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  1. It could be the biggest event in Marvel history. The mutants are so powerful that the Avengers would have to bring in cosmic help. Maybe 'assemble' a hundred or so members. The real problem, and the problem with AvX, is there are too many respected mutants on the Avengers. ESPECIALLY post-AvX. It's not just Beast and Wolverine -- Sunspot and Cannonball and Rogue and Storm and Dazzler, etc. They would have to create a pretty big schism for a war to be believable..
  2. I think they will definitely lead to a Mutant Civil War. I wish they wouldn't, because I adore the status quo at the moment. Krakoa shouldn't just be another mansion/utopia/haven that goes to shit in a week. Do they have too many X-titles right now? Hell yes. I hope they are just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. Some of them are already canceled, I believe. I hope Hickman has a Claremontian run on the X-Men.
  3. Hickman's run has already surpassed Morrison's in my mind. Except kitty cat Beast. That was the shit.
  4. It was the best X-Men story since Whedon, and the best SF story I read last year.
  5. Is this the thread where we wish cancer on D+D, or is that somewhere else?
  6. Also, The Moon Pool is a tavern in AFFC, and The Moon Pool by A. Merrit was one of the seminal fantasy novels of the first half of the 20th century. Merrit was the best selling fantasy author in the world. Alas, George said this was not a reference, just a happy coincidence.
  7. Don't forget that this also references Robert J. Sawyer, who was also on the ballot. (And I believe got more votes than ASoS)
  8. Gah. I constantly delete the stuff in there. Ran, gimme a bigger inbox!

  9. 20 miles is sustainable for a week, but I was not in fighting shape at the end of it. :P
  10. I always thought the Romans were a bit faster than that, but I suppose it's rather fast sustained.
  11. Stego

    My PM box isn't full anymore, fruitcake.

  12. Might be full. I'm popular. :D

  13. hates Twitter.

  14. How do I vote you as AWESOME? WTF?

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