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  1. GRRM has drawn much from actual history, especially Scottish history. The rulers of Scotland (before the Irish (Scotti) invasion) were indeed matriarchal as a society. The REAL story of MacBeth was of a battle between the matriarchal rightful heir in the Pictish tradition - MacBeth and the Irish heir Duncan, based on the patrilineal /Anglo Saxon tradition. So no problems with matriarchal societies. Remember Boudicea - the fierce warrior Queen. The Britons had a tradition of female leadership. It was a matriarchal society.
  2. I rather suspect that Jaime may be the third head of the dragon. I rather think the idea that he and Cersai were conceived by Aerys on the wedding night makes a lot of sense. There was a very small line somewhere where someone in a crowd calls out to Jaime "kinslayer" and he replies - "No Kingslayer" that I think foretold this. He and Tyrion are therefore equals in having killed their fathers.
  3. I do not much care what happens to Jaime or Brienne but what about Podrick and Ser Hyle. They are both innocents and do not deserve to die.
  4. I certainly do not see Jaime as Richard I. Renley would be closer. Richard I went off to the crusades. Not Jaime at all. Tyrion is very much modelled on Richard III.
  5. The four Stark boys resemble the Lancaster boys (Yes I know he twisted York and Lancaster around) Henry V - a youthful warrior leading battles successfully at age 16 (Robb) John - a wise, loyal and skillful support to brother and regent for his son (Jon) Humphrey - the clever one who was linked to the church (Bran) Thomas - the wild fierce one (Rickon)
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