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  1. Also, no subject is more important than history. Not now, not ever.
  2. I see this as a blatant attack on what is perceived as extremist liberal strongholds. This has nothing to do with money or education.
  3. Stego

    So, Toys R Us Closing...

    Since year after year I would window shop there and then order the toys I wanted to buy on Amazon, I have to question your opinion on this.
  4. Stego

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    Nothing. I've been watching your gym come together, Luke. Great stuff! So happy for you.
  5. Stego

    Uh Oh for Paleo

    Utter garbage. Embarrassing, really. This comparison is about weight loss, not health improvement. The scale number doesn't tell us anything useful. Calorie = calorie people are ALWAYS paid for by Coca Cola. Furthermore, Gary Taubes has written the best books on nutrition ever concocted, and you ignore him at your peril. (Literal peril.)
  6. Stego

    Looking for WWI or WWII Book Recommendations

    Better than any single WWI book ever written. Don't sleep on Dan fucking Carlin.
  7. Stego

    Looking for WWI or WWII Book Recommendations

    Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder is the book that filled in the most missing pieces for me. It focuses on everything from the Eastern Front from WWI to the reprisals after WWII. The numbers of dead are beyond staggering. The Holocaust itself was only a small percentage of the deaths in this area during these years.
  8. Stego

    Exercise and Fitness: sticking to resolutions

    Box Squatting, sprinting, walking uphill, walking lunges are all pretty decent options.
  9. Stego

    U.S. Politics: A Wolff In Sheep's Clothing

    They were stupid enough to nominate the unelectable and saddle us with Trump.
  10. Stego

    U.S. Politics: A Wolff In Sheep's Clothing

    Compromise is literally the only path to victory, unless you are advocating violence. So quick to pull the knife, Ini.
  11. Stego

    A Dry January + No Chocolate Now!

    If you drink enough alcohol that taking a single month off is a newsworthy event, you might have an alcohol problem. If you don't make it through the first day of that month, you DEFINITELY have an alcohol problem. Good luck getting your 30 day chip.
  12. Stego

    Exercise and Fitness: sticking to resolutions

    Super impressive, Luke!
  13. Stego

    US Politics: the Moore things change...

    So incredibly fucking happy that a child molester was not elected to the US Senate. Just popped in here to say that.