy. We went, checkbook and trade-in title in hand. Turns out, that particular car isn't on the lot. It's coming soon in next week's shipment. Maybe. Can't guarantee that it won't be pre-sold to someone else before it gets to the local lot since they also have dealerships elsewhere in the state. BUT... they do have ones in the next trim level up on the lot right now... We left.
  15. Whitestripe

    Any Car Advice?

    Driving in to work this morning, 8 of the 30 or so cars in the faculty lot were Subaru. The student lot had a fair few also (but that lot also had at least one Range Rover and several Volvos, you can tell this is NOT a state school by the parking lot) I'd love s Volvo, but my poor salary isn't up to the challenge.