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  1. Hey Evita!  :wub:  Thanks for hooking me up with the QI, that's a cool little forum, and a bit more personal as well.  Good work!  I logged in to reply to your wonderful posts today but was side tracked by the invite from iheartseverus. 

    On that note, some more great posts.  Loved the crab symbolism, and all your other posts, I have loads I want to chat about. 

    You have been prolific these last few days, it's awesome!  Forgive me if I don't always reply straight away, but I always read and try to reply where ideas and time allows.  Anyway, here's to the QI!!   :cheers: 

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    2. evita mgfs

      evita mgfs


      Here is a hilarious recap of the first trailer you might enjoy!


    3. Wizz-The-Smith


      Hi Evita.  It seems we do have even more in common, that's awesome.  I love The Walking Dead, I am always on edge watching that show, it's full of surprises.  I always watch the Talking Dead as well, mainly for the preview of next weeks show, but there's some cool guests, facts and interviews etc...  However, I haven't seen Fear The Walking Dead yet, I missed it first time round, but I think there's a re-run happening over here after next weeks finale, so I will catch up then.

      I've only seen about the last hour of Titanic' so I can't claim to have watched it really, I'm not a massive film guy. LOTR, yes, occasional others that look good.  But I do enjoy a good documentary, and have watched a few on the Titanic.  

      I have the ability to Skype, but have never done so.  But hey, there's a first time for everything!  Perhaps we should arrange a time for a chat? 

      Britain is 'lovely', our green and pleasant land.  That's because we get so much damn rain!  :D  I'm only joking, I love it here.  So very British, I miss the food and climate as soon as I'm away, then moan about it when I'm back.  :P 

      Finally, your son George not only has a cool name but good taste in Tv shows, thank the old gods and the new he put you onto Asoiaf.  And that recap was cool, very funny, thanks for that.  Do you often use YouTube for GOT content?  If so I have enjoyed the channels 'Radio Westeros' with Yolkboy and Lady Gwyn and 'History of Westeros' with Aziz and Ashaya.  Both have really detailed analysis on the books and show reviews as the seasons progress.

      Speak soon.  :D 

    4. evita mgfs

      evita mgfs

      Hello, my Lord of Light,

      Wow!  I have been touched by Arya's Song and her post in our thread.  She seems to need encouragement to post her ideas, and she came to the best place in the reread forum, I think.  I have been having such a good time with how everyone is sharing and inspiring one another.  You are so nice and kind.  I sung your praises to iheart on IQ in a PM.  I am going to recommend Arya's Song.  How well do you know Longrider?  You should recommend some of your pals.  They namay enjoy QI too.

      Yes - we can make a Skype date.  I know that you work, so I think you should set a day and time, when you are available, and I will work around it.  I am retired, and my schedule is fairly open,.  I am more a night owl than a morning person.  Are you five hours ahead or behind?  I cannot remember.

      Give me the links for the Radio Westeros, and please post them in Bran's Growing Powers.  I think we all will benefit from such sharing.  I sometimes stumble on things rather than by design.

      Yolkboy is on QI - I saw his name.

      Skype is super easy.  Open it up and follow directions - with Google Chrome, Skype is on my tool bar, and it remembers my password s.  Belonging to different forums and such, I like to have someone other than me remember my passwords.

      My name is mary.feasler.  If you put that in and hit dial, my Skype will ring kind of like a phone.  We can chat with or without video.  I prefer video - then we can show each other stuff - like I want to show you my Game of Thrones display, and my awesome Dark Horse figures, especially my favorite with Hodor and Bran on his back.

      I actually crafted the ice Wall using Masters of the Universe Castle Grey Skull.  I found awesome shields, helmets, and breastplates at the buck store that I incorporated into the display.  I even found an illuminated tree that I sat Ned under, cleaning Ice.  It is super cool - I think.

      I also want to introduce you to  my four golden retrievers and show you my book towers - all Martin's books.  I usually buy two of everything - one to write in and take apart. and then others to keep new and in pristine condition.  I even have the maps - and the pop up book.

      Thanks for being such a great westeros buddy.  Every day I wake up, looking forward to hearing from you and reading what you have to say.

      I did a bit of reading last night, and I found something to share with you as soon as I get it written up.

      More later.  My computer is chirping.  Someone may have posted something in our thread.

      Love ya',


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