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  1. Umber not salapping some Frey men with a leg of lamb? Lame!
  2. Nudu

    How would you rate episode 306?

    A 9! One point is off because Ygritte and Jon's last scene.
  3. We are telling the same thing. Sorry my English is poor so i can't explain myself. I'm saying that Barristan should have never question Dany in front of the strangers. This is out of character. He has been in hunderds of meetings and he must have learned not to question your king/queen in front of the strangers.
  4. Dany's line with Barristan was stupid. She said something like do not question me in front of the strangers. That was stupid. Barristan was kingsguard of the 3 kings. He was in the all important meetings. He must have known courtesy better than anyone.
  5. It was per-fect. The Bear and the Maiden Fair.
  6. I hate Targaryens.

  7. Nudu


    Hello. I'm Ahmet. I'm from Turkey and 17 years old. I'm here because most people in the Turkish asoiaf/got forums are arguing about "Who is cuter, Jon Snow or Robb Stark" and etc. so i found here and people in here are amazingly wise(this is what google translate says for what i meant :D ) about series. Great theories, great discussions.