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  1. If we're fan casting the next Wolverine (and no I haven't read the previous 4 pages...), the best non-obvious* celebrity suggestion I've seen is Daniel Radcliffe. He's younger, short (5',5"), and even pretty hairy. *Obvious suggestions being Tom Hardy, Scott Eastwood, Taren Egerton, etc.
  2. "You've already cut off my head once. Didn't kill me anymore than that movie killed your career!" - Deadpool, probably.
  3. As a visual experience, it's worth a trip to the theater. I'd even spring for 3D*. You know the story (from many other movies), so don't expect too much there. But it's a feast for the eyes. And I absolutely love Flight of Passage. It's one of those rides where I feel like a kid again. So immersive, from the wind to the "breathing" dragon thing, etc. ETA: *I say that as someone who is pretty happy the 3D trend fizzled out. Avatar is one of the few movies where I would recommend 3D. Gravity being another.
  4. Any (non-Tolkien history book reader) theories on the identify of Adar? My wife is certain he's Galadriel's brother. He's called Father, so I'm leaning toward some other fallen elf who had a hand in the original corruption that created the orcs.
  5. Personally, I'm looking for a Awongers shirt, size medium.
  6. @Raja Some movies warrant digging deep to find philosophical treasure. Other movies are just fun fluff. I find people taking to online forums asking why TG:M isn't deeper are digging in the wrong mine (ie the same mine as the original). A movie being fluff doesn't detract from its entertainment value. TG:M dos it in a surprisingly satisfactory way. It returned what the trailer promised. My personal opinion, of course.
  7. Middle children are always forgotten. ETA: I am a proud middle child.
  8. Morgoth's less successful younger brother. He doth not appear in the histories due to a clerical error.
  9. Dumb question: Are we sure all the storylines are running concurrently? Because he's been watching Westword, my brother asked me if there was any proof the Harfoots, Southlands with Arondir, and Galadrial/Elrod/Halbrand storylines are all contemporary with each other? I started to say "of course" but then realized I wasn't sure. Was there a commonality (like a comet) that level set the timelines with each other? Granted, I don't have faith that the showrunners are capable of this sophistication (from what I've seen so far --- happy to be proven wrong), but playing loose with timelines could be a good way to deal with the compressed timeline without so much compression. Also, that'd be a way to have "Sauron" show up in multiple places (Halbrand/Meteor Man/Adar) at the same time, as they are all candidates.
  10. Are we really concerned about lack of defined enemy here? The movie is about fighter pilot school. Where they learn to fly better. Their final exam is going up against the real thing. End of story. There's no more thought or need for thought here then when you log into an online game. It's your team vs the other team. Fight. The movie promised fast planes, cocky pilots, and (for Veltigar) beach football. It delivered on its promise. Anyone looking for more bought a ticket for the wrong movie. I love me some heavy films and though provoking dramas. I also like to kick back and just have fun. TG:M was the latter and I enjoyed the hell out of it.
  11. The dragons of Mordoth handed down the view from the air, allowing the image to pass it into common collective memory.
  12. We have our Ezra. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/star-wars-ahsoka-casts-ezra-bridger-eman-esfandi-1235129369/
  13. My head canon for this is that's how Korg viewed their behavior. He's the one telling that part of the story and he's definitely Team Thor.
  14. It's like they know their core audience or something.
  15. For those of you who took no interest in seeing Morbius either time it was released in the theaters, I just noticed it's been released on Netflix (US). It's morbin' time! Ok, not really. Too much other good stuff to watch. Maybe I'll give it a try when I get real bored and no one else is home.
  16. Not that arriving in a meteor makes much sense, but I never really "got" how the wizards appeared in Middle Earth in the first place. Or how Gandalf died and was sent back but whiter. I just kind of accepted it an moved on. I do like how they visually handled the ship returning to the west (not the Galadriel bailing into the water part). The light portal was a good visualization.
  17. So, Elrond is so far into the friend zone with Galadriel, he marries her daughter instead?
  18. It's like rayaaaaaaaain on your wedding day. (No, Bruno)
  19. I looked up the tool used to make the dry ice at the bottom of the glass. The Jet Chill one he used in the video is $1995 (special $250 glasses sold by the 100 not included). I have a rich neighbor who loves hosting parties. Let's see if I can convince them we need this for Halloween...
  20. As a former South Carolinian, I'm with Scot. Which maybe proves the point...
  21. Regarding Stan Lee drinking the Hulk blood-soda: That didn't kill him. It gave him an affinity power that allows him to appear in the presence of superpowered beings. He had to resort to disguises to avoid suspicion and having to sign the Accords. I'll take my No Prize, thanks.
  22. My mental picture for Tim Roth (and Gary Oldman) is still from Rosemcrantz and Gilderstern are Dead. Also Rob Roy for Roth. So it's always a shock to see them in their forties, fifties, and now sixties.
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