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  1. Not sure if it is possible to include two collapsible elements in one table. It is probably better to use two templates like you suggested or two tables on the same template. Like this. About showing the change: I think it would be hard to present the changes in the tables in a clear way. What would the Great House row of the table look? "Used to be House Stark, is as of the end of A Storm of Swords" House Bolton. We should also take into account that it seems that the Manderlys and Stannis do not seem to have accepted this. Although this issue is unrelated to the problem how to show the changes (in nice way)
  2. Eddard does not wear his emotions on his sleeve but it is clear he does like some people: for instance Jorah Mormont "Would that I might forget him." and also Aerys “Robert, I ask you, what did we rise against Aerys Targaryen for, if not to put an end to the murder of children?” and (on Roberts deathbed) “not so bad as Aerys, Your Grace. Not near so bad as Aerys.”
  3. How should the differences be shown? And what is the base; begin of Agot or end adwd?
  4. I think the editor noticed that where Robert really hates Rhaegar, Eddard does not display that emotion. I think this difference is noteworthy. Especially as Robert accused Rhaegar of having raped Eddard's sister. It looks a bit like "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time". But I agree that "neutral" may be too strong worded. Better to just to state that Eddard's only thought about Rheagar that is mentioned in the books, is that he did not think Rhaegar had frequented brothels.
  5. My preference was to have the info in the templates as of the begin in of the books. And as second option to implement a show/hide for the templates. I think there was also a suggestion to use a setting to indicate which book should be used as base, the Tower of the Hand has this. But I don't think this is possible with the wiki software.
  6. We have been over the spoiler policy a number of times. I suggested that we should use show / hide tags to prevent spoilers and that death dates should not be included in the family trees. However the majority held the opinion that there would be no prevent spoiler policy so I guess this applies to this as well.
  7. It is clearly the same character thus 1 article
  8. I believe the MUSH itself it not canonical.
  9. In this case I do not think the fan speculation is very important. But in some cases the fact that fans speculate on something is noteworthy. For instance Jon's parentage. Without at least nothing that fans speculate a lot about it the articile about Jon can never be complete. Please take note that the wiki is not restricted to the content of the books. We also write about the reception, critics and so. In the case of Jon's parentage the fan speculation should definitetely be part of the Jon article.
  10. Isn't it a better idea to add to the Theories page a remark that clarifies that the theory is proven? That way we can still check why this was -> if you delete a page another user may not be aware of that and could try to add it again
  11. There is another reason why it is unlikely that Jeor Mormont fought for the Targaryens: His son Jorah fought in the Battle of the Trident on the side of the rebels. (ASOS 57)
  12. Jon gets Longclaw in chapter 60. In it Jeor only says:
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