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  1. Nyrhex

    The election of the Lord Commander

    There are 589 potential votes. Eastwatch and Shadow Tower votes are held by their commanders. Castle Black's garrison is under 400 men, so a little over 200 votes are held by Pyke and Mallister. They got 372 votes between them, so they got around 150 votes from Castle Black. Slynt had 137, with a slow increase over time due to Thorne and Marsh dropping out and backing him. Yarwyck had 72 votes on his own, and dropped out without backing Slynt. In all likelyhood, most of his votes would have gone to Pyke and Mallister. I think the best option would have been Ser Glendon Hewett. Even with how Martin set up the scene for Jon to show up and pick up the gig, if the characters were allowed to make rational decisions for two seconds, I can see them coming to some sort of arrangement before the night is out. Pyke and Mallister don't like each other, but don't want Slynt. Ser Glendon in one of the handfull of knights in the Night's Watch, is Pyke's second in command already back in Eastwatch. Jon dislikes the man for waking him up with a kick to the ribs and would have opted to place one of his own cronies there, but still considers him a seasoned brother of the NW. This was when Glendon was escorting Slynt to Castle Black, and he took part in the defense of the Wall alongside Slynt in the time when Jon was in the hole. He is the closest thing to a friend that Thorne can claim to have on the Wall, and comes from a Reach house. He ticks all the boxes to fit the position on account of merit, and doesn't step on any landmines politically. Both in the NW and in relations to the kings in King's Landing and outside the guarded doors. With Pyke's and Masllister's tokens, he'll already start with more votes than Slynt has, and he is everything that Jon could have ever hoped to be and more.
  2. Nyrhex

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    He is afraid, Tyrion realized, shocked. The Hound is frightened. He tried to explain their need. "They've taken a ram to the gate, you can hear them, we need to disperse them—" "Open the gates. When they rush inside, surround them and kill them." The Hound thrust the point of his longsword into the ground and leaned upon the pommel, swaying. "I've lost half my men. Horse as well. I'm not taking more into that fire." The Hound doesn't like Tyrion because Tyrion burned about as many men from his own side as he did from Stannis' with his Wildfire gambit. Sandor might not have known just how close the losses were for both sides overall, but he could see the results on the north bank where he operated.