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  1. Danelle

    Was it Cersei or Aerys?

    Well the facts are: Aerys and Tywin had a complicated relationship. The both loved the same woman, but it was Tywin who married her. Aerys married his sister, because he was told to do so. Unlike Tywin, Aerys was in an unhappy marriage. The fact that poor Rhaella had several miscarriages, only made things worse. Meanwhile Joanna gave birth to two healthy and gorgeous babies. And what was Aerys's reaction? Later Joanna died while giving birth to Tyrion and both Aerys and Tywin mourned her. They both regarded Tyrion's birth as a punishment for Tywin's arrogance. Nevertheless Tywin's twins were gorgeous, healthy and hia pride and joy. While hoping to marry Cersei to Rhaeghar or Viserys, he arranged for Jaime to marry Lysa. While Jaime, still loved his sister, he expected to inherit the Rock. But Cersei, who wanted both Rhaegar and Jaime, had other plans. And then there is the very disturbing part of Aerys's attitude towards Jaime, soon after he joined the KG: It is as if Aerys was trying to claim Jaime, the healthy, handsome, energetic son that he had always wanted, Joanna's boy. Even though Tywin, as Cersei predicted, did not prevent Jaime becoming a KG, he did resign and the consequences were bigger than anyone could have expected. He was succeeded by men who were clearly unfit for the task and by the time RR begun, the Targaryens were exposed. Aerys's Hand at the time, proved quite ineffective. There are many ways Jaime's appointment could have been arranged: Aerys might have planned this perhaps from the moment Tyrion was born, in an attempt to deprive Tywin from his perfect boy. If this is the case, then it is possible that Cersei overheard the plans and she merely persuaded her brother to join the KG. Cersei arranged everything. Once she got Jaime's consent, she likely hinted to Aerys, how strong and brave her brother is, and how he proved his swordsmanship while fighting the Smiling Knight. A brief inquiry with Sir Arthur, would only confirm Cersei's claims and Aerys would be easily convinced to appoint Jaime. Varys could have also a part in the conspiracy. If Varys wanted to undermine the Targaryens, what better way than to have Aerys offend Tywin in an absolutely unforgiving manner?
  2. Danelle

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

    While I agree with your point, I don't know whether he could have called for Brandon, since he was a prisoner. Given the circumstances Rickard acted like a responsible person and Head of a House and tried to deal with the matter. But yeah, he could have asked any of the Lords in the North for help. As for Benjen, he is not only honourable, but he is polite, funny and kind. The only thing that set Ned apart from his siblings was his introvert personality. All the Stark kids seemed to be quite outgoing and cheerful, while Ned was shy. But there is nothing wrong with that. In any case Martin enjoys providing the reader with family traits and then changing our perception about the family by introducing a family member with a different personality. If Ned is not a real Stark, then Tommen is not a real Lannister, because he is innocent and kind Tywin is not a real Lannister because he is stern and never laughs (seriously almost every Lannister has a wicked sense of humour) Asha is not a real Greyjoy since she does seem to be sensible and wants peace Rodrik the Reader is not a real Ironborn because he is mild and enjoys reading (even though he directly disputes Euron's claim of visiting Valyria in front of his men) Stannis is not a real Baratheon, since he lacks the charismatic personality of his siblings
  3. Danelle

    Lollys Stokeworth's Rape

    That and also her sister Falyse has been married for several years and yet she is still childless.
  4. The second. She also compares Jaime to his uncles, claiming that he has their characteristics but when it comes to ruthless tactics and a calm,cold attitude he is nothing like Tywin. Actually that might not be a plot twist at all. We really don't know many things about Joanna, other than that Tywin and the twins defended her memory. While Barristan mentioned that tales about her were told in KL, no such tales continued after Cersei became queen. Jaime, who loathed Aerys, is oblivious of the lust that his King felt for his mother. Judging from Aerys' aggressive behavior towards Rhaella, it was natural to expect that he had forced Joanna as well. But according to WOIAF, at least at some point, they seemed to be in love and Joanna wanted to have an affair with him. In the early stages of their affair, Aerys does not appear to be the same man that Jaime slaughtered and it is likely that Joanna liked him. The big question is whether her feelings for him were as strong after she gave birth to the twins and then she was publicly insulted by Aerys. I would love to find out what exactly occurred during her last visit to KL.
  5. Danelle

    Twin Peaks - Double R Diner Now Open!

    Well the movie is in a very Lynch way both a prequel and a sequel to the tv series. Of course it got bad reviews, it was the 90s, Twin Peaks was a success but still many people were not familiar with the Twin Peaks mythology. I think that if they had access to contemporary technology (i phones, social media) more people all over the world would be aware of the show.
  6. Danelle

    Atwood's 'The Handmaid’s Tale' on Hulu

    I had the chance to meet her when she gave a lecture about dystopias. She was very polite and her views on certain issues were very interesting, she seemed like a really nice, easygoing person.
  7. Danelle

    Twin Peaks - Double R Diner Now Open!

