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  1. Bumping an old af post of mine as I was passing through here as I do periodically in hopes of recapturing my personal forum glory days of 2012-2014ish, but this is really wild to read in retrospect considering in the ~8 months since I went all the way down to near 170 flat at one point. Alas, I now feel like I'm starting to get up the other side of the plateau as I'm now averaging probably a little over 180. I think 177ish was really optimal for me but truth be told I've been stressed out adjusting to a new position at work (which happens to be at a Whole Foods so yeah stress eating has been getting pretty out of control), also recently (finally) moved out of my parents place, closer to the city, near a lot of bars and friends so my weekends have hit a level of debauchery not seen since my college years; granted I'm sure the novelty will wear off fairly soon especially considering I'm a lot closer to 30 than 20 at this point. It's also winter so I've been kinda stuck doing treadmill running as opposed to outside which I prefer to do when the weather is agreeable. So idk, probably just a dry spell that I need to stay on myself about but I'm still paranoid about letting myself slip back into my old habits. But this was a nice reminder of how far I've come that not even a year ago I was stoked about being 207 which would terrify me nowadays haha.
  2. Now down to 207. Last time I was this thin was at least 3 years ago now. Still doesn't feel like enough haha. Think I'm gonna see if I can't try to get under 200 - last time I weighed under 200 I was probably 20 and I was hanging in the upper 190s while swimming. But we'll see I guess. Pretty proud of myself regardless though.
  3. Remember how back in the early part of Season 5 - after being pretty shaky with his portrayal for a few years - they not only portrayed Stannis well but actually went as far as to make him even more likable than he was in the books? And then as soon as he pulled a total 180 and burned Shireen it became clear that D&D only made him more likable early on so it would up the shock value when he did the bad thing? It's starting to hit me that Danys show arc is basically this but stretched out over an entire series.
  4. A few months back I posted about how I'd gotten down to 225ish after being up in the 260s a year prior to that (I'm 6' 3'' for reference) via mostly elliptical, biking and a slightly better diet but felt like maybe I was plateauing/still needed to lose another 15ish lbs. Since then I've started running (up to 4 miles a day now) and have cut sugary drinks out of my diet, as well as mayo and ranch on sandwiches (using a lot more avocados instead). Weigh about 210 currently so I guess I hit my down 15 pounds goal but I still feel like I could afford to a lose another 5 or 10. Regardless, was pretty cool looking back at that post and seeing I've come along.
  5. Early-mid 70s Tangerine Dream, Sunn O))), Locrian, Neu!, Berlin era Bowie, Oren Ambarchi, Growing, Can, Boris, Windy & Carl, Faust, Melvins, Lil B, Young Thug, Future, and Stars of the Lid who just never leave my rotation so they almost go without saying
  6. Also a guitarist and a Fender fanboy, but I wouldn't buy one of those for more than $100, and even then I'd leave it at home because graphic finishes on guitars are only cool if you're 14 or younger. Nevermind the fact that I wouldn't be interested even if I was 14 or younger because of course there was no Baratheon guitar. As far as the episode goes though...anyone else kind of just wish the entire show was just the subplot with Tormund, Edd and Beric at this point? I'd be stoked about the fact that the show seems to be setting up conflict between Jon and Dany too via Sansa and Sams apprehension towards her, but I'm not holding my breath because D$D have seemingly set up and failed to fall through on Dark Dany so many fucking times now only to just go back to glorifying her.
  7. Is it true that Ray Stevenson has a role in S6? I pretty much completely lost what little interest I still had in this show in Season 4 and haven't watched anything since, but I'm willing to give most anything with Ray in it a shot.
  8. In typical me fashion I discovered this band pretty shortly after they permanently disbanded and hate myself for it.
  9. Randomly popping in but figured maybe I could get some input while I'm back on these forums for a fleeting nostalgia trip. I've kind of gone back and forth with my weight since I stopped having full on teenager metabolism towards the end of high school. But I had a really bad stretch of letting myself go from late 2016 into all of 2017, due to a cocktail of depression and working in food service and picking on stuff all the time, where I got up to almost 260 lbs (I'm 6' 3'' for reference). Over the past year I've really buckled down and gotten myself down to the 220-225ish range, largely via eleptical, biking, and smaller amounts of light weight lifting. Alas, I live in an area that gets fairly cold and snowy in the winter so biking is going to be less than ideal for the coming months and is I've felt myself kind of hitting a plateau, but I still feel like I should cut another 10-15. I guess my question is - what should I do in lieu of biking if I'm primarily concerned with losing weight still? Already upped my time on the eliptical a bit.
  10. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sumac, Mr. Bungle, Bohren and Der Club of Gore, Tim Hecker, Stars of the Lid
  11. How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?

  12. Old songs stay til the end

    Sad songs remind me of friends

  13. Victarion - Ray Stevenson Darkstar - Todd Lasance Wyman Manderly - Brendan Gleeson (because fuck it the show version of Wyman is not the real Wyman)
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