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  1. Thor Odinson

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    You don’t remember when she returned to Mereen and found it under siege, and her immediate reaction was to go burn Astapor and Yunkai? She wanted to burn two cities to the ground. And as bad as the Masters were, the population of both cities is primarily made up of slaves, which means that she would’ve been killing tens if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people. And yet she didn’t care, and the thought of how many innocent people she’d be killing didn’t cross her mind. If Tyrion hadn’t talked her out of it, she would’ve done it. If she’s already shown a willingness to obliterate two cities and all the people within them, innocent and guilty alike, then why is it a surprise when she actually does it here?
  2. Thor Odinson

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    I saw no evidence that it was ever consummated in the show.
  3. Thor Odinson

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    Yeah, that's very frustrating. So apparently the Night King had no plan the entire time and was kind of sort of just hoping for the best? Complete crap. Bringing down the wall with Viserion, that's something that should've happened after he had another plan which he tried but which he failed thanks to the heroes, but then he gets the dragon and turns the tables on them again. Point is, there should've been a Plan A, and using Viserion should've been an impromptu Plan B that he stumbled onto after the failure of Plan A. But turns out there was never a Plan A the entire time.
  4. Thor Odinson

    Arya character arc

    I think that by the stories end, both Arya and Bran will end up leaving Winterfell permanently. Bran to take up his role as the Three-Eyed Raven in solitude somewhere, and Arya to follow in the footsteps of her hero, Nymeria, by traveling west in search of a new land and settling there. For those two characters, I feel like we're going to get a Frodo Baggins style end, where they're so changed by their experiences that there's no longer a place for them in their old lives, and they feel the need to move on far, far away from everyone and everything they've ever known.
  5. Thor Odinson

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    Most beautiful girl? Pfft. Daenerys ain't all that. Now, Margaery Tyrell...
  6. Thor Odinson

    [Spoilers] EP701

    Yep. I suspect that even when she comes to believe that the threat of the White Walkers is real, she'll still do what she can to double cross the North so that Jon and all his people are killed by the White Walkers, believing that her forces are capable enough of dealing with the White Walkers afterwards (She does have copious supplies of wildfire, after all, so that may make her supremely confident that the Lannister army can take them. She'll probably be very, very WRONG, but Cersei's never had to be right about something to be confident that she could get away with it). The point is that Jon doesn't think Cersei can do anything to him, when she's actively plotting his destruction. They decided on the Tyrells first, but only because beating the Tyrells first would make it easier for them to kill the Starks afterwards. The Starks are still on the chopping block as far as Cersei is concerned, and are still considered threats to be destroyed. This again underscores Jon's problem, which Sansa keeps pointing out. He continually keeps underestimating Cersei, believing her to be no threat to the North. Cersei, however, is clearly working to overcome any problems she'd have in invading the North, first by acquiring the necessary supplies from Highgarden, and then by acquiring a fleet of a thousand ships so the Lannister armies can bypass Moat Cailin entirely and strike farther North. Jon continues to underestimate Cersei (And has failed to account for the Ironborn entirely), and if he continues to do so it's going to get him and everyone around him killed, just as underestimating Cersei got Ned Stark killed, and failing to account for the Ironborn resulted in the Ironborn taking Winterfell and Moat Cailin behind Robb Stark's lines. That's what Sansa is warning Jon about. He keeps repeating the same mistakes that Ned and Robb have made, and he won't survive those mistakes any better than they did unless he changes course. Littlefinger is definitely a threat. The issue, though, is that Jon needs to account for all the threats facing him and prepare to deal with them accordingly. He can't afford to underestimate a single one of them, because they're all far too dangerous, and any one of them could finish the North for good. He's not only underestimating them, though, he's dismissing real and extremely dangerous threats as non-threats entirely. He just hand waved a potential threat from Cersei as a non-issue when that's clearly not the case, as we were shown in the very next scene that she was actively plotting his destruction, with the only question in her mind being who she should kill first. The White Walkers are a major threat, yes, but if he doesn't factor in the Lannisters and a fleet of a thousand Ironborn ships into his plans, who will almost certainly gum up the works, then he's not going to be able to beat the White Walkers, either.
  7. Thor Odinson

