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  1. The show confirmed that LF lied about Tyrion owning the dagger, but if he was the one who sent the cats paw, why didn't bran just come out and say that Littlefinger trie to kill him and that it was his dagger?I thought it left that answer ambiguous. I'm still hoping a time traveling bran somehow orchestrated the murder attempt on purpose to ensure he'd become the three eyed raven.
  2. Qyburn seemed to be extremely fascinated with the wight. We know he was kicked out of the citadel for studying the supernatural. Do you see him playing a major part in next season? Perhaps even finding a way to control the wights somehow?
  3. tallTale

    That look on Tyrion's face

    We still haven't concluded all of Quaith's prophecies, so who knows maybe Tyrion betrays her for love lol
  4. tallTale

    That look on Tyrion's face

    Seeing as Tyrion is alone with no female prospects, I hope we don't find out he loves Danny too. We already have one lame love triangle going with forever friend-zoned jorah, now we have to add Tyrion in there ? Bleh.
  5. Have to admit, I was bummed they killed Littlefinger. Not an honorable character by any stretch, but He did help save winterfell and He did help save Sansa from kings landing. He came from nothing and built a small empire. I suppose being cucked was the only way for him to die . his one weakness was always the Tully girls.
  6. A 6 for me. Anticlimactic with few minor surprises.
  7. What will Cersei's trap be? Wildfire under the dragon pit? Golden Company attacking from the flank while Dany's army is unaware? Sansa's Vale army attacking from the rear? (Yeah, I said it. Will we get dark phoenix Sansa?)
  8. tallTale

    Did anyone notice this?

    Nice catch. Not sure of significance but still very cool.
  9. tallTale

    the plot with Brienne...

    I said this in another thread but I think that Brienne going to King's landing is a bad omen for her. Cersei will probably kill Brienne which sets Jamie off.
  10. tallTale

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    I've slept on it and came up with some more thoughts.. Sansa sending Brienne away is a very bad omen. Brienne would stop or at least try to stop Sansa from turning against Arya Brienne almost certainly dies in KL ( Cersei kills Brienne, setting Jamie off against her) Sansa will probably start the heel turn around the time Jon and Danny fully "ship" LF knows a Danny-Jon alliance is bad news for him Jon doesn't have incentive to attack Sansa unless Sansa were to hurt Arya. It would be bloody awful, but if Arya does another aggressive move on her, I think Sansa will fight back Sansa sneakily going after the letter was a terrible idea. Now Arya knows Sansa doesn't trust her, and vice versa. I don't see the showrunners creating this convoluted a plot just to kill LF. Killing LF removes all political tension and still too many episodes left for the that.
  11. tallTale

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Sansa clearly believes she should at least be in charge of the North. Arya sees it. I think Sansa would turn on Jon if she felt in danger or threatened.
  12. tallTale

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 706?

    Gave it an 8. I may be scoring a bit generous but I thought that The Hound, Beric and Thormund had some great dialogue scenes.
  13. tallTale

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Really surprised I'm typing this but I'm starting to believe Sansa joins with Cersei. If anything it's the only way to even the playing field. The theme the show keeps bringing up is Sansa challenging Jon for the throne.
  14. tallTale

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 705?

    Gave it a 6 but not a even a strong 6. Everything felt rushed and messy. There's no reason to have Jamie escape when it's damn impossible with all his armor plus they ended doing a cease fire anyways. Couldn't the showrunners just have Danny capture Jamie and force him to help Jon get a white walker? At least it set up some cool dialogue. And jorahs back... why? He has to die now unless they do some weird three way love triangle. The forced sibling rivalry between arya and Sansa rivalry is terrible. Just doesn't seem believable to me.
  15. tallTale

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 704?

    Gave it a 9. Long live Sir Bronn of the Blackwater!