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  2. I’m less overwhelmed by the fighting scenes than many others. I understand the limitations of budget, but the infantry skirmishes always feel like brawls, not epic battles between trained soldiers. Otherwise, a fine hour of television. TV-Stannis is not book-Stannis (who is calm and stubborn, not fierce), but it worked here. I think Tywin’s final line could have been something better, instead of having him state the obvious, that they won. That’s beneath Tywin. He should have scolded Cersei for sitting the in throne, or something. “Why is not King Joffrey sitting the Iron Throne?” The first Castameres (in the bar) was musically competent and proper for the period. Loras seems be become a composite character of Loras and Garlan.
  3. Oh. I apologize. Actually, I managed to convince myself than an earlier starting post was eaten by the SQL server, which is why I resubmitted after some hours of waiting. But your instructions are clear. Sorry.
  4. is rooting for Mexico

  5. Let me add another perspective to this: Part of the current criticism of the Wikipedia pages is valid. They do indeed lack sources. They would improve a lot if somebody added these sources. Everybody would win. Problem: Nobody maintains these pages anymore. So nobody is going to add those sources. Why? Because the activities of this very board. We have now become more than just a not-attributing, lazy, copycat. Now, we make it even worse As I’ve said before, the main contribution so far of Wikipedia-external wiki-activities has been a dilution of resources. It has manifestly not increased quality. To put it starkly, lots and lots of pages have been copied from the good Wikipedia-editors’s work, with very little payback. It’s as bad as I feared several years ago. And now it’s even worse: the original, content-rich material is going the way of the Dodo because the community is excited about something else, something new and fresh (just like a few years ago!) So now, with the imminent death of really good Wikipedia content, this monster has finally eaten the parent that birthed it. I am not impressed. (If the monster had produced lots of amazing new content, the case would be completely different!) Will the Wars page ever be festooned with sources, in any of its myriad copies? No. Would it be if we had continued editing Wikipedia? Yes. Am I wrong? Show me. I’m happy to be convinced. But I’m just ranting and not contributing. Sorry for that – I imposed a ban on myself for editing non-work related material on Wikipedia some years ago, and won’t change that.
  6. Ah. Good thinking. (Assuming this works – sounds like it to me.)
  7. Well, for his sake, I hope you’ve done your homework on this. As far as I can see from the page footer, all your content is released under GFDL. I’m far from an expert in these matters, but to my untrained (but paranoid eye) this looks like a contradiction.
  8. Great stuff. Could you point us to the agreement you got from Amok for this? We’ve tried something like that for a long time at Wikipedia.
  9. Don’t forget Tourneys in A Song of Ice and Fire, my own attempt at pushing the Wikipedia notability envelope as far as possible. I understand. My point, several years ago, was that we don’t seem to have the volume of contributors to even keep an articles on the major characters alive. Birds nesting in the Red Keep are a pipe dream. One of the conclusions of wikiing is that infrastructure is easy. Content is hard. Put up a new wiki, and some enthusiastic geek will immediately start constructing Categories of pages, and build navigation boxes, and stubby articles for Septas of a Song of Ice and Fire. He will then step proudly back and leave the playing field to the mere mortals who he thinks are eager to fill that scaffolding with Good Content. But that’s not how it works. Ever. It works by mere mortals producing Good Content. If and when the Good Content overflows its own article, somebody can start thinking about infrastructure. So far, that seems to be the only way that collaborative content production actually Gets. Stuff. Done. Content is Hard Work. So if and when the Birds in the Red Keep of a Song of Ice and Fire actually threatens to overflow the lenient boundaries set by the Wikipedia content policy, them maybe we can think about doing something about the pressing need for a new outlet. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. At all. The “board wiki†did not much else than copy existing Good Content from Wikipedia and massage it a bit. Very little new content was added, and certainly not much that couldn’t have existed perfectly well under Wikipedia. (Not that such content could not conceivably exist. The board wiki would be a good home for a speculative, collaborative timeline, for example. Such a think could not exist on Wikipedia.) So the board wiki is a good proof of my point: infrastructure (in this case, a fresh wiki with different policies than Wikipedia) is easy. But infrastructure doesn’t lead to content. But if the next two or three years prove me wrong, you’ll find a big and happy smile on my face. Get writing, folks!
  10. And let me reiterate that after years and years no wiki-based effort has come even close to the level or depth of coverage that Tower has. There is no reason to assume that infrastructure (such as licensing or ease of editing) is the determining factor for that. But if suddenly, after years and year, a large group of contributors manifests itself that is able to make content that is almost as good as Tower – surprise me. But it would be much better if we as a community would channel that kind of enthusiasm into improving Wikipedia. Because Wikipedia is huge. The fandom, the work, GRRM, — it would all benefit much more from stellar Wikipedia coverage than from something that is “almost as good as Tower of the Hand, but without the images.â€
  11. As far as I know Wikia content is GFDL, just as Wikipedia. If there are copyright infringements, I suspect it’s because the user base is too small and none of them cares. Wikipedia also had lots of copyrighted material (including Amok images on the Song pages). These are only removed by shitstorm and a large group of users (like me) who are willing to undertake this task. For free. Absolutely.
