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    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    GRRM has drawn much from actual history, especially Scottish history. The rulers of Scotland (before the Irish (Scotti) invasion) were indeed matriarchal as a society. The REAL story of MacBeth was of a battle between the matriarchal rightful heir in the Pictish tradition - MacBeth and the Irish heir Duncan, based on the patrilineal /Anglo Saxon tradition. So no problems with matriarchal societies. Remember Boudicea - the fierce warrior Queen. The Britons had a tradition of female leadership. It was a matriarchal society.
  2. I rather suspect that Jaime may be the third head of the dragon. I rather think the idea that he and Cersai were conceived by Aerys on the wedding night makes a lot of sense. There was a very small line somewhere where someone in a crowd calls out to Jaime "kinslayer" and he replies - "No Kingslayer" that I think foretold this. He and Tyrion are therefore equals in having killed their fathers.
  3. I do not much care what happens to Jaime or Brienne but what about Podrick and Ser Hyle. They are both innocents and do not deserve to die.
  4. Ludd

    References and Homages

    I certainly do not see Jaime as Richard I. Renley would be closer. Richard I went off to the crusades. Not Jaime at all. Tyrion is very much modelled on Richard III.
  5. Ludd

    References and Homages

    The four Stark boys resemble the Lancaster boys (Yes I know he twisted York and Lancaster around) Henry V - a youthful warrior leading battles successfully at age 16 (Robb) John - a wise, loyal and skillful support to brother and regent for his son (Jon) Humphrey - the clever one who was linked to the church (Bran) Thomas - the wild fierce one (Rickon)