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  1. Cold-King

    What do you Collect?

    Sweet lord! becca69 seems to be cleaning up! and there is me, smitten with a signed dreamsongs audiobook! I also came into possession of a leatherman (swiss army knife type thing), it was a gift that HBO give to staff helping on set, they are pretty costly for such a simple multi-tool, but because HBO have printed 'Game of Thrones season V' on it, I shall be holding on to it!
  2. Cold-King

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Yea i agree, i think selmy will bite the dust, hes had his day, im sure he could still bring the pain but i think it more likely he will die doing some courageous thing or in a brutal showdown with some bad ass, if he does infact become the one to betray dany for love it would be a pretty big twist for me, IMO he seems the most determined to do right by dany instead of serving mad kings and drunks, so i find it quite unlikely, but who knows? I do know one thing though, i cant wait for Victarion to rock up, whatever his fate, hes one bad ass mofo!
  3. Only thing bad about living in Ireland is Winters always Coming!