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  1. People need to go deep into the lore to know all the details, but the Summer Isles aren't the main focus of the story, it is the same why we don't hear much of Asshai or Yi Ti and places far away, they are far away and news take a long time to reach far away places. Daenerys didn't even know Robert was dead until she was in Qarth, if I am not mistaken.
  2. I also dig into the theory of the Great Empire of Dawn having originated the Valyrians, that feverish dream Daenerys had while birthing Rhaego seemed like a nod to her ancient ancestors, you can see even the description of their eye colours according to the gemstones they were referred to in the history of the Great Empire of Dawn. I do think the Daynes and Hightowers have some similar origins, they have the Valyrian features but strangely aren't consider of the Blood of Old Valyria, I think those two families will play a bigger part in the last two books. As for Dragons being a fusion of Wyverns and Fire Wyrms, I think Dragons are just dragons, I believe those are three different species or maybe all of the were fire wyrms at some point but two species evolved from the fire wyrms, being the dragons and the wyverns. Another thing that is a big mystery is how the Dragons are associated with coming from the Shadows, it is even implied that the Valyrians learned how to tame the dragons by the people from the shadow, who then disappeared from history. I hope we get to see more about these mysterious places from the far east. I don't think Daenerys is Azor Ahai as many think she is, I think that she will probably be Nissa Nissa. And I also think there's more than one hero, there is not just one Azor Ahai, I think we will see a group of saviours.
  3. I think Maester Cressen just opted to follow Stannis, he saw Stannis as his own son, you can see all that during the prologue, he knew Stannis was the one who needed him the most, since he was the unloved one of the three siblings. I think Maester Vyman was the one who helped Catelyn with Robb, since he was born in Riverrun. Maester Luwin surely was in Winterfell and helped Cat with Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon. Maesters are loyal to the castles they are assigned to serve at, you can see that even Maester Luwin is fond of the Starks, he knew he was forced to serve Theon when he took Winterfell, he even gave him good advices. Maester Cressen just chose to follow Stannis, it was an unlikely choice for a maester, but he did it, out of love for Stannis.
  4. I don't think the Summer Islands are peaceful, Jalabhar Xho was exiled from his homeland and he is asking the help of the Iron Throne to get his throne back, I am pretty sure there are wars going on just like there are wars in Westeros an Essos. We just don't have a lot of information about them, considering the Summer Islanders are kind of a secretive people.
  5. In theory, they are lords, considering they are ruling their own lands. Renly was Lord of Storm's End and also Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. In real life, we see princes becoming dukes or arch-dukes, I think that's the case. Also, Stannis rules Dragonstone, if he was entitled Prince of Dragonstone, that would make people think he was the heir and not Joffrey. In theory, Dragonstone should have been given to Joffrey once he was off age. And Storm's End should have been given to Stannis.
  6. Cressen is no flatterer, but I think at that point, he thought Cressen was probably upset about Pylos and was trying to keep his position. Stannis also dislikes the fact Cressen didn't want Melisandre around, not that Stannis is a believer of that religion, but he sees Melisandre as an important asset to get the Iron Throne.
  7. Who is to blame about Tysha? Two are to be blamed about the whole situation. Tywin is to be blamed for doing what he did, he knew Tysha wasn't a whore, but still wanted to teach Tyrion a lesson, probably because he was in love with someone who was lowborn. Jaime for lying to Tyrion, he basically did as his father had commanded him to do, he made Tyrion believe that Tysha was in love with him, then he made Tyrion believe Tysha was a whore. That is messed up, considering Tyrion had actually found someone who truly loved him despite of him being a dwarf and who was even overlooking the fact he was a Lannister.
  8. Stannis has never learned how to love, I think. He didn't understand how much Cressen cared about him and that the old maester saw him as a son. Stannis is someone who is bitter, I think the only person he trusts 100% is Davos, I don't believe he is even like that with Melisandre, since we can see he is not really a believer of the Lord of Light. Deep down, I think he sees everybody around him, but Davos, as flatterers and to be honest, a lot of them are flatterers, they all have an angle. Well, some of them just turned fanatic for the Lord of Light. Stannis is not only mean to Cressen, he is mean to a lot of people, he has flaws just like all other characters, I never understood why there are fans who think he is perfect, that he is flawless, because he is not.
  9. I think as it was mentioned in the OP, inside one of the links, we are only seeing less than one quarter of the globe and if I'm not mistaken, Planetos is bigger than earth IIRC. I think it is safe to say there are more continents and islands out there, but hey, it is a middle ages-like world, so people from Westeros don't know much about the far-east, only a few had traveled far. But I bet people form Qarth, Yi Ti and other places know more about other lands, maybe they just don't share it with others. It is impossible that about 3/4 of the planet are pure water or only a handful of small islands.
  10. The stuff D$D did are backfiring. Even people who haven't read the books are noticing they are destroying the story. They wanted to piss us, book readers, off, so I don't pity for them, they deserve the negativity they are receiving.
  11. the man who passes the sentence, swings the sword

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