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  1. Where they good decisions? For his business, sure. But not for practicality, its the iphone business model, you have to get the tesla (elite car) and can only charge it on their chargers. I think thats like THE thing that musk did for the design of the tesla. He is not an inventor, he doesnt care about the interest if the people or the well being of the planet. He is a billionaire (cuz his dad had a loot of money) an investor, a venture capitalist, not a guy with good ideas for the world, just for himself.
  2. a lot of groups that werent considered white are now "accepted" as white...until they arent anymore. whitness is a very fickle concept.
  3. Im reading Wounds: Six Stories from the Border of Hell by Nathan Ballingrud and im loving it, some good imagery and stories and i want mooore. Does anyone have recommendations of simmilar books?
  4. my ex firlfriend is going through a very very bad time, mental health wise and self destructive behaviour and i think if things continue this way, it could end very very badly for her. she is spiraling and i dont know what to do. i told her to please seek help, porfessional help, even offered to go with her to return to therapy but she also need medication, but she doesnt have the energy or the will to go trhough that. im thingking of talking to her family but i dont know if its the right call. i feel like she doesnt have anybody else that has her back, her best and only friend is not good, and makes things way worse for her. i feel so bad for her and afraid and dont know what to do, she doesnt think she deserves to be happy, she thinks that she is rotten to the core, she is having paranoid thoughts... she is having erratic behaviour to, last week she told me she didnt have the energy to talk to me, and this sunday she called me, and i think its becouse she in some part of her, is looking for help, but this is soo above me....i just keep telling her to please seek prefessional help. fuck. sorry, i just needed to vent a little.
  5. how and where does the USA promote democracy? how are the USA a becon for democracy? for example, in latinamerica we have demoratic countries in spite of the USA atempts to undermine, actually, undermine is partially correct, cuz in many cases the USA actively destoyed it.
  6. Are you fighting russians in Ukraine?
  7. Calling pepople orcs is so wrong, pls dont do it anymore.
  8. A symbol of colonization, imperialism and incredible privilege has died...RIP i guess
  9. if you dont have the money, you cant read, as simple as that. If the text for school or uni are to expensive and cant afford them, well guess what, education is not for you, sorry. /s
  10. In this discussion i havent said that fake news where the only factor, it was a factor and a very important one, but not the only one. And its undeniable that fake news and desinformation was a major, major part of the rights campaing. Maybe if we had focus our effort on combating fake news with fake news we would have had a chance of winning. But we waisted our time trying to correct the fake thing they where saying, and we lost. Because truth doesnt matter.
  11. What is it that you gather? What DO you know about the process on chile, what are your notions about it?
  12. Umm, i did say that on our " side" we comited a lot of mistakes during the creatiom of the new constitution and during the campaing leading up to the vote. And you can buy belive whatever you want, im not here to convince you of anything. The fake news campaing on the right is an objective fact, you can look it up. I have no doubt that fake news played a part in brasil, a big part,but nothing , speciaññy on this things, like elections, the factors are many and varied. But you also cant deny the reality.
  13. Ricardo lagos sold his soul to capitalism, he privatized the roads, and continued the eork of the chicago boys.he is seen as a traitor in the left. It was not a radical constitution. Even the frente amplio, a liberal conglomeration of "center left" parties, one of those parties is convergencia social, boric party, where very consiliatory with the right and moderated their positions allot, including boicoting the more " radical" aspects of the new constitution.
  14. Well im still procesing it, because although i thought it wasnt radical enough, it was still a very important process, with gender parity, idegenous participation, and it would have been the end of pinochet constitution. It was a hostoric moment...but,the people here has fully bought into capitalism and there was a ver very heavy campaing from the right and the empresarios, who own the news channels and newspapers (sorry, cant think of the word right now), who also invested allot of money on bots and social media dirty campaing spreding lies talking about that the new constitution would take their houses, make it impossible for people to own their house, they talked about expropiation, exploting the anti comunist sentiment, that is very strong here. They also exploited the very real racism, that permeates chilean society, with the mapuche, and xenophobia to. They were saying that the indigenous people would have specail rights, that they would have MORE rights than "chilean" people. All of witch was not true. But you cant fight fake news by saying the truth,and they did have far superior propaganda machine, the spend so much more money than the "left" it was 10 to 1. And there where also allot of mistakes from our part, from so many different angles. They appealed to emotion and we couldnt deal with that, couldnt change the narrative. I belive that social media had a huge impact on the result. Much more than people think. And its just so hard to know how to fight that.
  15. hi, im from chile, in your opinion, in wich way did the left overreached? in my opinion in was the contrary, its was a very compromosing consitutional draft, it wasnt a far left constitution.
  16. Isnt that true of people in the USA also? Maybe no the same level but i have known people from the US that didnt know about their many interventions on other countries, like operation condor. Or didnt know about the time they destroyed and bombarded black neighborhoods pr the tuskegee study. China is not special in keeping their citicens ignorant of their history.
  17. i think the world bank has biases tho, they have an interest in showing how capitalism is good and working for the benefit of the humanity becouse they export neoliberal policies trough their loans
  18. i know its a global metric, im questioning its validity. i mean the world bank and the poverty line metric are not without criticism, its not like an objetctive fact, its not even clear if it is the best method of calculating world poverty. what do you make of this for example https://qz.com/africa/1428639/world-banks-measure-of-poverty-is-flawed/ "...World Bank poverty estimates have come in for a lot of criticism. For example, Jason Hickel, an anthropologist at the London School of Economics, has pointed out that there’s often a large gap between national poverty lines and the international poverty line stipulated by the bank." "For example, more than 55% of South Africa’s population lives below the country’s upper poverty line, of 1,138 South African rand ($80) a month. But, according to the World Bank, only 18.85% of the South African population lives in poverty. This suggests that the international poverty lined touted by the World Bank systematically underestimates the extent of global poverty. This point is partially acknowledged in this year’s report. Accordingly, the World Bank proposes new and higher poverty lines—$3.20 and $5.50 a day, respectively. According to the report, almost half the world’s population lives below the $5.50 a day poverty line. However, we need to go further than this—indeed, the World Bank’s widely touted story of historically low poverty levels must be rejected." https://www.researchgate.net/publication/337335330_A_critique_of_the_Income_Poverty_Line_and_Global_Multidimensional_Poverty_Index still reading this one, but i put it as an example of crtiticism.
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