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  1. It's okay to eat fish, cause they don't have any feelings.

  2. It barely snowed so far this year. Is winter even coming?

  3. The Bastard of Toronto

  4. There should be a separate forum for the 'crackpot' theories. They're usually dumb and not funny, and there's too damn many of them.

  5. I think I just decided that I love Stannis. Go figure. Never thought I'd see the day...

  6. I should be studying. This forum is bad news.

  7. Keep on squire-ing in the free world.

  8. The Kingsguard Does Not Pay Taxes.

  9. Rewatching the show... Pretty awesome, changes be damned.

  10. Posting about why Theon is the worst is rekindling my distaste for that boy. Intense emotional journey or not, he's still a real bastard.