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  1. Some people have a hard time knowing they only sleep soundly because better men and women protect them.
  2. I disagree with your googled version. The 5 stars all had unprecedented power. McArthur was an Emperor at this time, for instance. I do not blame all of Korea on Eisenhower. I'm sorry my rant of all the reasons Ike sucks was oversimplified. He was responsible for the Army's incompetence and for losing the war. He wasn't responsible for Inchon or the Chosin. I blame a lot of it on the aforementioned MacArthur, as well. You seem to have a modern understanding of Generals. They had far more power post-WWII.
  3. It could be the biggest event in Marvel history. The mutants are so powerful that the Avengers would have to bring in cosmic help. Maybe 'assemble' a hundred or so members. The real problem, and the problem with AvX, is there are too many respected mutants on the Avengers. ESPECIALLY post-AvX. It's not just Beast and Wolverine -- Sunspot and Cannonball and Rogue and Storm and Dazzler, etc. They would have to create a pretty big schism for a war to be believable..
  4. OK, then... who was running the Pentagon during those years?
  5. Canada hasn't had a real military in decades. The US has protected them, and will continue to do so. I served with Canadians (all 4 of them in the middle east at the time) and they understood this. Why don't you?
  6. Liberal propaganda and nonsense. There's a reason we have to slow immigration -- everyone wants to BE us. And the list of countries that owe their freedom or portions of their freedom to the United States contains just about every nation in the world. But hey, keep believing your version of events.
  7. If YOU vote for a war monger, YOU are morally bankrupt. See how that works?
  8. Hey bud. Hope all is well. AND I hope you're right, btw. I just fear you aren't.
  9. You should read Truman's biography by David McCullough.
  10. I think they will definitely lead to a Mutant Civil War. I wish they wouldn't, because I adore the status quo at the moment. Krakoa shouldn't just be another mansion/utopia/haven that goes to shit in a week. Do they have too many X-titles right now? Hell yes. I hope they are just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. Some of them are already canceled, I believe. I hope Hickman has a Claremontian run on the X-Men.
  11. Hickman's run has already surpassed Morrison's in my mind. Except kitty cat Beast. That was the shit.
  12. It was the best X-Men story since Whedon, and the best SF story I read last year.
  13. How many court seats are worth your integrity? 1? 3? I couldn't care less. It very well may have to get worse before it gets better. And you're talking as if Biden has a chance. He doesn't. The race is over. Have you seen the viral videos from today? "DISQUALIFIED!!" Someone has never read a history book. We are still in Germany because Germany demanded we stay out of fear of the Soviet Union. They STILL demand we stay. What the fuck does Hitler have to do with it? Our military budget brings technological advancement impossible without it. It keeps our rivers able to be used for trade through the Corps of Engineers. It brought us the transistor that created modern computing. It gave us nuclear power and both fixed wing and rotor wing aviation. Military investment was, is, and will be the best investment a nation could make. All of history backs this assertion. It's ok if you don't believe in evil or in a force capable of fighting it. Not everyone has actually experienced the world.
  14. This is just logic. Your neighbor's boyfriend understands the long game and you don't.
  15. I'm familiar with the idea. You're also talking about the cocksucker that gave us Korea and the Truman Doctrine. His policies led to Vietnam, which he personally endorsed with his boys JFK and Lyndon Johnson. (Across the aisle, no less!) Do we have graft and corruption? Sure. Is a strong defense more important than literally ANYTHING else? Of course. Wall Street runs Washington. The Military Industrial Complex is just getting their cut.
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