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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 707?

    All the bitchin' that goes on in this forum, yet we still end up with 62.61% rating the finale as good or very good, versus 24.24% who rated it poor or very poor. I know some of you hate the show, but you are in the minority. That doesn't make you superior, it doesn't make you wrong. But quit acting like yours is the only valid opinion. GoT fucking rules. The story is fantastic, well put together and wonderful TV. D & D deserve all plaudits that come their way. Only person to come out of all this poorly is Grrm for not finishing the books before the series finished. And I do think it won't be much different. Hate the show all you want, George is likely to have had far more input than you assume.
  2. FacelessManOf TheShire

    [Spoilers] EP609

    Regardless of all other arguments, yes - this was a stunning visual, as was the two cavalries charging into each other around him.
  3. FacelessManOf TheShire

    [Spoilers] EP609

  4. FacelessManOf TheShire

    [Spoilers] EP609

    Cheers for your comments. I'm actually enjoying this season more than the others. My other half (unsullied) commented after last week that she felt the prior two were a bit slow. Same with S5 E1-7 - alot of people found it slow going. I on the other hand thourougly enjoyed the intrigue and development. So clearly there are issues with pacing, but I quite enjoy those points when it slows down. I also adored the scene way back (S3?) with the small council moving chairs around - a scene that still gets slated - becuase I loved the symbolism behind it all.
  5. FacelessManOf TheShire

    [Spoilers] EP609

    To be fair, you have just backed up your reasons with further arguments. My point wasn't really aimed at people such as yourself. I just see 'because lazy writing' and that's all that's said.. meh. I do take your points, but I'm all for allowing them to pass for dramatic purposes. Hell, if I didn't, I would never watch a James Bond film and enjoy it. Or countless others for that matter. I think GoT comes under far more scrutiny than is fair considering both the genre and medium. If it was written by those camped out in the R&R thread it would be d-u-l-l, with whole seasons dedicated to people travelling from one location to another. It is fantastic TV, backed up critically and popularly. It is adored by millions, most of whom would never consider watching a show of its type. I'll let Sansa off because she couldn't know for sure when / if the Vale forces would arrive. Yes it was very much Helms Deep, but that's fine with me. There's only so many ways you can show an army riding in to the rescue. However it was done, it would likely have been done before. Also Jon charging - he knows he shouldn't have done it. Davos saw it coming. Even Sansa called it. Which is another reason I think she was within her rights to hold back on the information. She knew Jon and the rest would fall into Ramseys trap. Keeping the Vale forces as her own surprise would only be good for Jon, and always bad for Ramsey. If Jon et al knew about it, well they would probably find a way to fuck that up too.
  6. FacelessManOf TheShire

    [Spoilers] EP609

    How anyone could not have loved that battle is beyond me. Actually, haters gonna hate.. I'm not surprised to find a few on here. Whatever. It was so well done in its direction, cinematography, suspense.. horses coming in and taking out the guy who's about to slice off a head.. suffocation, the madness.. tormund ripping out umbers throat. Even the ever-so-obvious Vale forces riding in to save the day was great. Dany and Yara - loved it. Dragons kicking off, Dothraki horde riding in.. all of it fantastic. Best episode ever. On another note - I can't be the only one bored of hearing 'it's bad / sloppy writing' crap that seems to be mentioned every other post in every single thread? Get a new buzzword people. Lazy arguments getting lazier.
  7. FacelessManOf TheShire

    [Spoiler] EP604

    Don't be embarrassed.. cold turkey is the way to go though. Only way I managed it.
  8. FacelessManOf TheShire

    [Spoiler] EP604

    You are right about this. That said, I only replied to thank you for making me smile this Friday afternoon with your forum name, and for reminding me of 'lazy' summer afternoons from before I was forced to be a responsible adult
  9. FacelessManOf TheShire

    [Spoiler] EP604

    I watched a show once. Didn't like it. Stopped watching it and never gave it a second thought. I didn't feel the need to find a forum each week just so I could go and talk down on all the fans of the show and bask in my own superiority. I used to enjoy the 'rant and rave thread' despite being a fan of the series. There used to be some good points, well put and added a nice balance to the universal praise. Now it's just full of smug, self-important, director/writer/choregorahper wannabees with a 2:2 in film studies who apparently have nothing better to do than insult the intelligence of those who visit this site who actually appreciate both mediums of this story equally. Thankfully, it does appear to be on the wane this season. Perhaps those who threatened to quit the show actually did this time. Was an awsome episode though right? :0) I am massivly digging this season. I enjoyed S5 but could appreciate peoples frustrations with the pacing of it until the final run-in. S6 has just been one huge moment after another.
  10. FacelessManOf TheShire

    [TWOW Spoilers] Miscon reading : two Winds of Winter chapters

    No no no... 'skun' as in 'Hey! Skin up! No, I've already skun up a splif' is perfectly acceptable parlance :drunk: