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  1. Shadow of Asshai

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    Well, the Freys broke guest rights and the Boltons had their part in that plan. So I guess it is karma.
  2. Shadow of Asshai

    Which culture is the biggest?

    I would say YiTish culture, they have a great territory, they expanded a lot, Valyria never dared to attack them, they are very rich and powerful, their armies are like hundreds of thousands. In other aspects, like religion and customs, I would say the Andals and the Rhoynar.
  3. Shadow of Asshai

    How are Kingsguard chosen?

    Great Houses aren't really proud to send their members to the Kingsguard, you can see how Tywin hated that Jaime became one. It is rare to see a member of a great house serving in the Kingsguard. Usually lesser houses' members are chosen, a younger son or a lord's brother or uncle or cousin. For lesser houses, it is an honour, for great houses it can be taken as an insult, the exception would be if said member is a younger son of a three or four or distant family. I remember a Baratheon was in the Kingsguard in the past, but I don't recall seing Arryns, Tullys and Tyrells in the Kingsguard. We have Jaime, who's a Lannister and we had Prince Lewyn, who's a Martell. The king can point someone to the Kingsguard or they can request to join. I don't know if someone can turn the offer down if the king invites them though.
  4. Shadow of Asshai

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    People hate on Sansa for a few reasons and none of them are really acceptable in my opinion. Some dislike her because she is too naive and loves songs and stories about gallant knights. Some of the readers think this is silly and they tend to prefer Arya, for example. That takes me to the second reason. People dislike her because she is dressing a gown and not mail, she is using words, not a sword. You can see that characters like Arya, Brienne and Asha receive way more love because they are "strong female leads." But it is not true, a woman doesn't need to fight to be strong, we have strong female leads like Catelyn, Cersei and Daenerys, none of them are warriors and they are loved. Let's remind that Daenerys was naive in A Game of Thrones, she was all meek, but people loved her anyway. Sansa is two years younger than her and people aren't fair with her. The third reason is the "treason", people have the notion that she betrayed her family, that she always preferred the southern life, that she was more a Tully than a Stark. Well, children are like that and even adults, they can identify themselves more to their father's side or their mother's, there's no crime in that. Ned and Cat raised their children in both cultures and they could always choose. Plus, the treason thing, Ned spoiled his own plans, why couldn't he keep his mouth shut instead of telling children about his plans? Why telling Cersei he knew about the incest and he was going to tell Robert? He got Robert killed and he got himself killed for trusting Littlefinger. Ned is my favourite character to this day, but it was his fault, it was not Sansa's. I think the hate towards Sansa is because she is a teenager who acts her age, people in general tend to hate on teenagers, especially if they act their age.
  5. Shadow of Asshai

    Fat Walda's Future

    I just don't get one thing, why would her child (if it is a boy) be a threat to Ramsay's position. Ramsay is no longer a bastard, so he is Roose's heir. Fat Walda's child comes after, no matter if it is a boy or a girl.
  6. Shadow of Asshai

    Smudge: Martin's latest POV

    Maybe Smudge will be Reek/Theon's new name lol
  7. Shadow of Asshai

    Why is the North talked about as if its impossible to invade ?

    The North is huge and certain parts are remote, not forgetting the cold, especially now that winter is coming. An enemy army would suffer heavy losses due to the climate and lack of supplies. Once Moat Cailin is manned, they can't invade by land, when the come by sea, okay, they can come ashore, but they will have a hard time in the countryside. Most outsiders don't know the North, look at Stannis, he is having a hard time to approach Winterfell.
  8. Shadow of Asshai

    Ashara and Ned match

    The Daynes are an ancient house, they also have the blood of the first men. They are one of the most powerful vassals of House Martell, they were a respected house. I don't think Lord Rickard would be against it, his heir was marrying the Tullys, Ned was a second son, I think he would be allowed to choose his own bride, as long as it was a respectful marriage and a good alliance.
  9. Shadow of Asshai

    Do you think Balon's plan had merit?

    Let's see... Balon crowned himself King of the Iron Islands and was planning to take the North from Robb Stark as the majority of his forces were fighting in the Riverlands. He wanted to raid the western coast of the North, he commanded Asha to take Deepwood Motte, Victarion would sail through the Saltspear, then the Fever River to take Moat Cailin, by controlling Moat Cailin, Robb wouldn't be able to return to the North in land. Theon was commanded to raid the Stony Shore and raid villages, attracting the lords and forces who stayed in the North. It was not a bad plan for a raid, but it was a stupid plan for a conquest. How would they hold the North? Do you think that the Iron Throne would just let them have the North? Whomever sat the Iron Throne would send warships and land troops in the North. Sooner or later they would fall. Balon said he wanted the North, then again, he wanted to remain close to the sea. I don't quite understand what did he want to be honest, just trying to find out what his plan was about. If he had been clever, he would have allied with Robb and in the end he would have the Westerlands, full of gold.
  10. Shadow of Asshai

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    I don't like this theory because it feels like the obvious path. GRRM doesn't walk on the obvious path all the time, his story is full of twists. It is a good theory, it makes sense, but that doesn't mean it is the only possibility, that there's nothing else hidden. The problem is that people are taking that theory as completely true, even though we didn't see it yet, GRRM's story isn't complete. The show took that path because they opted for the obvious and easier path, but GRRM is not the man of simple plots.
  11. Shadow of Asshai

    Aegon is Faegon

    He said Arya or Dany, but he said he likes all of them in general. Even though he has his favourites, it didn't mean they will be alive in the end of the story. I am working on a fantasy saga, a story I want to write and I have my favourite characters, but I don't know who will be alive by the end of the story, because like GRRM, I like how every action has a consequence.
  12. Shadow of Asshai

    Rhaegar, Elia and Lyanna

    Rhaegar was married to Elia and had two children with her. If he was in love with Lyanna and Lyanna was in love with him, that is another matter. Now, saying that Elia was not innocent, that's a bit too much. She was a faithful spouse to Rhaegar and she gave him two healthy children, even though they always costed her life. If there was love or not between Rhaegar and Lyanna, I still call them selfish, they didn't stop to think the harm they would cause, because of their love, thousands of people died, including Lyanna's father and brother and Rhaegar caused the downfall of his house. I hate when people try to sugarcoat them, claiming that they loved each other and so their actions are justified. Robert's Rebellion (or the War of the Usurper) was an event that wounded people to this day, many are still grieving. Lyanna knew what would happen if she disappeared, her family would be worried and would look for her. Also, people think Rhaegar was so noble, but maybe that's just what people saw, but we don't know his true colours yet.
  13. Shadow of Asshai

    Aegon is Faegon

    I don't think Daenerys is GRRM's favourite, in the past most pointed out his favourite was Tyrion and that Sam was based on him. People are mixing Show Daenerys with Book Daenerys. Show Daenerys is D&D's favourite, that's clear. But the same cannot be said of Book Daenerys and GRRM.
  14. Shadow of Asshai

    Stannis Baratheon has no true claim to the throne

    A rightful claim happens in times of peace, when the heir succeed his liege with no challenge. It is war now, so, of course the "rightful heir" thing won't work. The only possible claim now is by conquest.
  15. Shadow of Asshai

    Aegon is Faegon

    The more I think about Aegon, the more I am convinced he is not the real deal. I know some will claim Jon Connington would know if he was not Aegon, but how would he know it? He was exiled after the Battle of Bells, Aegon was what? A newborn baby, maybe a few moon turns old? It would be pretty easy to deceive Jon Connington and once you convinced him Faegon is Aegon, he would be willing to help his Prince's son claim the Iron Throne. I also think Faegon is Illyrio's son with Serra. That crossed my mind when Tyrion was in Pentos with Illyrio and he was given young boy's clothing. It couldn't be Viserys' clothes, because Viserys had moved to Illyrio's manse recently, it was not even a year if I am not mistaken. Viserys would be an adult, he would be wearing grown man's clothing. Those clothes can only be "Aegon's". Illyrio reveals that Serra was a whore from a pillow house in Lys, Lys is really close to where the Golden Company established themselves, really close to the Disputed Lands. I don't know about you, but I think she is a Blackfyre from the female line or a bastard from that house. I just can't buy the story that Aegon is Aegon, there's something off about all that.