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  1. OGtargaryen

    Do You Like The Audio Books By Roy Dotrice?

    I listen while I drive as well, but I have an hour commute to and from work so its nice. There's only so many songs on radio I want to hear played over and over again....
  2. OGtargaryen

    What do you Collect?

    I have.. Harcover Books 1-5 Barnes and Noble GoT Book 1 special edition (two copies, one still sealed) 1st edition All the individual GoT comics - up to 12 so far, 13 comes out 2/13 The GoT graphic novel Vol 1. (comics 1-6 i believe) Two copies of The Hedge Knight graphic novel (softcover) - both found in comic shops for real cheap (don't use Amazon for these) One copy of The Sworn Sword graphic novel (found as well in comci shop for cheap) Legends vol 1 (hardcover 1st edition) Warriors Vol 1 (softcover 1st edition) The Hedge Knight individual comic 1-3 (missing 4-6) The Sworn Sword individual comic #2,#4,#6 (missing 1,3,5) Two copies of the maps of ASOIAF (one sealed) All 5 audio books by Roy Dotrice GoT offcial cookbook Game of Thrones official card game 2nd edition Inside HBOs A Game of Thrones GoT Bluray special editon (one with dragon egg) GoT Bluray (just for watching) ...and pretty much anything I can get my hands on without paying a crazy amount of cash :)
  3. OGtargaryen

    Do You Like The Audio Books By Roy Dotrice?

    he did the first three a long time ago so he probably forgot what voices he used. He did Dance before feast because he was very ill awhile back. The last two are not as strong, especially Dany's voice as opposed to first three. All in all though I think he did a great job considering.