  12. Oh please, not this again. I’ve spent many hours removing Amok images from Wikipedia many years ago. Amok has never released his images under the Gnu Free Documentation License (GFDL). And I don’t think he’ll ever do that. (If he did, you and I could produce a calendar using his images and charge money for it without paying him a nickle.) Amok merely gave permission to use his images for non-commercial purposes (such as Tower of the Hand). Now, all content on Wikipedia, or the “board wikiâ€, or most any Wikia, is automatically GFDL-licensed. This includes the images. In particular, it includes the Amok images that Zealous User oploads. So please be careful about claims about Amok’s permissions. We are destroying his intellectual property rights. ETA: Now, the large Westeros map used on much of the Song-related content on Wikipedia, and on Tower of the Hand, and on purpose games, is indeed GFD-licensed and can be used for whatever purpose anyone intends. It was made by me and released by me under those terms, fully aware of the implications. In particular, the Dabels can produce a 2010 calendar of it and never pay me.
  13. I’m one of those who contributed heavily to the Song-related content on Wikipedia and was less than thrilled with the Westeros.org-based Wiki – basically I saw it as a destructive initiative that brought the number of contributors below critical mass. (I’ve stopped contributing to either initiative for various reasons.) To be perfectly frank, I saw my misgivings confirmed. In spite of the huge initial boost that the “board wiki†got by copying the Wikipedia content (which, after some initial misunderstandings, is perfectly all-right and the whole point of the distribution license), the new project failed to develop significant content outside of the parameters of Wikipedia, and also failed to attract a large base of contributors. (In fact, for a while, it alienated some contributors.) After this laudable experiment has ran a few years I repeat my recommendation to focus on improving Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s page rank is a fact, and contributing to a visible project is a strong incentive. In particular, I am sceptical about the idea of starting another wiki, because I see little reason that such an initiative should not fail for the same reasons as the “board wikiâ€. I may be wrong, and can be proven wrong my contributing to such an initiative. So please do that.
  14. Jon says "You're a sweet fool, Sam" to Samwell. The exact same words are used by Frodo to Sam. (This would benefit from page references...)
  15. GH, try to stress-test it by replying to my article and including the IPA-bits as a quote. (This would force the system to de-code and re-code if the implementation is sufficiently stupid.) Anyway, we can conclude that uploading UTF-8 works. Displaying on the the client machine is a font selection issue and has nothing to do with this board. Good news.
  16. MH, interesting. But for me it displays perfectly. (So the <i>coding</i> is fine.) What is displayed there are IPA symbols for pronunciation, which may not be available in the fontset you are using. (I assume you are sitting on a Windows box. IE does an abysmal job of switching to the proper fontset when needed. Windows actually ships with fontsets that include IPA, but IE won't automatically switch to them. Hence the boxes.) Do me a favour and try Firefox as well. (Of course, I have no idea how the font fetching engine under Firefox on Windows works, so it may be no improvement.) On a Mac, these things just work. Anyway, here are some UTF-8 encoded symbols for your that are sure to be in the fontset you use (because they are found in the standard Windows codepage): Right single quote: ’ Left single quote: ‘ Left double quote: “ Right double quote: †Try to compose a new message where you quote these lines and then save that. Currently the four letters cannot be encoded in ISO-latin 1, because they aren't part of that standard. They sure as hell aren't encoded using the Windows codepage. So my guess is that the editor uploads UTF-8 or some home-grown format (because my own previous test worked). The exciting this is if that will be preserved by somebody who edits that encoding on a Windows box. (My own web browsers handle it fine.) By the way, the "quick" editor on this board didn't work, and broke the encoding. (IPA symbols in, garbage out.)
  17. Let’s see how this new board handles UTF-8: Arya ['É‘Ërɪə], like English aria Baratheon [bÉ™'rʌθɪən] Catelyn ['katlɪn] Cersei ['sÉ™:sɪ] Daenerys [deɪ'nÉ›:rɪs] Jaime ['dÊ’eɪmɪ] Jojen ['dʒəʊdÊ’É™n] Jon ['dÊ’É’n], like English John Petyr like English Peter (GRRM[4]), but RD: [pɪ'tʌɪə] Targaryen [ta'gÉ›:rɪən] or [ta'ga:rɪən] Tyrion ['tɪrɪən] Tywin ['tʌɪwɪn] Viserys [vɪ'sÉ›:rɪs] Uploading UTF-8 seems to work fine. Now let’s see if we can edit it as well: Asshai [a'ʃʌɪ]
  18. Testing. Does boldface work? And italics?
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