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  1. OH MY STARS AND GARTERS. How could this place devolve, Trisk? People have been insane since EZBoard. Can you link to the drama? Don't kill your board name. You're OG. ETA: And I didn't know who this Raja person was, but now they will forever be linked in my mind to prepubescent girls dressed scantily and dancing inappropriately on tik-tok. Fucking questionable behavior, that. Why was that his go-to? How on Earth would an adult know that exists without being a tenth degree creep? Do we need to cancel somebody?
  2. There's an international airport, the nations main artery runs through it in route 40, and it has a port on the nations main riverway. It's such a perfectly central location that FedEx has just about every package they deliver go through there. There is nothing difficult about Memphis nor wrong with their airport. It's a superior experience to most airports in the nation. In fact, it's the busiest cargo airport in the world.
  3. That's all it is. Agreed. Of course you don't!
  4. Can't argue with that, Ran. I'm sure there is plenty of shit to go around.
  5. Bear is cited in Rowland's initial blog as actively recruiting people to discredit her. Which is yet another abuse of power dynamic.
  6. Fuck. Myke seemed like a good guy. Adam, has anyone made a spreadsheet of authors who suck and why they suck? Color-coded for levels of evidence and stuff? I bet that would get your website a lot of hits.
  7. I think we are going to find out that Elizabeth Bear has been abusing Scott Lynch for years. That is absolutely the dynamic of their relationship in real life in my experience. I don't forgive anything he did. But I don't think the story is over.
  8. It could be the biggest event in Marvel history. The mutants are so powerful that the Avengers would have to bring in cosmic help. Maybe 'assemble' a hundred or so members. The real problem, and the problem with AvX, is there are too many respected mutants on the Avengers. ESPECIALLY post-AvX. It's not just Beast and Wolverine -- Sunspot and Cannonball and Rogue and Storm and Dazzler, etc. They would have to create a pretty big schism for a war to be believable..
  9. I think they will definitely lead to a Mutant Civil War. I wish they wouldn't, because I adore the status quo at the moment. Krakoa shouldn't just be another mansion/utopia/haven that goes to shit in a week. Do they have too many X-titles right now? Hell yes. I hope they are just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. Some of them are already canceled, I believe. I hope Hickman has a Claremontian run on the X-Men.
  10. Hickman's run has already surpassed Morrison's in my mind. Except kitty cat Beast. That was the shit.
  11. It was the best X-Men story since Whedon, and the best SF story I read last year.
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