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  1. Watching PJ's weekly evisceration of this pile of excrement was the only fulfilling part of the season.
  2. The Vale lords seem to me the biggest isolationists in the story. And for good reason.
  3. Tyrion: "All hail Bran the wheely, legs no feely!"
  4. Actions speak louder than words. Daeny has never targeted innocent civilians before, we have seven and half seasons of proof she wasn’t a mad targ. She chains her dragons for killing one civilian on accident. She literally just saved the north an episode ago. You don’t get to flip that switch after all that. It’s poor story telling after establishing the morality of the character.
  5. So you're saying the Daeny sees civilians in kings landing, people she's never spoken to and who are forced behind city walls to be used as meat shields for Cersei, as her enemies? That makes no sense.
  6. Exactly. Plus, Daeny knows the damage her dragons can do and her restraint in battle has proven that. Daeny has always used surgical military strikes when attacking with her dragons.
  7. Exactly. This idea that Daeny hates the KL's inhabitants because they aren't trying to kill armed Lannister soldiers while locked in the city gates makes no sense.
  8. She’s always dealt with hardships and difficult enemies and yet ended up stronger because of it. Until now because weak plot.
  9. Certainly not blood thirsty mad queen insanity.
  10. Well, she lost her husband and unborn son and that didn’t push her to madness, but miss sandy dies and all bets are off !
  11. It’s funny you bring that up because daeny did listen and stopped her attack, but because the show needs crazy daeny, she does something she’s never done before , inexplicably change her mind mid battle and burn innocents despite clearly winning the battle.
  12. The bells pisssd her off because it robbed daeny of her revenge on Cersei, so she should have continued her surgical assault on Cersei only . Perfectly inline with the many established plot points of daeny . She should have gone there first anyways but we need stupid plot
  13. The people didn’t come out because they were understandably still scared shitless from the fighting. That has nothing to do with daeny snappinng.
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