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  1. Eric Baratheon

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    Let it go, people. It is done.
  2. Eric Baratheon

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    Perfection. Just like Hardhome. These final 3-4 episodes saved this season from mediocrity. Here's to 2016 and now we're all unsullied.
  3. Eric Baratheon

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    8 Loved the pit. Loved it. CGI was great - for a tv show. Even for a move (have you seen "Hercules"? case closed) By the way, with the exception of last week's episode, this is the only other Season 5 episode I rated above 5. Mediocre season, but killer last episodes. No idea how they are gonna put so much into next week's finale. One last note: Stannis. We should have seen that one coming. GRRM get that book out this year!!!
  4. Eric Baratheon

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    my first vote above a 5. unfortunately even if every episode picks up from this one, it has been the most mediocre of seasons GoT provides thus far (in my opinion) at the current pace, a certain something will happen on ep. 9 on the pit, and a certain something in the night will happen on ep. 10, leaving a 11 month hiatus for tv show unsullied to wonder what his fate will be, and book readers 11 more months of hoping to have WoW come out before - and thus be back at the front of the line before season 6 premieres
  5. Season 5 has been beyond terrible. I've stopped looking forward to a new episode after the first 4, I just don't think the producers know what they are doing. Considering the wonderful material from A Dance of Dragons, this could - should - be going better. If I ever binge watch GoT in the future, this season will be passed over. I have no idea how they will finish this off with two more seasons, or even three.
  6. Eric Baratheon

    How would you rate episode 310?

    You're in a forum of book readers discussing a tv show adaptation, and it was your choice to be here. Go away if you dont want to be spoiled.
  7. Eric Baratheon

    How would you rate episode 309?

    near damn perfect. yeah yeah yeah different to an extent from the book but EVERY single storyline was done superbly: even Bran and Jon Snow's. So glad they didnt cut to King's Landing on this episode. And how about that Grey Worm fighting? I'm now a fan. The Red Wedding was done really well considering the 50 minute frame episode. As a TV show episode I'm torn between giving it a 10 or a 9. I just feel a 10 should be reserved to truly spectacular emmy worth material. I'm not entirely sure they achieved that with episode 9, but it was near damn perfect (for the TV show) I strongly recommend those who have not read book 3 to do so as soon as this season ends. It really is one of the best fiction novels out there, impossible to put down. 9.5
  8. 4 - mediocre at best Twyin and Jeoffrey / Danny's scenes were a plus and I wasn't terribly disappointed by the bear sequence; everything else was underwhelming. This is a GRRM episode? Theon's sequence went on forever; Osha was pointless; I get the need to focus on Robb and whatshername now, so we can get more emotional when everything goes to hell on episode 9, but they could have cut that shorter. To me this episode feels just like books 4 and 5: GRRM drifting away, losing interest, thinking about football instead. Underwhelmed overall with season 3.
  9. Eric Baratheon

    How would you rate episode 305?

    I am pondering changing my 9 into a 10. This was indeed superb writing, direction and score. Superb acting all-around. Superb - flawless even - editing. The Rolling Stone recap is just spot-on, I recommend it: http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/news/game-of-thrones-recap-perfect-game-20130429
  10. Eric Baratheon

    How would you rate episode 305?

    Previous to this, the only season three episode I liked was last week's, and that was due to bad-ass Daenerys taking Astapor and leaving with hr new army and her teenage dragons. I gave that one a solid 7. This one was a 9..! I am so relieved, I hope season three has picked up steam now, and am looking forward for the latter half of this year's show. That being said, I can forgive Loras' portrail due to the fact there was some gay sex on screen for a change. Ah! (lol) Loved Shireen / Davos stuff, the babies-in-a-jar was terrific. Ditto for the wildling's, and Jon and Y's love scene. All and all, the season is finally living up to its legacy. Pity it took 5 episodes.
  11. Eric Baratheon

    How would you rate episode 304?

    After the first three episodes I was losing hope for season 3. I've got an average rate of 4 / 5 out of 10 for episodes 1 through 3, but this week's was a solid 7, saved by the almost-perfect sequence at Astapor. I felt the rebellion of the Night's Watch against eachother was handled pretty well. I feel, however, that Theon's character arc setting with Roose's bastard took too long. This season, save for the event's unfolding behind the scenes (so to speak) at King's Landing, is pretty much like the book. People moving through Westeros / Essos. In the book, everything is handled superbly with GRRM at the very top of his game. In a 10 episodes-for-season annual TV show, however, it might have the potential to alienate viewers, who will soon enough start losing track of who's who and where they are or even how they got there. I am really hoping, now that we are mid-season, things will pick up from this week's episode and we'll see better and better from GoT on TV. Bring on those damn weddings already
  12. Eric Baratheon

    How would you rate episode 303?

    Sorry: english is not my first language. Yes, Theon building an "ark" would have been odd ;-)
  13. Eric Baratheon

    How would you rate episode 303?

    I give it a 3. This season is beyond terrible for me, so far. The Theon arc story is missing every mark; They are making Stannis into an idiot; losing screen time for whores in kings landing? Yeah i know, titties are required in every GoT episode, but come on. Average: Jaime and Brianne scenes (1 point) Above average: Riverrun scenes (1 point) Slightly Good: Dany's scenes in Astapor.(1 point) Thats it.
  14. Eric Baratheon

    How would you rate episode 301?

    5 out of 10. The bad: don't end a season with such an awesome cliffhanger (the dead attack) and then show 4 seconds of a dark screen of "fighting"; battle at the fist should have been the season opener. bad bad bad. mance ryder has been miscast. also bad. tyrion's nose. still there. The good: The whole Daenerys sequences were spot on, changes seemed to be for the better. Judging from westeros' review of the first 4 episodes, I have lost hope for the first half of the season. So, considering a certain bear and a certain colored wedding, its my hope the latter half of season 3 will pick up some steam and be what it needs to be: AWESOME