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    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    I'll watch it. Why not? I've got so many years invested in this story now, I have see it through to the end. No one likes a quitter, right? I would prefer a Conquest story or a Blackfyre Rebellion story though. A Conquest story would require more CGI, however I think they would be forgiven for a scaled down version if the viewers could just get a really good story.
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    definitive spoiler

  3. NicciTarg

    This is all Jon’s fault

    True. And the people involved knew of the uncle/niece relation from the beginning. Yet, some would have Jon marry Sansa or Arya. To me that's disgusting. I know they're cousins, but the brother/sister feelings are still there. At least with Dany he fell in love with her before he knew the truth.
  4. NicciTarg

    Are the starks finished?

    True. Although extinct now, female Mormonts seem to have remained Mormonts, regardless of marriage. If Lady Lyanna is a typical example, I don't see their husband's putting up an argument. Gotta love those she bears. RIP brave girl.
  5. I began this show as a huge Sansa hater. Such a stupid child and all her stupid fairy tales. Forgave her somewhat when I was able to realize she was a product of her upbringing. It hurt me to see her hit rock bottom, but she was one of those people that required a complete breaking to change. (Although I do question if some things were necessary there) Kind of like those people who learn to slow down only after they crash and burn. She had a season and a few episodes where I began to like her. Her conflict with Jon was great. She was actually smarter than everyone else, and it pissed me off that they just dismissed her. This season though. They gave her great moments as a leader, her interactions with Theon, Sandor, and even Tyrion were beautiful. Then she had these jarring moments where she was just petty and self serving, and shortsighted. Too much like Cersie, not at all the woman Sansa had grown into. Why have all these characters evolve, only to strip them back down to where they began or worse?
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    Was Gendry at King's Landing? I don't remember. He may be at Winterfell still, I can't imagine he would go to Storm's End yet. I expect whoever ends up in control to make good on Dany's promise, but it's not official yet.
  7. NicciTarg

    So what happens to Drogon?

    Vhagar let the little Arryn boy ride him. But I think you're right. I don't think any dragon would allow themselves to be used as the Westeros magic schoolbus. I still don't understand why these three dragons crossed the wall when Silverwing refused. I do hope Drogon flies away like Sheepstealer. If we have a human "dragon" alive, we need a literal dragon alive.
  8. NicciTarg

    So what happens to Drogon?

    Only if they get Benedict Cumberbatch to do it.
  9. NicciTarg

    So what happens to Drogon?

    Aren't those riders suspected to be dragonseeds? I know Nettles is a little controversial.