    I agree that s2 was less wellwritten than s1 and there were certain storylines that were simply ridiculous but the last episode in particular is really good, it contains certain trully frightening scenes and it is definitely memorable. I do believe that it is essential to watch the s2 finale in order to understand the new episodes.
  8. Rushed. Lame. Pointless filler. This sums exactly how I feel for the Riverlands arc in S6. I am not a Tully fan, Jaime Lannister is my favourite character. I didn't like Catelyn and I certainly don't like LS. But the ending in S6 was incredibly boring, no climax, no excitement. Jaime and Walder demean each other, so what? Both of them have been insulted in their entire lives. Then there is the dinner/feast/whatever scene and I secretly hoped that we will get something, such as a musician playing the Rains of Castamere, Jaime looking at the BWB emerging in the castle and killing everyone in sight. Jaime survives but Bronn doesn't. And what we got instead? A gay for Jaime moment, when Bronn, once again mentioned how handsome Jaime is and how every girl is attracted to him. Jealous much? Instead of you know, Brienne luring Jaime into a trap and offering him to the BWB in exchange for Pod's life (which is the reason that Pod became her squire in the first place), we have Bronn complaining that Jaime is spending too much time with Brienne. And is the impact of Walder's murder really that great? He ate some of his sons, so what? He did not live long enough to complain how awful they taste. He is dead and so are some of his sons. He still has plenty more to succeed him.
  9. 5. Εxactly because while certain scenes were superb, I did not particularly enjoy some moments. The battle scene was amazing and even though I was never a big fan of Kit Harington and Sophie Turner, their performances in the last episode were quite good! I also loved the scenes with Dany flying on her dragon, showing to the Good Masters, who is the boss. The previous episodes were vastly dissappointg but this one had certainly a few good moments/ Unfortunately there were still certain issues. The Yara-Dany scene was too fast, too abrupt and too simplistic. In fact in e9 the writers tried to have characters finally interact with each other (Jon-Ramsay, Dany-Yara) or reunite (Tyrion-Theon, Sansa-Ramsay) and tried to end as many plotlines as possible in a rather unsatisfying manner..
  10. Danelle

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Wasn't this the first time that Arianne is exposed to the brutality of war? I agree that there is a connection to Arya' own experience but we should not forget that Arianne was raised in Dorne. In the water gardens she was friends with children, regardless of their status in society. In Stormlands-and in the rest of the 7 Kingdoms apart from Dorne-the priority is always the wellbeing and safety of the nobles. Commoners have little worth.
  11. Danelle

    A+J=T v.9

    Well, to be fair, Cersei doesn't seem to gain pleasure from intercourse with people who are not Jaime. With the exception of Lancel, who was trying to imitate Jaime, all her sexual partners were people who were going to make her more powerful, tools in the Game. She never derived pleasure from them. Instead everything is calculated, a plan to reinforce her influence, nothing more nothing else. If she is to be compared with Oberyn, Brandon or Ami, then it is obvious that her motives are different. In regards to Shae, I have not formed an opinion yet. According to GRRM Varys was also involved. So I think that in the books there is going to be a very interesting revelation in regards to Tywin and Shae and perhaps we will be able to understand Tywin's motives better. @Rhaechyll Targaryen Before TWOIAF was published, I believed in A+J=T but I was 99% certain that Joanna had constantly rebuffed his advances, which only increased Aerys' lust for her. Judging from what Barristan had told to Dany, which before WOIAF was released it was the strongest clue of A+J=T, unlike Rhaella and Bonifer, Joanna and Aerys was an affair based on lust. The revelation that there were rumours of Joanna losing her virginity to Aerys (and on the day his father was crowned), her status as paramour and emerging influence, suggests that Joanna possibly wanted to have an affair with Prince Aerys. Despite the fact that throughout westerosi history, there have been several women who had power and influence, Joanna is described as the only person to rule Tywin, the man who actually ruled the 7 kingdoms. If anything, Joanna might have enjoyed her control over both the King and his Hand. Regarding Tywin and his pride, I do agree with Lord Varys. Young Tywin was different to Older Tywin. I agree that Aerys was jealous of Tywin and from a different perspective, Aerys is the one who lost. Tywin probably tolerated Joanna's affair because he knew that in the end, she was intended to marry him, not Aerys. Even if Joanna did enjoy the benefits of being paramour to the King, this was not going to last for ever and it didn't, For me, after reading WOIAF, it is a behaviour of a spoilt child, who is desperately to claim something (Joanna) even though he knows that this will never happen. Denied might not be the right word. Losing that one person seems to be the case. He had Joanna but now the party is over, she is officially married to Tywin. Absolutely. I think that Aerys chose to have an affair with Joanna in the first place, because he knew that Tywin would be offended. Gradually his feelings about her became much stronger. Well for one thing, Joanna has been dead for years. So is Aerys. Why bother talk about them in the first place? The person to instigate a conversation about them is Daenerys and only because she wants to find out more about the parents she never met and compare their love lives to hers. It would be out of character for Ned or Catelyn or Davos or Arianne to mention that Lady Joanna Lannister allegedly had an affair with King Aerys Targaryen. Those are tales of the past. Most people ignore them and the few that do not, seem to want to forget them. Barristan Selmy refrains from thinking of Aerys in his POV. At some point though people did talk about it, But apparently they stopped at some point. Jaime Lannister, who lived at the Rock and at the Red Keep, also seems unaware of the rumours surrounding his mother.For what's worth, Jaime is oblivious to the fact that Ser Bonifer became so pious after Rhaella married Aerys. My guess is that the more fierce Tywin became, the less easy it was to mention Joanna's past. It is a situation similar to Ned Stark and Ashara Dayne. In Winterfell and the North, areas which are controlled by Ned, it is prohibited to mention Ashara Dayne and the nature of her relationship with him. Arya only discovers the rumours once she interacts with Ned Dayne, who has never restricted from being told about his aunt and her exploits with Ned Stark. He does seem genuinely surprised though when he discoevers that Arya is unaware. Similarly, Jojen is just as surprised when he discovers that Ned had never told his family about the tourney at Harrenhal. Some men will do anything to keep some things a secret, just like Ned and Tywin did.
  12. Danelle

