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  1. You're right, just saw the response to my quote. Didn't read all the way to the bottom, my mistake.
  2. You conveniently are omitting the part where Viserys held a weapon to Daeny's throat and threatened her and her unborn baby's life. Viserys deserved his fate, and Daeny was right not to stop his execution (not that she had the authority to do so anyways!)
  3. Again, they were at war. A defeated house can't just say we refuse to serve and everything just goes back to the way things were before. WUT. What if what you want is also an order?
  4. Slavers who left children sacrificed on crosses for miles . Fuck them. A few may have been innocent, that doesn’t make her a tyrant. The other point was about the parallels of the Randal and Janos Slynt executions.
  5. They were houses at war. Jon executed Janos Slynt for simply refusing an order, but is never labeled a tyrant.
  6. I disagree, it matters big time if she’s justified. If daeny burned the tarleys and their entire surrendered army, you could call all her a tyrant. But she didn’t, she only executes Randall and his idiot son after giving them an alternative. And a tyrant would have just murdered them without even giving them a choice.
  7. Any competing house would have executed Randal Tarley in that situation. The execution of your enemies doesn’t make you a tyrant. She even gave them a choice, but the Tarleys chose their ego over common sense. Your only point is that she uses the optics of a dragon. She’s a targ and she showed her strength, which is her dragon.
  8. Give me a break. Some were only guilty of being slavers. Boo hoo. They were part of an awful regime who needed to go.
  9. She crucifies slavers who crucified children. Good. she executed enemy lords who disobeys orders to kneel after being thoroughly defeated. Jon would have done the same thing. Daeny just uses a dragon instead of sword or hanging. Jon executes Janos slynt for disobeying an order, and he also hanged a 12 year old boy. Kit sounds like a huge hypocrite.
  10. The books may never get done and the show has become glorified fan fiction so no difference lol
  11. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that Daeny would come back. Her character is all about vengeance against her enemies. You fuck with her, she fucks you ten times harder in return. To be betrayed and assassinated in cold blood by her lover would not allow for a peaceful slumber. Her soul is screaming in Valhalla to return. Her face is intact, her body is mostly intact, and she's flying to where someone can revive her. Daeny is coming back, 100%. And with her comes the fiery rain.
  12. Sansa's character was a failure the second they didn't have her using her Littelfinger training to undermine Ramsey while he was abusing her. Escaping torture could be any character. Sansa should have been secretly scheming with other northern lords, sending fake raven messages using Bolton sigil wax, etc. Instead we got a flaccid character who many game of thrones hate.
  13. Watching PJ's weekly evisceration of this pile of excrement was the only fulfilling part of the season.
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