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  1. The Lord's Kiss

    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    I would continue the praise for Joe Abercrombie's First Law trilogy. I read it after finishing ASOIAF for the first time and was hooked. I have yet to read his standalone novels that take place in the same world but I hear they are even better. Logan Ninefingers is an effing beast.
  2. The Lord's Kiss

    References and Homages

    Thanks evita, I had not seen the trailer for this.. it looks splendiphorous? I'll probably go see it with my sister, she loves the book and would probably enjoy the style of the movie. There's also the inevitable comparison to be made that The Great Gatsby is the Great American novel of the 20th century, while maybe those of us fervent enough(or at least I will) will call A Song of Ice and Fire the Great American Novels of the late 20th-early 21st century.