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  1. Here's how Bernie can still win 2016 elections..
  2. Quite contrary destruction of iron Throne would mean at least seven seperate kingdoms which would result in many wars through the time. You can just abolish feudalism by destroying a kingdom.
  3. Nudu

    Welcome to war

    What the hell? It is HER people she wants the rule. Not some foreign kingdom she will conquer and replace. It doesn't work this way for succession wars and coups.
  4. Nudu

    Welcome to war

    She genocided them after they surrendered. There's a huge difference between coleteral damage and deliberate murder of thousands.
  5. Season 1 was almost perfect imo.
  6. It was actually Little Finger's fault.
  7. Nudu

    Tyrion's Face was Priceless

    How's that Tyrion's fault? You can't blame him for Dany being a genocidal maniac.
  8. It's different. It is her people, her capital.
  9. Maybe she murdered more than all other characters combined including the Night King for literally no reason. Population of the King's Landing is about one million roughly the same as whole North.
  10. Conquest isn't genociding people who are already surrendered. At this point she probably murdered more innocent people than the night king.
  11. Yup. I hate the maniac who genocided the biggest city in the continent for literally no reason.
  12. She helped people not because she has a very nice heart but because she is a narcissist with messiah syndrome. She hurted people in the name of helping them for a long time.
  13. Theories about she is borderline mad and can go rampage any minute.
  14. Is this why there are pages of theories about this in the forum for like years?
  15. What I'm saying is show runners didn't force her to look crazy. They forced her to look like an angel which resulted making the twist less believabile.