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  1. The actual filming starts from late July to early August. But the preperation for filming begins months earlier. Scouting location. Getting new actors/directors. Preparing props for the show. Those things do happen year around.
  2. My prediction. They are both alive. We'll see them next season. In fact, we'll know by August when they start filming. Only gotta wait couple of months to find out. (of course, Jon Snow is alive)
  3. I thought Stannis was dead. But now that I think about it I'm going to say Stannis is alive. I think the moment Stannis admitted to using magic Renly to kill him saved his life from Brienne. Brienne has the motive to keep Stannis alive and put him in a trial to clear her name. I'm going to guess next episode we'll see Stannis alive as a captive to Brienne. D&D simply changed it around so it's Brienned who has Stannis, not Ramsay.
  4. My guess she's there to witness the rebirth/resurrection of Jon Snow. I have always believed that she doesn't have the power of resurrection.
  5. Pretty bad episode. 1/10. At least we found out Stannis will lose to Boltons.
  6. There was a leak couple days ago which turned out to be correct.
  7. Yeah, I was going to congratulate Kev. but................
  8. So far it's -5. Even by D&D standards, it's been bad.
  9. This is like bad cartoon. Mix of Scooby Doo and Get Smart episode.
  10. Wow, inbreeding really does make a person stupid.
  11. No, but I think it's a confimation that Shireen will die. quite possible at the hand of Melissandre.
  12. She's wearing a hood that she wore before. Nothing to suggest she will be LS. Most likely Sansa is talking about escaping Winterfell with Theon.
  13. Episode 8 was great. This episode sucked. I hope it means next week's epidsode will be great
  14. Only reason I still watch Game of Thrones is for Jon Snow and his adventure. Everything else bores me.
  15. It's just bad storytelling by D&D. They are just focusing on keeping various stories fit together and ignoring character development. Lot of the stories are just rushed and hastily put together just to get characters from point A to point B.
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