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  1. Romaine3

    Battle of Fire and Danny`s march West, and Beyond

    If the Dothraki are so inept at combat and unprepared to face armored troops, then explain to me how they have managed to dominate so many different armies in Essos? Add to the fact that in Westeros, only Knights wear full armor. Knights are heavy cavalry. The rest of the troops on foot have chainmail or boiled leather for the most part. Arrows are going to penetrate that type of armor. So long as Daenerys uses her Dothraki wisely, there is no reason that the smallfolk will feel the least bit alienated. She is bringing sellswords, Unsullied, and Dragons for crying out loud. An invasion force made up of foreigners anyway. And you are saying that bringing Dothraki will alienate them from the people of Westeros moreso than the rest of her army? Give me a break. You can't win this one.
  2. Romaine3

    Battle on the Green Fork casualties

    Not sure what the IB is. As for the Twins, Roose and Walker Frey seem to have been in communication for quite a while. Plus, many of the above posts state that they were acknowledging deaths and defections as the reason Roose lost such a high number of men after the Green Fork. So Roose instructs for a good chunk of his own men to "defect" and head home to the Dreadfort.
  3. Romaine3

    Battle of Fire and Danny`s march West, and Beyond

    From the information I gleaned in the OP, Dany will have access to 200+ ships, a large chunk of her army will take an overland route to get closer to Westeros, and the ships will take a few trips to ferry her entire army across the Narrow Sea. The armies of Westeros haven't placed much faith in archers in a pitched battle scenario. They play a large role in siege battles, but only shoot a few volleys in the field. Whereas Dothraki can shoot accurately at a full gallop on horseback. Gallop into range, let a few well aimed shots off, retreat. Devastating and demoralizing to the enemy. If they huddle up and form a shield wall, their forward momentum comes to a halt. If not immediately, then eventually, the Dothraki tactics will take a psychological toll on their enemy. Daenerys can make sure to enforce strict laws against any raping and pillaging. As for communication, there are several people in Daenerys' inner circle who can speak Dothraki. Plus there are many different forms of non-verbal communication that can be employed in battle or across great distances. So if my explanation doesn't make sense to you from a tactical standpoint from the information shared by the OP, maybe you can look into armies like the Mongolians, Huns, Sioux, or Cheyenne. They are some of the peoples said to be part of the inspiration for the Dothraki.
  4. Romaine3

    alternate jon

    Jon's decision to join the Night's Watch has always baffled me honestly. Didn't he know that one doesn't just sign up for a life at the Wall? It's certainly not a romantic place to live your life. All of the brothers are criminals of some sort, or disgraced noblemen seeking redemption. Plus, the vow of celibacy! I mean come on Jon! At 14 all I did was think about sex. At 35, I'm still the same way! Plus his family situation makes no sense. Eddard was such a good role model, but never notices that his wife treats Jon like he is less than dirt? He had to have noticed! Why didn't he put his foot down from the get go and let Catelyn know that Jon was important to him, and that if she didn't love the boy like the mother he needed, that he wouldn't tolerate it and send her packing. Nope! He allows her to openly resent Jon's existence. If Jon had chosen to run off to Essos, who would have funded his trip? A boy who knows nothing like Jon would be quickly relieved of anything of value that he possessed either on the ship, or within fifteen minutes after stepping foot onto the ground of whatever port of call the ship he was on sailed into. Jon's best bet was to have communicated better with Lord Eddard. He should have either followed him to Kings Landing, or have had his pops arrange to have had him married to one of his Northern bannermens daughters. Anything would have been better than moping around Winterfell getting the evil eye from Catelyn all the time. But choosing a life in the Night's Watch was even more of a dumb decision than having to put up with her crap!
  5. Romaine3

    alternate jon

    Lol, doubtful... We'll mark it down as a "maybe" though.
  6. Romaine3

    alternate jon

    What if Tyrion hit a late growth spurt?
  7. Romaine3

    if lyana had lived

    If she had lived, then she would of had the chance to explain her side of the story to the realm at the very least. I believe that she still would have initially left the Tower of Joy and sneaked by to Winterfell with Ned. Either that, or she and Ned would of made their way to King's Landing, entrusting Howland Reed with the care of her newborn child. With Ned at her side, there is no way Robert Baratheon would have not at least given her the chance to communicate her side of the story to him privately. If he couldn't live with whatever she told him, the worst punishment he could give her is a new job with the Silent Sisters. Still, knowing Robert, he probably would have just sent her home to Winterfell. On the other hand, he may have understood that she had fallen in love with another man and flat out forgiven her. Robert already had a few bastards at this point in time, so he might have accepted the fact that Lyanna is only human, just like himself, and forgiven her. The latter of the two would probably have been the best outcome. Lyanna would have been able to read Robert's emotions well enough at this point in time to know whether or not she should spill the beans about the baby too. Things would have most likely been better off had Lyanna survived, but she didn't. This among many other things is what gives the novels so much depth. GRRM doesn't seem to want to write "...and they lived happily ever after." at the end of aDoS. I think we all respect that too.
  8. Romaine3

    Battle of Fire and Danny`s march West, and Beyond

    I apologize for being rude, but there is no way in hell Daenerys crosses the narrow sea without at least 20-30,000 Dothraki. Dothraki are light/medium cavalry and can operate in much the same way as Ghengis Khans Mongolian army. Other than sellswords, she has no other cavalry. Medieval warfare was all about some damn cavalry (until the English Longbow, but that's besides the point). Her Dothraki will act as scouts, foragers, raiding parties, and vanguard in battle (ride at enemy force, shoot bow and arrow, ride off-- rinse repeat until it's time to charge). They will be very loyal to her, and any that get captured can't spill the beans because they don't speak the common tongue. So in my mind, Daenerys would be making a huge mistake if she didn't ferry over any and every Dothraki willing to fight for her cause.
  9. Romaine3