    [Spoilers] EP701

    He wanted a thousand ship fleet, but I doubt they started at 0 ships. Yara, after all, stole a hundred, and they still had plenty of ships left. The actual number of ships built was probably far less than half of the total thousand he was looking to have.
  8. Thor Odinson

    [Spoilers] EP701

    And yet in the very next scene we're shown how wrong he is, as Cersei is working out how to attack him. So Jon is totally wrong about his appraisal of the situation, which is Sansa's point. He completely underestimates Cersei, just as he underestimated Ramsay. He viewed Ramsay through the lens of the White Walkers, saying something like "I've faced worse than Ramsay Bolton", and his underestimating Ramsay very nearly got him and everyone with him killed (Note: Sansa warned Jon against underestimating Ramsay, too). Jon has a bad habit of underestimating humans, and it's already gotten him killed once. It very nearly got him killed again. And if he keeps underestimating Cersei, she's going to end up killing him, too. Incorrect. It's about being aware of who wants you dead and why. Jon doesn't care about the game of thrones, but Cersei does. And right now she views Jon as a threat which needs to be eliminated. She doesn't give a piss about the White Walkers or anything like that. That sort of thinking is what'll get Jon killed, which is why Sansa is warning him about it. Picture this: they gather an army, they're trained, armed with obsidian, ready to fight the White Walkers. They engage the enemy... but oh wait, there's the Lannister army rampaging behind your lines, massacring your people, and sacking your castles. Robb Stark had the same exact line of thinking, and what happened to him? Oh yeah, while he was so focused with the enemy in front of him, the Ironborn sacked Winterfell and very nearly killed both of his younger brothers. That wasn't great, but it was obviously a decision he made on the spot, and which she couldn't dispute later. Which is why he should probably be making decisions behind closed doors in a Small Council meeting with Sansa, Davos, or whoever else before announcing them to the world. Sansa is right to be worried about Cersei. Approximately 37% of the cast of the show would still be alive if they'd spent more time worrying about what Cersei was up to. That's not to take away from the threat of the White Walkers, but Jon DOES have to be smarter. Which means that he has to account for ALL of their potential enemies, not just one at a time, because they're NOT going to come at them one at time. Odds are, they're going to have to fight them all at the same time.
  9. Thor Odinson

    [Spoilers] EP701

    She's got her head on straight. Just because Jon sees the bigger threat doesn't mean everyone else does, or that everyone else isn't supremely petty. Jon absolutely has to take people like Cersei into account, because while Jon may see the bigger threat and will sacrifice anything and everything to overcome it, Cersei certainly won't. If anything, she'll try to find some way to turn the situation to her advantage. And if that means doing something that'll result in the deaths of 90% of the population of Westeros, she'll do it, so long as she gets to reign as queen over the remaining 10%. So yeah, Sansa's absolutely right, because she's seeing the threats which Jon refuses to acknowledge. And what happened the last time Jon did that? Oh yeah, HE DIED!!! He was killed by his fellow brothers of the Night's Watch. And unlike Cersei, they're fully aware of the danger posed by the White Walkers. And yet despite knowing that, they put their hate and fear of the Wildlings ahead of that and ahead of their loyalty to their Lord Commander. And Jon? If not for a magical resurrection, he'd be a rotting corpse right now. Cersei cannot be relied upon to do the right thing under any circumstances, and she represents an extreme threat, especially if she pulls anything when they've got their backs against the wall fighting the White Walkers. Cersei has to go before that battle truly begins, just like how Jon couldn't just leave Ramsay Bolton alive.
  10. Arrow on Tuesday, The Flash on Wednesday, Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday... now give us BATMAN with Karl Urban on Friday!

  11. @amandaseales @AZEALIABANKS It didn't occur to you that maybe, just maybe, she wasn't being let out because she had just ASSAULTED someone?

  12. Thor Odinson

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Well, there're advantages to sailing east. You hit the west coast of Westeros instead of east, far from the main strength concentrated around King's Landing, while at the same time being able to strike directly in the Westerlands, one of the main pillars supporting the current dynasy. Knock out Lannister wealth, supplies, and reinforcements early on, and you severely weaken Tommen's strength.
  13. Thor Odinson

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    My hope is that Daenerys will sail EAST, not west over the Narrow Sea, and invade the Westerlands. I want to see Casterly Rock burn!