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  1. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, a wind rose from a stable. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginning nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning. Across the green the wind blew, leaving pinched faces and shriveled noses in its wake. The wind wafted past the black smithy, interrupting the steady clang of hammer on anvil. Unperturbed by the curses uttered by the large man, the wind continued into the nearby sheep pen, easily overcoming the stench of manure and muck.
  2. If you go by The Vikings show, Alfred is the son of the monk Athelstan (Louis XIV), so in this alternative universe the actor of Alfred would play Louis XV (that is if Versailles wasn't canceled). I'm with you, Zorral!
  3. Is there a precedent for a Force Ghost appearing to a dark side user? Would Kylo even acknowledge "weak" Anakin (vs idol Vader) even if he did? They'll hand wave it however they want to fit canon (Jedi mind trick if you will). We are talking about made up magic with an incomplete set of rules. Reality can be whatever they want it to be. That said, I'm glad Hayden is coming back to the franchise in both this and Obi Wan. The Ashoka v Vader duel in Rebels is one of my favorite scenes across any Star Wars medium, which shocks the hell out of me. Seeing her face her old master for the first time and then seeing his intense hatred burning was tragic. I wouldn't mind seeing a flashback of that in live action to balance the (likely) Force Ghost appearance of Anakin.
  4. It kind of lessens the threat of the Dragon being reborn to save and destroy it, going mad in the process. In the books, savior/destroyer going mad all went together. Not hopefully the Dragon reborn isn't a man... crap. He'll go mad. Too bad the Creator didn't pick a woman. The Prophecies all talk about him going mad, right? I've forgotten. Hopefully this red herring is just for the trailer.
  5. If they push WCs too far into the despicable range, then it'll be harder for Galad to join them eventually. They need to present the WCs anti-magic philosophy as a real point of view, if skewed. Leaning too hard into KKK (white uniforms notwithstanding) symbolism will make Galad's "truth to a fault" mindset extremely misguided.
  6. If this is indeed a politically motivated show, then Whitecloaks would be portrayed as Alt-Right/Nazi extremists.
  7. Agreed. Which is surprising considering the fact that Alicia Keys is one of the most talented artists performing, writing, producing in the industry. And I say this acknowledging I personally don't care for many of her songs. My taste doesn't detract from her talent. This song was just underwhelming.
  8. Professionally, I consult and built online training, so I have experience submitting work for review and fielding an obscene amount of comments about everything from size/color of font, image placement, cast wardrobe, etc. You know. The bits that impact whether someone learned something. In the past, depending on clients, we would get an unbelievable amount of comments covering every minutiae you can think of. Basically, there are people who think that if they don't mention everything that could be a problem, they're not doing their job and/or are afraid if they don't document a question/objection to something that blows up, it could reflect poorly on them. None of these approaches are aimed at making a better product. I've never had to address anything near close to 11,000, but I've also never been a part of a production that cost millions per unit. I can absolutely see a young studio like Amazon barrage the showrunner with level of "in the weeds" comments.
  9. Having Henry Cavil naked in a bath was all my wife needed to hear to watch Witcher.
  10. Hey, now. I unapologetically really like You Know My Name. I've always liked how it's a dialog between Bond and some upstart thinking he's has an advantage.
  11. The musical cues with the chorus is promising ("I've told you one, told you twice -->no time to die") but the mumbling through the verses is too much. It's like an extension of mumble rap that was everywhere for a while. I was happy when Travis Scott seemed to drop off the radar (after doing Fortnite tie in). Never thought I'd cheer Fortnite, but thanks for that! (my sons used to play FN all the time. The TS tie in killed both their love of his music and for the game in one fair swoop! Double win!) Ahem. Maybe I'm just to old to appreciate the music of the youth.
  12. If any character in the history of cinema deserves to have the word epic applied to her braid flip, it's Nynaeve. Is that our first look at Thom? Probably not, but as I've already demonstrated in this thread, my memory is shoddy...
