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  1. Hello, Stranger!

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    2. evita mgfs

      evita mgfs

      I have missed you!  It's nice to read all your great analyses.  You are still, and always will be, my favorite poster on the Forum.  Love ya'!

    3. kissdbyfire


      Do you still use Skype? Just did an iOS update and will try to reinstall it. If you still use it, we can catch up? 

    4. evita mgfs

      evita mgfs

      I would ADORE catching up.  You kept me so well informed, I dearly miss our wonderful conversations.  I will update my Skype as well.  Let me know when we can chat!  I am excited - I have tons of stuff I want to talk to you about, and I have questions as well - I have been reading all your content, catching up.  You had told me you were not going to watch the HBO show anymore.  Have you changed your mind?  I will be MEGA pissed if Ghost is killed off - no one better touch my Ghost!

  2. Welcome to the Forum!

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