    Battle on the Green Fork casualties

    I agree with you 100%! It seems to me that Roose is secretly sending men back to the Dreadfort, or some undisclosed location to regroup after every battle. After the Green Fork, he was probably able to send at least a few thousand back because of the "chaos" of the retreat (even though it was orderly), plus it was close in proximity to the north. He also put the houses most loyal to the Starks in the most perilous positions possible (so more of them would die). I don't know about the Green Fork, but he was in cahoots with the Lannisters and the Freys for quite a long time. The Red Wedding took time to plan, and I'm sure that there were several alternative plots in place in case the Red Wedding were foiled somehow.
  10. Nope, that wouldn't be dragonsteel. You know how some bladesmiths fuse metals like gold into their blades for decorative purposes? How is that done any idea? And what did you think about the dipping the steel into dragonglass powder part of my last post? Wouldn't it be absorbed into the steel that way after heating the billet in the forge?
  11. Romaine3

    The Seven: Do they have any power? Do they even exist?

    Really though, I can talk about Ser Barristan Selmy a lot! Without going into any details, it was the show that made me really gain an interest in Selmy. I went from thinking that he was a great Knight, into, he's my favorite character period and deserves a 100ft Magic statue with a plaque that goes into great detail of his many deeds. If a person walks up and looks at the plaque and thinks "TLDR" a magic hand appears and slaps the bejesus out of them and makes them read it! When he stood vigil over that boy's grave after the Tournament of the Hand is what kind of gave me "The Stranger" idea. All in all, Selmy is just an awesome character.
  12. Romaine3

    The Seven: Do they have any power? Do they even exist?

    I've been thinking more about this. I've come to the conclusion that those who are good people and true believers of the 7 are living embodiments of the Gods that they worship. Maybe if I give a few examples, my theory might be a little easier to digest. Mother: Catelyn Stark (while alive) Father: Ser Davos Seaworth Smith: Gendry Crone: maybe Old Nan (if she worships Old Gods then no) maybe Grand dame Tyrell The Maid: Sansa or Margery Warrior: Brienne of Tarth Stranger: Ser Barristan Selmy (he could be the Warrior, but he has put so many people in the grave that The Stranger secretly worships him!)
  13. Romaine3

    Noble House Scenario - Iron Islands

    Thank you! I'm not sure if anything has been resolved by my answer, but I was just trying to briefly exercise his POV. Had I not really been hungry and cut myself off, I might still be typing lol!
  14. Dragonglass aka obsidian can hold an extremely sharp edge. When Cortez conquered the Aztecs, written accounts state that with their obsidian weapons, Aztecs could decapitate a horse with a single blow. That's pretty damn sharp! Although it can be napped into a blade that is sharper than a razor, dragonglass is brittle. How would you combine it with the steel anyway? Get some uniformly sized steel bars and make a sandwich of steel, dragonglass, steel, dragonglass, steel, etc. then weld it all together into a billet of amalgamated steel/dragonglass? That method doesn't seem to make a believer out of me. Unless there were magical incantations of some sort that you chanted to bind the steel and dragonglass together during the welding part. Maybe you can crush the dragonglass into a fine powder and coat each bar of steel in the powder, then weld your billet and chant your incantations. I dunno, what do y'all think?
  15. Romaine3

    Noble House Scenario - Iron Islands

    First thing first, I gather up all of my best men and women and proceed to get ridiculously drunk. When I come to alone on my bedroom floor, I realize that before I start worrying about all of the issues I'm involved in, I need to worry about myself first. So I get up off of the floor and call for my maester. When he arrives, we discuss whom among the other nobility that I would call a brother in arms has an attractive daughter of marrying age. I really don't care if she comes from a house that will raise my status, I want loyalty above all else. So we discuss the battles I've been in & the men who I fought side by side with. Did I save anyone from certain death? Before that question is answered, I see my son Sigvard walk by. I jump to my feet and call him over before he can walk out the door to go do whatever the hell it is he does all day. I dismiss the Maester, but not before telling him to discreetly look into potential candidates regarding the conversation we just had. He scrurries off, and Sigvard comes sauntering over. I approach my son, and realize that he is no longer a boy, and he has grown tall enough to look at me now eye to eye. So I say to Sigvard, "Son, although you have adopted the faith of those weakling land loving fools, your veins flow with my blood, IRON BLOOD!" I see that I have his full attention now and continue on to say, "You are a man grown now and can do as you wish without my permission. However, if you choose to continue a life as a simple fisherman, what do you think is going to happen when my time on this rock has passed and another captain decides that he likes the look of this place and leads his ships to our shore? Are you going to give up what is yours without a fight?" Sigvard replies, "No father." I say, "Well son, you have spent a lot of your time fishing alone. So who will stand by your side and fight?" Seeing that he is at a loss for words I continue, "I'm gathering my men up as we speak. After I grab a bite to eat, I'm going down to the docks to inspect the ships. When everything is ready, I'm setting sail to do what Ironmen do! Reaving, plundering, killing, and f*cking! Are you going to sit here and fish and sing the songs of that sissy faith of yours, or is my SON going to finally join his father and prove his blood is Iron, just like mine?"