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  1. It's great they put the actors in the planes. I would love to go up in a fighter some time. It's been a dream of mine since I saw the first Top Gun movie as a adolescent.
  2. So, two favorite Cameron movies were followed up with subpar sequels that immediately killed off main character(s) from previous... Bye Sully! (Joking. Yes, I realize Cameron didn't direct the sequels.)
  3. This is my biggest gripe about phase 4 (ok, gripe may be too strong). Each movie/show is enjoyable (YMMV with Eternals) but there's no sense of a building story.
  4. Man, that was such a disappointing drop off.... Such potential completely wasted.
  5. Reminder I need to re-watch season 3, because I only have a vague recollection of what happened...
  6. It seems we haven't had a new thread in some time, but here's the new trailer with premiere date:
  7. Cost and logistics aside, that would've been cool. Cycle through a bunch of different characters and actors (Tony with both Downey and Cruise, Reed with Gruffudd and Teller, etc). It'd be like the Star Tours ride in Disney: every time you ride, there's a different combination of 4 scenes.
  8. I will say it was cool they worked in the 90's X-Men cartoon theme to accompany the chair's entrance.
  9. So many things they can fix in post. Hey... maybe that's why they got rid of his human body in the first one...
  10. The trailer reminded me of the 4-D Avatar ride at Animal Kingdom: a beautiful tour of Pandora with no story. I'll go see A2 int he theater, but mainly for the visuals. With properly set expectations, it'll be enjoyable.
  11. At least no mustaches were CGI'd out or in.
  12. I believe it's canon that Thanos from Avengers 1 was a variant.
  13. I watched 4-5 episodes before my P+ subscription ended and was pretty underwhelmed with the show's story. The battle scenes were well produced, but other than Kai, I didn't find any of the characters compelling. Schrieber is a solid actor. I just don't find Master Chief's story interesting.
  14. Regarding the girl and the Egyptian superhero line: I actually liked that bit. In a world with Avengers and baby gods rising out of the ocean, it'd be a pretty significant realization that my small area of the world now also has a protector. Everyone needs a hero.
  15. Yeah, that was fast. Not complaining, mind you.
  16. A rambling dreck of an article? I skimmed to find what he determined to be worthwhile tv, but it seems he's just disgusted by the whole medium.
  17. Yes, because I'm sure I'm not the only one not seeing it opening weekend (schedules and all that). I know spoilers are all out and being cross posted. Keeping MoM spoilers to it's own thread would be appreciated.
  18. @Corvinus85 and @Poobah are both in my head about the finale. Pretty solid, though the post credit scene was out of the blue (what happened, not the appearance). During the credits leading up to the post-credit scene (which I wasn't sure would be there) I was talking to my wife about the third sarcophagus and the three faces of Issac in the credits. Sure enough....
  19. I was living in Puerto Rico when Empire came out, so we got the movie 6+ months later than the States. I was 8 or so so the wait was crazy (I remember a Time magazine "preview" issue, so that had to tide me over). My best friend's dad took a trip back to the States and saw it first. He came back and said Vader was Luke's father. We didn't believe him though. He was still an ass, but 8 year old me thought there was no way Vader was Luke's father. Even after I saw it, I assumed Vader was lying because he was such an evil person. TBH I don't think I really believed it until RotJ. Playground discussion boards were divided on the topic.
  20. I've had Paramount+ for a month (canceling because there's not much to watch). Their ads were just 30 trailers for other Paramount shows/movies (usually Star Trek). They don't run every time. We watched The Stand miniseries over the weekend and only about every third episode had a trailer running between episodes. ETA: Regarding Netflix password sharing: Just in my household alone (2 adults + two teens) we have collectively 10 devices that could access Netflix at some point during a week (Roku sticks, smart tv, PC/laptops, Xbox, tablets, etc).We only pay for two screens at once, so that's our limit. Anyone wanting to watch after that has to use another service (D+, Amazon, or movies we own disc/digital). I do hope they don't tie down to IP or location. We've enjoyed being able to take a Roku stick with us when traveling on vacation or work and take our Watch List with us.
  21. Speaking of services with little content, we got a free month of Paramount+ with our Xbox Game Pass. There is really not much there. 1883 limit series was phenomenal, but Yellowstone is not on the channel (which I've yet to watch). There's the new Star Trek shows, but I've never really cared for that universe. Otherwise, P+ has bunch of movies that I watched only because they were there and free. Movies like Transformers and TMNT (I'm an 80's kid. Sue me). Oh, and The Stand is on there. Starting that tonight. Already canceled the subscription. Once we finish The Stand, we'll spin up HBO Max again for a month or two.
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