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  1. nekrohsis

    [Spoilers] EP602

    But Shireen was burned a whole year ago, guys, we need to get over it. At least that's what D&D like to say. Never mind that for Davos it was like a few weeks at best...
  2. They said she dies--I think it'll be Mel who does it, not Stanns, which changes everything!
  3. It's supposed to be Mel who does it!
  4. No, Brienne will be tortured and killed, because she's a woman and that's dramatic.
  5. Mel is a fanatic who sees nothing wrong with burning people--that's not Stannis's character!
  6. Show her tits, most likely. This is GOT
  7. You're not supposed to cheer that Arya uses sex as a weapon; it's supposed to be sad and desperate.
  8. Are they making Arya dress like a prostitute?
  9. Because the show has set up that Stannis is super loving, and he's more distant in the books, so I could see it working maybe in the books but not in the show.
  10. So they're giving him Nymeria's role? WHY CAST NYMERIA?
  11. I'm watching this thread instead of the show. If Brienne dies stupidly, I riot.
  12. nekrohsis

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Hands at least make sense--a swordsmans hands are always in harm's way. What I can't figure out is his obsession with ears--seriously, how hard can it be to slice off someone's ear without hacking their skull open or missing entirely.