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  1. It's become cartoonish at this point. Unwatchable.
  2. The plot, dialogue, pacing, and acting has not been good. are we supposed to care for any of these characters? the only saving grace of the show is the setting. Put this terrible story in a regular medieval setting and you’d be bore to tears and not make it past episodes one.
  3. Someone has to be worth of wielding the sword of the morning during the final battle against the white walkers, why not a Dayne? Snow isn't a Dayne, and Darkstar is too much of a turd to be ultimately worthy.
  4. Watching PJ's weekly evisceration of this pile of excrement was the only fulfilling part of the season.
  5. The Vale lords seem to me the biggest isolationists in the story. And for good reason.
  6. Tyrion: "All hail Bran the wheely, legs no feely!"
  7. So you're saying the Daeny sees civilians in kings landing, people she's never spoken to and who are forced behind city walls to be used as meat shields for Cersei, as her enemies? That makes no sense.
  8. Exactly. Plus, Daeny knows the damage her dragons can do and her restraint in battle has proven that. Daeny has always used surgical military strikes when attacking with her dragons.
  9. Huh? Sansa already knows Arya is a FM. So Sansa could just as easily tell everyone that now
  10. 7 Arya leaving without even attempting to tell anyone that she's going to kill Cersei was bullshit.
  11. Gave it an 8. I may be scoring a bit generous but I thought that The Hound, Beric and Thormund had some great dialogue scenes.
  12. Gave it a 6 but not a even a strong 6. Everything felt rushed and messy. There's no reason to have Jamie escape when it's damn impossible with all his armor plus they ended doing a cease fire anyways. Couldn't the showrunners just have Danny capture Jamie and force him to help Jon get a white walker? At least it set up some cool dialogue. And jorahs back... why? He has to die now unless they do some weird three way love triangle. The forced sibling rivalry between arya and Sansa rivalry is terrible. Just doesn't seem believable to me.
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