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  1. Yeah this is my gut feeling too. Nice plot twist just as the Iron Born are getting crushed.
  2. Yeah I think they'll want those ships, such a waste to sink and burn them all.
  3. Griff said that Illyrio paid Triarch Nyessos Vhassar of the Elephant party enough to own him eight times over... I wonder what happened to the Volantene fleet? Were they under Tiger party power at the time they set sail? Vic was speculating the fleet's loss at sea amidst the storms the Iron Fleet encountered during the voyage to Meereen. The Iron Born should have been behind the fleet then, scattered or not, yet they land during the battle in Barristan's chapter. And the red priest and Moqorro said: "No rain. Behind come the tigers. Ahead awaits your dragon." And the countless slaves of Volantis, who worship R'hollor for the most part, are crying out for their Dragon Queen saviour, who they also believe is Azor Ahai. Crazy chaos times ahead. Craaayzeeeeyy.
  4. Since characters in ASoIaF are typically doomed to an ironic fate, as is GRRM's brilliant writing style, I do wonder whether Ser Barristan will die in a less than honourable or knightly manner. However, he's already been shamed and expelled by the Joff once, so maybe he's hit his narrative plateau or is hurtling towards an heroic death arc.
  5. Yes, this is my hunch too (although I'm not sure Aegon is a fraud). I think Varys (with some annoying interference out of his control) could well be using the church to his and Aegon's advantage to secure King's Landing ready for a new "pure" boy king. Aegon needs the will of the small-folk behind him. A grass roots religious rebellion is an absolutely perfect tactical ally in this context. However, I disagree that the Lannisters or Tyrells will be entirely pushed out or made enemies of. I think it's more efficient to use their strength for new purposes. So it could be that Margaery as you say is held captive, but as a sort of ransom to secure Highgarden's allegiance to Aegon. Also, now that Cersei is shamed and Kevan dead, Cersei can be controlled. Perhaps she'll be sent back to Casterley Rock as guardian of the west once again under a new husband – a loyal petty lord of Tyrell (or by then even Targaryen/Varys) choosing. In such a situation Margaery would be found innocent, but only if she were to wed to Aegon, or [bla bla loyalties/marriages/lordships/favours]. The people do seem love her and Loras though, so they could be valuable assets. Basically, both Highgarden and Casterley Rock must be brought firmly to heel under a legit Aegon if he stands any chance. Recognize their new boy ruler. Dorne will clearly be a huge player, and keen to see Highgarden diminish. They'll have terms of their own to present. The Riverlords hate their current masters anyway, so they'd probably dip their beaten, broken banners without much objection. Daenerys is the real wild card in all this. Yep I'm certain this is all part of an intentional movement orchestrated by Varys/Illyrio to destabilize the entire region. Classic setup for new leadership; culminating in a coup d'etat.
  6. Really good question I think. My gf and I have talked about this a lot as she just finished reading ADwD and I gave her the three TWoW sample chapters. What will happen once Doran and Arianne learn of Quentyn's fate?
  7. Well I can only speak for the people that are already well hung. :cool4:
  8. I'm trying to work out where it is Darkstar is (supposedly) hiding out, according to this bit:
  9. I didn't do an intro post before so... hi! Love the books, like the series. Can't wait for Winds of Winter. I enjoy fantasy of course (it all began with Tolkien) but for me, what's brilliant about George's writing, is that it reads just as much like a complex crime-mystery novel. The author's a big tease is what he is. Anyways, nice to be here m'Lords n' Ladies.
  10. Love your posts! So well written and enlightening, thanks :)

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