  13. Saw it in a packed theater (really. They've stopped leaving seats between reserved blocks here in Florida...) and really enjoyed it. It had everything that I enjoy in a Bond film. I would say while Casino Royale was a love letter to Fleming's Bond, NTTD was a love letter to classic Bond films. Exotic locales, cool car chases, gadgets, Q and Moneypenny, everything. Really happy with it. And I was unfortunately spoiled on the death by some idiot on Reddit last week... I sorta figured they would kill him off, but I would've preferred to have it confirmed in the theater. Like Tony and Steve in Endgame. I knew it was their last film, but didn't know how they would "retire". I don't buy many movies on Blu-ray/Digital anymore, but I'll be picking up this one to finish off my Craig collection. ETA: Also, I was amazed it was a Zimmer score. He really did a great job layering in classic Bond beats at the right moment. And I especially liked both the line "We have all the time in the world" being worked in twice and having the musical theme recur throughout. Nice touch. My only gripe? Billie Elish's song. Just as forgettable on screen as it was on the radio. I'm just not that big of a fan of her voice.
  14. Listen for the three notes to hit in the soundtrack as the camera passes over the logo.
  15. Yeah I see it now, but even when I reread this book last summer, I wasn't looking at the artifacts close enough, apparently... And I guess I did misremember the elephant skull as it's not even in the link of references Gertrude posted (Thanks, G). Maybe it was in another fantasy novel. Or maybe historical fiction, for that matter.
  16. Yeah, I hope they don't drop in such obvious visuals as corporate logos. The Yin Yang symbol works because it has meaning in this world. Especially how it was introduced first and Tear and Fang. I prefer references that are more of mythological echoes like Callendor/Excalibur or referenced extinct animals than direct modern call backs. TBH, I never realized there was a Mercedes logo in the museum. Then again, I don't remember giraffes either. Am I misremembering an elephant skeleton? A large creature that looked like a cyclops, which an elephant skull looks like without knowledge of a trunk? The bridges and ruins in Shannara kind of destroyed the fantasy feel for me in the show. Felt more like a CW post-apocalyptic world show (yes, I know that's what the Shannara books were. It just wasn't obvious. I don't remember realizing it until the Scions series which I read when I was older.)
  17. (Judging solely by these clips shown out of context) I'd say this looks less "cheesy" than Shadow and Bone, which I enjoyed and will keep watching when season two comes out. The WoT world looks more lived in, much more so than fantasy tv shows of years past, like Xena, et al. Yes, I'll be watching regardless. I'm too big of a WoT fan not to, but I'll reserve criticism until I've actually watched an episode or three. It will have to be Shannara level bad to make me stop watching. Who am I kidding. It would have to be worse to make me stop, but my wife may tune out if it's Shannara levels of tv.
  18. I think the closest analogy for Mat's reaction to Rand being a channeler and the Dragon Reborn is as if your childhood friend just found out he's the Antichrist who is going to bring about the events of Revelations, except there's an off chance he'll save the world in the process because of some apocryphal books left out of the modern Bible speak to the Antichist really being Christ returned. I mean have you not read the Acts of Solomon, people? Or the Book of Gad???? Clearly the Antichrist will save us all! Ahem. Yeah, Mat's reaction to Rand makes kind of sense. But yes, he is also a massive dick. Who is fun to watch get into and out of trouble.
  19. It took less than an hour after announcement for new version of the "You guys are getting paid?" meme to hit Reddit. ETA:
  20. I've been trying to get him to read this for years.... His English class this year let them pick a book. I even had to show that EotW had been published in two parts to get it qualified as under 400 pages. So, yeah, he's reading a (half) book for class. Let's see if he reads past chapter 23 (the end of "Part One"). THEN I'll claim some parenting credit.
  21. As break from the debates: I finally got my 13 year old son to start reading EotW. He's only on chapter 8, but I asked him who his favorite character was. "Egwene. And idk why but I feel like she's gonna be hot in the show." I sent him a photo of the actress and confirmed his guess. Ah, the teenage demographics....
  22. Tony Stark is the Sean Bean of What If?
  23. TBH the comics aren't much better. Everything is up to the writer's discretion to revise and retcon as needed for current story. That said, canon is going to be loose and flexible the more we dip into the multiverse. Reality is whatever they need it to be to kick off the next movie.
  24. I still have a pavlonian response to the 20th Century Fox fanfare. It still means "Star Wars is starting!" in my head no matter what movie it precedes. I blame the long playing records I had as a kid of the original trilogy soundtracks.
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