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  1. Stego

    US politics: Georgia on my mind

    Are the votes from early voting actually counted where you live? From my understanding locally they treat them like absentee ballots and don't actually do much with them unless a recount is asked for. Whenever I see someone say they voted early, I wonder why they would brag about throwing their vote away. Please check with your local election board before you disenfranchise yourself out of convenience.
  2. Stego

    U.S. Politics: For Whom the Bell Polls

    Trump doesn't matter. Warrens integrity was what mattered. She was facing the same wall of NOPE as Hillary. She broke that wall down today.
  3. Stego

    U.S. Politics: For Whom the Bell Polls

    All of that is true, BUT Warren was demonstrably not lying. There is enough Native American DNA to prove she was not a liar. Spin it however you want, her name is cleared.
  4. Stego

    U.S. Politics: For Whom the Bell Polls

    So Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test and she is legitimately part Native American. (See Boston Globe.) I'm not sure what this means to all of you, but it was my lone legitimate complaint about her -- I questioned her integrity and character. It seems that not only was she telling the truth, but she endured years of abuse for no reason and persisted. This answered both of my questions. In a couple of weeks I'm going to vote for her for my Senator, and I really hope I get to vote for her again in 2020.
  5. Stego

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    That book is hot garbage. Everything from the psychology to the physical strength/maturity is impossible for a what -- 12yr old? 10? Something absurd. Sending a Lawrence book in protest to Rothfuss would be like sending a Goodkind book in protest to GRRM. (Except that Goodkind has given me SOME enjoyment.)
  6. Stego

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    Oh. Well, he's kind of a douche in real life. So what?
  7. Stego

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    I stopped in to see if there was any decent Rothfuss chatter. What in the flying hell are you folks on about?
  8. Also, no subject is more important than history. Not now, not ever.
  9. I see this as a blatant attack on what is perceived as extremist liberal strongholds. This has nothing to do with money or education.
  10. Stego

    So, Toys R Us Closing...

    Since year after year I would window shop there and then order the toys I wanted to buy on Amazon, I have to question your opinion on this.
  11. Stego

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    Nothing. I've been watching your gym come together, Luke. Great stuff! So happy for you.
  12. Stego

    Uh Oh for Paleo

    Utter garbage. Embarrassing, really. This comparison is about weight loss, not health improvement. The scale number doesn't tell us anything useful. Calorie = calorie people are ALWAYS paid for by Coca Cola. Furthermore, Gary Taubes has written the best books on nutrition ever concocted, and you ignore him at your peril. (Literal peril.)
  13. Stego

    Poke 'em and Go! Continue playing

    I'm enjoying the new raids, but I haven't seen a 4 star yet. I'd rather not solo another Crocanaw.