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  1. Shadow of Asshai

    Aegon is Faegon

    He said Arya or Dany, but he said he likes all of them in general. Even though he has his favourites, it didn't mean they will be alive in the end of the story. I am working on a fantasy saga, a story I want to write and I have my favourite characters, but I don't know who will be alive by the end of the story, because like GRRM, I like how every action has a consequence.
  2. Shadow of Asshai

    Aegon is Faegon

    I don't think Daenerys is GRRM's favourite, in the past most pointed out his favourite was Tyrion and that Sam was based on him. People are mixing Show Daenerys with Book Daenerys. Show Daenerys is D&D's favourite, that's clear. But the same cannot be said of Book Daenerys and GRRM.
  3. Shadow of Asshai

    Aegon is Faegon

    The more I think about Aegon, the more I am convinced he is not the real deal. I know some will claim Jon Connington would know if he was not Aegon, but how would he know it? He was exiled after the Battle of Bells, Aegon was what? A newborn baby, maybe a few moon turns old? It would be pretty easy to deceive Jon Connington and once you convinced him Faegon is Aegon, he would be willing to help his Prince's son claim the Iron Throne. I also think Faegon is Illyrio's son with Serra. That crossed my mind when Tyrion was in Pentos with Illyrio and he was given young boy's clothing. It couldn't be Viserys' clothes, because Viserys had moved to Illyrio's manse recently, it was not even a year if I am not mistaken. Viserys would be an adult, he would be wearing grown man's clothing. Those clothes can only be "Aegon's". Illyrio reveals that Serra was a whore from a pillow house in Lys, Lys is really close to where the Golden Company established themselves, really close to the Disputed Lands. I don't know about you, but I think she is a Blackfyre from the female line or a bastard from that house. I just can't buy the story that Aegon is Aegon, there's something off about all that.
  4. Shadow of Asshai

    Least favorite theory?

    R + L = J became unbearable, I started to think it is too obvious and there are more we still don't know, what about Ashara Dayne? What about Brandon Stark? This "Rhaegar and Lyanna ran away together because they were in love" isn't really GRRM's style. It is too much fairy tale. I admit it is the closest thing we have as a theory concerning Jon, but I prefer the optional Ashara + Brandon = Jon and Rhaegar and Lyanna = Daenerys, plus a baby swapping.
  5. Shadow of Asshai

    Atlas of Ice and Fire

    I think as it was mentioned in the OP, inside one of the links, we are only seeing less than one quarter of the globe and if I'm not mistaken, Planetos is bigger than earth IIRC. I think it is safe to say there are more continents and islands out there, but hey, it is a middle ages-like world, so people from Westeros don't know much about the far-east, only a few had traveled far. But I bet people form Qarth, Yi Ti and other places know more about other lands, maybe they just don't share it with others. It is impossible that about 3/4 of the planet are pure water or only a handful of small islands.
  6. Shadow of Asshai

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    The stuff D$D did are backfiring. Even people who haven't read the books are noticing they are destroying the story. They wanted to piss us, book readers, off, so I don't pity for them, they deserve the negativity they are receiving.
  7. the man who passes the sentence, swings the sword