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  1. Remember how back in the early part of Season 5 - after being pretty shaky with his portrayal for a few years - they not only portrayed Stannis well but actually went as far as to make him even more likable than he was in the books? And then as soon as he pulled a total 180 and burned Shireen it became clear that D&D only made him more likable early on so it would up the shock value when he did the bad thing? It's starting to hit me that Danys show arc is basically this but stretched out over an entire series.
  2. Also a guitarist and a Fender fanboy, but I wouldn't buy one of those for more than $100, and even then I'd leave it at home because graphic finishes on guitars are only cool if you're 14 or younger. Nevermind the fact that I wouldn't be interested even if I was 14 or younger because of course there was no Baratheon guitar. As far as the episode goes though...anyone else kind of just wish the entire show was just the subplot with Tormund, Edd and Beric at this point? I'd be stoked about the fact that the show seems to be setting up conflict between Jon and Dany too via Sansa and Sams apprehension towards her, but I'm not holding my breath because D$D have seemingly set up and failed to fall through on Dark Dany so many fucking times now only to just go back to glorifying her.
  3. Is it true that Ray Stevenson has a role in S6? I pretty much completely lost what little interest I still had in this show in Season 4 and haven't watched anything since, but I'm willing to give most anything with Ray in it a shot.
  4. How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?

  5. Old songs stay til the end

    Sad songs remind me of friends

  6. Victarion - Ray Stevenson Darkstar - Todd Lasance Wyman Manderly - Brendan Gleeson (because fuck it the show version of Wyman is not the real Wyman)
  7. Miss my homies E-Ro and Bamf. The three stags need to return someday.

  8. Dafuq is all this shit

  9. Buzzfeed ruined Smooth

  10. Smooth - Santana feat. Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20

  11. Back from the dead again. Fuck D&D to hell.

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