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  1. Romaine3

    Noble House Scenario - Iron Islands

    Thank you! I'm not sure if anything has been resolved by my answer, but I was just trying to briefly exercise his POV. Had I not really been hungry and cut myself off, I might still be typing lol!
  2. Romaine3

    Noble House Scenario - Iron Islands

    First thing first, I gather up all of my best men and women and proceed to get ridiculously drunk. When I come to alone on my bedroom floor, I realize that before I start worrying about all of the issues I'm involved in, I need to worry about myself first. So I get up off of the floor and call for my maester. When he arrives, we discuss whom among the other nobility that I would call a brother in arms has an attractive daughter of marrying age. I really don't care if she comes from a house that will raise my status, I want loyalty above all else. So we discuss the battles I've been in & the men who I fought side by side with. Did I save anyone from certain death? Before that question is answered, I see my son Sigvard walk by. I jump to my feet and call him over before he can walk out the door to go do whatever the hell it is he does all day. I dismiss the Maester, but not before telling him to discreetly look into potential candidates regarding the conversation we just had. He scrurries off, and Sigvard comes sauntering over. I approach my son, and realize that he is no longer a boy, and he has grown tall enough to look at me now eye to eye. So I say to Sigvard, "Son, although you have adopted the faith of those weakling land loving fools, your veins flow with my blood, IRON BLOOD!" I see that I have his full attention now and continue on to say, "You are a man grown now and can do as you wish without my permission. However, if you choose to continue a life as a simple fisherman, what do you think is going to happen when my time on this rock has passed and another captain decides that he likes the look of this place and leads his ships to our shore? Are you going to give up what is yours without a fight?" Sigvard replies, "No father." I say, "Well son, you have spent a lot of your time fishing alone. So who will stand by your side and fight?" Seeing that he is at a loss for words I continue, "I'm gathering my men up as we speak. After I grab a bite to eat, I'm going down to the docks to inspect the ships. When everything is ready, I'm setting sail to do what Ironmen do! Reaving, plundering, killing, and f*cking! Are you going to sit here and fish and sing the songs of that sissy faith of yours, or is my SON going to finally join his father and prove his blood is Iron, just like mine?"
  3. Romaine3

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    @kissdbyfire in the past, grrm and I have always been on the same page... I cannot think of any reasons why that would change now guess we are just going to have to wait and see
  4. Romaine3

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    @kissdbyfire I go through periods where I'm not always paying attention to the forum like I should. People are always hating on the good characters in the novels though. I really wanted to say Wight privilege though, it's funny! I do have a premonition that Winds is on its way sooner rather than later. I guess that is what sparked my decision to hop back into the forum discussions.
  5. Romaine3

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    @Lord Lothar Frey The entire OP reeks of Wight Privilege. Only an Other would demand the living sacrifice themselves to maintain peace.
  6. Romaine3

    The Best commander in ASOIAF

    Apologies to those who would accuse me of "necro'ing" this thread. However, I would like to get my two cents in on this. Lots of great names on this list so far, great info, and opinions that make sense. If everything were on the line, and one man needed to lead a small group against an entire army to alter the landscape of a war, there is only one man that comes to my mind... The Living Legend himself, Ser Barristan Selmy. Selmy has fought in more wars, battles, skirmishes, and single combat situations than anyone that I can think of mentioned in the series. First, he cut his teeth in the War of the Ninepenny Kings, then he cut his way through the Golden Company & killed Maelys the Monsterous, ending the war. He proved himself as the Westeros version of Rambo during the Defiance of Duskendale. Here he scaled walls, sneaked around, assassinated guards, infiltrated a dungeon, Rescued the Kidnapped King, killed anyone who tried to raise the alarm, stole horses, and hauled ass through the gates with the King Aerys. Selmy took an arrow to the chest during the escape, but saved the King! Next up, he defeated the infamous Smiling Knight and ended the guerrilla style raiding attacks of the outlaw band known as the Kingswood Brotherhood when he killed their leader, Simon Toyne. During Robert's Rebellion, Prince Rhaegar chose his best friend (Arthur Dayne), The LC of the KG (The White Bull), and Ser Oswell Went to guard the Tower of Joy. Who did he choose to protect at the Trident? Ser Barristan of course! Ser Barristan was gravely injured during the battle, but killed at least a dozen of Roberts better knights. Robert himself respected Selmy so much, that he sent his own maester to tend to Selmy's wounds. Later, Robert pardoned Selmy and requested Ser Barristan to become the new LC of the Kingsguard. GRRM wrote all of this about Selmy, and now we proceed to the amazing stuff he does in the books! Say what you will about the man, but you can't question his effectiveness in life or death scenario's. When all hell breaks loose, Selmy isn't the living embodiment of the Warrior, he's the Stranger... Let's skip over all of the details of what he did at Old Wyk, he killed a bunch of ironborn. He becomes a man of action again after Joffrey's dismissess him from the KG. At age 60+, he travels half the world away and tracks down Daenerys. Saves her from a deadly manticore, an assassins blade, and Mero aka The Titans Bastard (Selmy kills him with a mere stick!) He leads a suicide squad through the sewers of Mereen, slaughtering some soldiers on his way to getting the gates of the city open, so the rest of Dany's army could storm the city. Finally, in ADWD, after Dany is rescued by Drogon, Selmy is forced to seize power to ensure his queen's rule continues in her absence. Having served so many different styles of rulers during his time, Ser Barristan is able to gain control along with the trust of the various sellswords/ pit fighters/ surprise entourage from Dorne/ remaining two Dragons. The "sneak peek" POV chapter we get from him in WoW was amazing. I am excited for the novel to arrive! GRRM mentioned that there was a "twist" concerning a specific book character, I'm almost willing to bet that the twist applies to Selmy. No one else has the backstory and the real story like Selmy. I hope he gets to go the distance. Now that he's hand of the queen, I hope that when he gets back to the 7 kingdoms he meets Allyria Dayne (and that she is the spitting image of her older sister), marries her, and gets to wield Dawn in the final battles. Again, apologies for necroing the thread, but I felt this belonged here.