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  1. it doesnt nessessarily SAY she was yet hanging. It says - The hound snatched the end of the ope from the man holding it. "Let's see if she can dance" he said and gave it a yank. Brienne felt the hemp constricting, digging into her skin........................... (bunch of stuff about the other two) then Brienne sucked the air in desperately (doesnt say she couldnt get any. says she sucked it in...though desperately) So. She is not undead. Also. It would be very boring if she and Jaime walk off into the unknown and plop he's dead. What about the love thing going on with them? And I REALLY REALLY REALLLY REALLY think Jaime is the volanquar (ok so I didnt look up the spelling on that one.) Azai ahai (nope, didnt spell that one either) is Dany