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  1. Stannistician

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    I think this needs to be done by the king. I don't think a Lannister king is going to do this for them now.
  2. Stannistician

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    This is an important point. I think one of book Stannis' major flaws is his willingness to use religion and religious people for his own ends when he doesn't really believe himself. I think a better story would have been Stannis getting burned by this (pardon the pun) by having Shireen sacrificed behind his back by the very religious folks that he has been using. Irony at its best (or worst). Stannis would still have to live with the consequences of his actions in this scenario (placating to religion for his own ends), but it still plays into the doomed tragic figure that book Stannis is. I hope this is the way the book story goes. But that would be far too complex for D & D. Its much easier to paint him as a religious fanatic burning his own daughter in order to show the evils of religion. They laid the ground work for this back in season 2 by always playing that evil music during all of Stannis' scenes, among other things. I think they made Mel too one dimensional as well. All of my shownly friends think she is pure evil, along with Stannis (even before this last episode). They kept asking me why Jon Snow would even associate with these wicked people.
  3. Stannistician

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    I think show Stannis probably fits this description for most viewers at the moment.
  4. Stannistician

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    IMO, it made more sense for Ramsay to lock up Jeyne Poole in the books than Sansa in the show: he was worried that the northern lords would recognize her as not being Arya. Even if they already knew deep down that she was not Arya, by keeping her in the room there is less of a chance of it being talked about.
  5. Stannistician

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    I think her point might be that the reader knows. Also, LF knows Jeyne is lowborn and therefore has no value to him, as apposed to Sansa who is highborn.