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  1. A.) 1 Harwin B.) 3 Mance C.) 1 Yes D.) 3 is dead in ghost and is resurrected by Melisandre (more specific) E.) 2 No F.) 1 Yes G.) 1 they meet Lady Stoneheart and survive H.) 2 fAegon I.) 1 R+L=J J.) 1 Greyscale is coming K.) 1 Stannis the Mannis L.) 2 Galazza Galare M.) 2 Nope N.) 2 False (however, I think it will appear like it, since they have ships full of pork, and one of the dragons may go to them anyway)
  2. I think she was referring to an Arya quote from season one, where Arya tells Ned "that's not me" when he tells her she'll marry a lord and look after the castle. Arya realizes Nymeria doesnt belong in Winterfell, she belongs in the wild with her pack. Yes?
  3. Problem with my last post. Wanted to quote "Their coming to take Cersei away. Haha. Hoho." And reply: To the funny farm, where life is wonderful all the time.....
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