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    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    "there is nothing more terrifying, more glorious nor more absurd than battle in fact in my first i shat my armor"... Kinda reminiscent of Tyrion's self depreciating speech before the greenfork... And the Blackwater... Come to think of it he's by the Skahazadhan right now so I'd assume any time Tyrion is near or on a river he seems to get himself stuck in the middle of a battle.... On Tyrion being miserable I think it could be a few things A) In the midst of a battle some of the yellow whale's slave catchers are trying to snatch him back before the Yunkai'i beat feet back to the yellow city B) Nobody believes the Second Sons are in the middle of performing a never before attempted ultra triple turncloak so they're fighting the Crows the Iron Fleet the Cats the long lances and the Unsullied