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  1. I don't necessarily consider it pointless to make it clear that Robb wanted to make Jon his heir even if it turns out he chose someone else or added some other kind of twist to it that never came up in his discussion with Catelyn. The fact that the contents of the document is never mentioned and no one asks a single question about the fact that someone sworn to hold no lands or titles is declared heir to the North makes me think there's something more to it than that.
  2. [quote name='KingBeyondTheWall' post='1610935' date='Dec 6 2008, 06.39']Maege mormont and Galbart Glover both know and they parted ways with Robb before the red wedding. Jason Mallister also knows, as does the Greatjon (who's still alive at the twins). Maege Mormont, Galbart Glover, Jason Malister, Edmure Tully, Greatjon Umber and any other lord with Robb at hags mire signed the document. Robb did not just make Jon his heir, he also legitimized him, so Jon is Lord Jon Stark of Winterfell (as he is the oldest of the Stark sons), but he is also King in the North, except he doesn't know it. Maybe Lyanna Mormont does know it, though.[/quote] Actually, we have no idea what the document they signed said. We know that Robb discussed this matter with Catelyn prior to that, but nothing is acutally said about the contents of the document. Robb could have changed his mind in the time between his conversation with his mother and the time he asks his bannermen to sign the document.
  3. I've never been a fan of Theon so I never expected to be this eager to read more of his POV but this seems really promising. It seemes very obvious to me that Ramsey intended the lords present to realize who "Reek" really is. Refering to the ironborn and their saying rather than suggesting they're wrong about Reek being killed by the Starks made that clear. Another thing that sticks out to me is the straight-backed old man in the byrnie with the flinty eyes (who apparantly is the Umber uncle, Whoresbane). He seems to be very observant for one (identifies Theon immediatley when the other lord needs to be led to the conclusion) and then he says: [quote]“You would have done better to slit his throat,” said the lord in mail. “A dog who turns against his master is fit for naught but skinning.”[/quote] Theon isn't the only one who "turned against his master". In fact, Bolton's betrayal of Robb is a lot worse than Theon's since Theon was a hostage to the Starks while Bolton was their bannerman. This suggests to me that the Umber uncles are reluctant allies to the Boltons. And the task Ramsay wants "Reek" to do seems to be in some way connected to the wedding. There's a chance he wants Theon to tell him whether his bride is really Arya Stark but I don't think that's his main use. It's not really necessary to clean him up and feed him better for that and I don't think Ramsay really cares. Whatever Ramsay has in mind for Theon it does seem to require people to be able to easily identify him. The public execution as a "wedding gift" someone suggested seems a very possible plan.
  4. hej. jag har lagt till dig på min vänlista.

  5. Vet inte om du kommer se det här, men jag tänkte lämna någon liten rad i alla fall. =)

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