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  1. While I agree about the emotional impact, I recall that upon reading the scene, I was quite confused as to what actually happened--my mind had been completely on the PW and its fallout, as opposed to the RW and any feelings of vengeance there. So that won't be changed, in truth. When it comes to the actress...I think the fact that it's so blatant that she's leaving can mean one of two things. 1. She will return as a guest star for the LSH scenes, as they are few and far between. or 2. LSH will not necessarily be played by Michelle. 2 is entirely plausible, imo, though D&D seems to loathe shelling out funds for CGI that isn't dragon-related.
  2. I was also upset about the lack of a certain epilogue-dwelling river denizen in the final scene, BUT the Ramsay reveal was great, so??? I feel pretty torn on this one, gave it a 5. Finally we got the Reek (though if we don't start seeing the rhyming I'll be quite sad) that I've been awaiting all season long!! I was expecting more emphasis on the fallout of the RW, but I suppose in the interest of story, they felt the need to condense that. I'm certain there are deleted scenes that exist for it, and I'm equally sure we lost such scenes to include gems such as...Theon's sausage, or the rather unnecessary Varys-Shae conversation. The Dany-scene was almost too deliberately feel-good (and I kept thinking, "Meesa Jar-Jar Binks", which is almost never a good sign). Show!Arya continues to be just as unstable as Book!Arya, so I suppose that's something. I can't be the only one uncomfortable with the eleven(?) year-old running around stabbing things. All in all, a meh episode, undeserving of its status as a season finale...basically, jam-packing as many characters in as possible with unnecessarily long sequences for some groups (Jon & Ygritte, Bran-Jojen-Meera, Sam-Gilly-and the apparently named Sam Jr) and neglecting others (Jaime & Brienne, for example).
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