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  1. Samsaptakas

    How did you pick your screen name?

    My username come from Mahabharata. It is a Sanskrit word for a warrior or group of warriors that have sworn to kill the enemy or die trying.
  2. Samsaptakas

    International Thread 3

    It's not just Kashmir, it is State of Jammu and Kashmir. Ladakh has one of the oldest Buddhist community living there.
  3. Samsaptakas

    U.S. Politics: Pedophilia is Just Acosta Doin' Business

    There were many factors involving India's independence, however Gandhi's Non-violence was a failure as a ideology. He was begging Sikhs and Hindus to not retaliate even as Muslims were rioting all over Punjab and Bengal. Gandhi's philosophy failed while he was alive and the sheer number of deaths in riots is proof to that.
  4. Samsaptakas

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    These issues are projected to the rest of world because of the powerful propaganda machine of American Empire. Entire English entertainment industry is part of it.
  5. I believe that HBO considered the appeal of show to be nudity and dragons. It is obvious that they never cared for details that made books great.
  6. Samsaptakas

    Welcome to war

    Many of such conquerors were given sainthood later by the Church.
  7. In future of westeros, Euron greyjoy is going to be remembered as a legend, the one who fought the mad queen and died fighting for the woman he loved and his child. He is the dragonslayer. Mad queen dared not even come close to the city, as long as he was alive. Only after the mighty warrior fell, that the mad queen was able to enter the city and wreck havoc.
  8. Samsaptakas

    Protagonist suddenly goes crazy in last chapter of epic

    Did you forget all the times Dany burned people?. In the season one itself, she didn't even flinch when Drogo killed her brother in a horrible way. Burning down a city should be the next logical step for her.
  9. Samsaptakas

    International News Thread

    China is a civilization state. Everything it does is to protect and expand its civilization.
  10. Last thread was closed. So, I decided to make a new one. I don't watch that much of wrestling, but I do like to read about wrestling a lot. I still visit other wrestling forums from time to time. Anyway, lots of interesting things had happened in last month. Daniel Bryan turned heel. Becky Lynch is the hottest thing in the industry. Ronda vs Flair was a great match. They have kind of already ruined Dean Ambrose's heel turn. And everything else is boring, like always.
  11. Samsaptakas

    International News Thread

    Also, China Plans to Build a Deep Sea Base Run Entirely by AI
  12. Samsaptakas

    International News Thread

    Chinese Scientists Claim to Have Gene-Edited Human Babies For the First Time Designer Babies
  13. Samsaptakas

    Poll: 10 actions of asoiaf

    yes yes yes yes yes no yes yes yes no