    A+J=T v.9

    @Rhaechyll Targaryen Very interesting points! In regards to Jaime, I always considered him to be the one member in the family, who replaced the mother Joanna, as the core, the one who holds them all together. If you think about it, one of the few things that unite Tywin, Cersei and Tyrion is their love for Jaime. It should also be noted that among the three children, only Jaime dreams of his mother despite the fact that he barely thinks of her. Cersei does think of her mother and just like Tywin, she blames Tyrion for her death. Tyrion also thinks of his mother, in fact he bitterly describes himself as his mother's murderer. He even thinks of her, after Blackwater, when he feared that he was abandoned. Jaime only mentions Joanna briefly, as the person who discovered the incestuous relationship and tried to end it. Her death of course, meant that the incest continued. He seems to be almost indiferrent to his mother's early demise and perhaps grateful, since there was no one left, to threaten his relationship with his sister. Yet he is the only one to actually see his mother in a dream and afterwards he takes a crucial decision, to abandon his sister. Jaime had Ned's men killed once he found out that Cat had arrested Tyrion. I don't want to imagine how he would react if he ever found out that Aerys mistreated his mother. I believe that originally Joanna had a consensual relationship with Aerys, which ended once she married Tywin. What happenned between them during her brief visit in KL, years later, was most likely a rape. It is very ironic if Aerys was killed by the son of the couple that he had humiliated. Also, I was felt that Aerys' declaration He's mine now, not Tywin's, when he joined the KG reveal a perverted possessiveness. If indeed Aerys fathered Tyrion and was aware of it, then he insulted Tywin twice by depriving him from his rightful heir and forcing him to raise his bastard as his own. There is nothing in the text that suggests that Joanna was promiscuous and if anything, both Tywin and Aerys seemed to be infatuated with Aerys and the latter did seem to be saddened by her death. I have heard before the theory that Rhaella was trying to help Joanna by dismissing her, but according to rumours she enjoyed a brief reign as Aerys' paramour. Perhaps Rhaella was afraid that Joanna was becoming powerful and gradually gained influence over her husband. Perhaps she feared that Joanna would even replace her and given the fact that Rhaella had given birth to only one child, which survived infancy, her fears seem rational. I wouldn't be surprised if Tywin convinced Rhaella to dismiss Joanna.
  13. Jaime Lannister capable only of an impossible love, suffers endlessly. He is solitary, languid, his condition exhausts him. If he wants to feel alive, it must be in the terrible exaltation of a brief and destructive action.

  14. Danelle

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Has anyone watched "And you are ugly too"? I watched the film a few months ago, at the Athens Film festival. Aiden Gillen stars as a convict who is allowed to leave prison, in order to take care of his niece, following the death of his sister. Will is trying to adjust to life after prison while Stacey, his niece, suffers from narcolepsy. They move to a caravan park and he has to prove that he is able to take care of Stacey, otherwise he will return back to prison and she will be given to a foster family. There they meet their Romanian neighbour, Tibor and his Belgian wife, Emilie, who becomes Stacey's tutor and is a love interest to Will. The film balances between comedy and drama successfully and the ending is bittersweet. It is basically a story of an unconventional family and the dark secrets that lurk. It is refreshing to see Gillen performing as a hero, even as someone who has many flaws as Will does. Mark Noonan, the director was also present during the screening and he said that Alexander Payne has been an influence, although not for this particular film.
  15. Jaime Lannister capable only of an impossible love, suffers endlessly. He is solitary, languid, his condition exhausts him. If he wants to feel alive, it must be in the terrible exaltation of a brief and destructive action.

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