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  1. Haha fair enough! Thanks to you for all the work you put into this :) ETA: here's another one! From the World of Ice and Fire, the Doom of Valyria. And thanks to LM for pointing these guys out in the Small Questions Thread: Last heard from in Arya V, a Clash of Kings:
  2.     Jumped straight from the OP to replying so sorry if this has been mentionned before.   I think you can add that Nettles was likely the Burned Men's fire witch, which is imho as safe an assumption as some other theories that made the list. Somewhat related: I'd maybe add Alys Rivers, last seen carrying Aemond's bastard right before the Gods' Eye showdown - of course the fate of every single character related to the Dance isn't known, but since we know for a fact she was carrying a dragonseed, she was likely the one telling whoever Gyldayn's source was about the fight, and she claims to be a seer, I think she deserves a spot up there :)   Somewhat related (yes, yes it is!), I would definitely add the fourth daughter of Elys and Alys Arryn, who was, as per Littlefinger's words to Sansa:     Completely unrelated, and debatable I guess (he sure wasn't pregnant), is Qarl Correy, one of Laenor Velaryon's favourites.     From the Rogue Prince. The facts that Mushroom's theory is not discarded, and that Gyldayn does not say whether anybody claimed Corlys' reward pretty much establish that we don't know what became of Correy.
  3. I know I'm late to the party, but did you ever get round to doing that? I'd be really intersted in a group general reread.
  4. Daemon didn't fly off with Nettles, he had a showdown with Aemond where he killed him and ended up falling in the Gods' Eye with Ceraxes. His body was never found though, so you're right, we can't know he's dead for sure. As for Nettles, the Worldbook gave us an interesting tidbit about the Burned Men that is very likely about Nettles: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/124067-Nettles-as-the-Burned-Men%27s-fire-witch
  5. It is kind of included in the RLJ threads I guess.
  6. She gave him a poisoned coin, knowing he would bite it.
  7. The King's fires are running low, and Jon doesn't feel like playing sperm donor for the Cause?
  8. Just came upon this and thought of you: aDwD 56 (Tyrion XI) I'm about positive it the same Iron Legions we heard about. So, since they're "just" citizens, I highly doubt they're cut. :P
  9. Heresy threads sometimes discuss this, but it's a lot to search through.
  10. We know from her POV chapter Mel sincerely believes Stannis is AAR. Azor Ahai having Lightbringer is "only" a prophecy, so it can be interpreted in many ways. I think Mel believes what matters is that AAR has a Lightbringer, not necessarly the very one the original Azor Ahai bore, if it even exists. Maybe she also thinks one can make prophecies come true. By giving a Lightbringer to Stannis, even if she knows perfectly well it's just a glamor, she ticks one more box on the "Getting AA to get reborn list". It's really hard to know just how much Stannis believes in/cares about the whole thing, imo. I think he definitely didn't take it seriously before a certain point, but now...
  11. I have no idea either, except I really don't want to think of Mel as a Fred. We only had one chapter of hers anyway, and I doubt any were pushed to Dream since the stabbing is such a nice cliffhanger. Your comments were hilarious, by the way. I wish he'd do the same with Winds, that'd make for some fun speculation.
  12. It has been theorized that Others could indeed make seas (or part of seas) freeze to make landbridges. I believe one of the reasons behind this thinking is that Azor Ahai is likely an eastern figure, yet Mel seems convinced he fought Others - so it seems reasonable to think they got to Essos at some point. Since they are sentient and have a technology that sometimes surpasses mankind's (basass swords and camouflage armor and whatnot), I for one think they could very well have boats of some sort, too. That being said, the Wall is magic, and has some sort of ward around it; surely it expends at least a little into the sea? As for the dragons' sex, it seems dragons change theirs during their lifespan (like some animals on Earth do). Aemon says so to Sam during his "Dany is AA reborn" tirade.
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