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  1. i do not think Brienne will betray jaime. She is internally now having the same struggle Jaime had about vows and if and when to break them. Lady Stoneheart is apparently merciless, thinks only in black and white. Brienne will not take Jaime to her. I think jaime will steal south to get Tommen, kill Cersei in the taking. valonquar anyone? and brienne is still going to try and find the Stark girls. because that was a true vow. we shall see.
  2. i THINK that Linda and Elio said it well in one of their youtube videos. Clearly Aegon was worth more as a potential King. but also it would have been very hard to smuggle out an older child who would have been easily recognized, either outside the city, or inside the keep by the murderers coming to get them. a baby was easier all the way around.
  3. The books are pretty open about Renly being gay. Melisandre did sleep with Stannis - Martin all but told it with the "bed" passage. And Rickon? OH RICKON? Don't you forget about him. He's going to be a major player in my opinion. He's lost, confused, with no history to remember, with a massive aggressive direwolf, a wildling and headed to Skagos. He's going to come back as THE ORIGINAL STARK. He won't have to live up to others of his line (WHO BY THE WAY WERE NOT LIKE NED). His Uncle was a WILD WOLF, not tentative like Ned. Rickon is, I believe, going to return to help and will be an AWESOME WARRIOR, and I believe he's going to learn magic on his journey.
  4. Been doing a lot of thinking on this subject, before reading the posts. IMO, Jaime and Brienne are NOT going to die. Obviously Jamie has been doing a lot of thinking about his puppet role in Tywin and Cersei's master plan, and he didn't respond to Cersei's plaintive plea to come rescue her. In light of that, it makes sense that Jaime will survive to take his son Tommen, who is a decent kid. Even Sandor tells Tommen that he did well in jousting/playing. Tyrion tells Cersei that her two younger children are decent human beings. I believe Jaime will kill Cersei and take Tommen away. Myrcella is damaged, and may not survive to the end. She will be a lot older at the end anyway and can be on her own. Jaime and Brienne will raise Tommen. Uncat has a role = she is going to eviscerate Petyr Baelish the way she SHOULD HAVE let Brandon Stark do it during their duel. After that, I think she will die. He will then be Kingslayer, Kinslayer and Kinsaver.
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