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    Praise without Repercussion, Final Edition

    Good boy Ghost getting some love. I liked Dany's death scene, including the Drogon part. I liked the throwback to Jaime with Brienne writing in the White Book. Tyrion throwing the hand-of-the-king pin. Vampire Dany shot was beautiful. I wish there was more to like, I really wanted to like it, but this was it.
  2. Khal Ivo


    It was the definition of bittersweet: It was absolutely f***ng horrible, but at least it is over now.
  3. I liked some scenes in the first half, but everything after Drogon flies away was a parody. Even some scenes I liked got ruined later by having their significance taken away by future plot development. For example, I liked the scene of Drogon burning the Iron Throne as a nice symbolic way to show that the seven kingdoms are over. But then everyone still insists on having keeping a king over Westeros (minus the North). So the whole Iron Throne melting scene is reduced to destruction of furniture. It has no significance, there is still a king of Westeros (minus the North), he just lost a chair, which he didn't need anyway, because he has a cooler one on wheels. So much else that made no sense: - Barely any stones around Jaime and Cersei's bodies. Their death was just bad luck apparently, if they stood a few meters to the left, they would be fine. - Is Jon really this dumb that he still needs convincing about Dany being a threat to everyone after what happened last episode? - Dany wonders around all by herself, none of her endless supply of multiplying unsullied around to protect her from potential danger. Makes sense, I mean, who would want to hurt this lovable genocidal maniac? - How did the unsullied find out that Jon killed Dany? Did they check the CCTV feed? Or did he tell them himself? - Who are these people at the Dragonpit council? Why are the likes of Davos, Brienne and Sam deciding the fate of Westeros? Is Sam a lord all of a sudden? How come he is a maester in the next scene? - Why does anyone think Bran would make a good king? Because Tyrion said so? What have we seen from Bran that makes him a good king? Are these people not worried about his abilities to see everything they do or did in the past. Is this a prequel to Orwell's 1984? - They choose Sansa's brother to be king and she is the only one who doesn't accept it? Everyone else is cool with it. Why exactly do they not want independence for themselves? - Bronn gets to be the most powerful man in Westeros, because he blackmailed two blokes in a bar. They make him minister of finance too. - The whole council meeting scene with extremely cheesy dialogue and just total cringeworthyness of it all. - Someone should call Sherlock Holmes to investigate the mystery of the vanishing Dothraki. Interestingly, they have been multiplying exponentially for a few episodes now, only to disappear completely. - Arya channeling Columbus, because they writers had no idea what to do with her character. I hope she brought lots of lemons to her journey, scurvy is a nasty thing (I guess it was Sansa, who was into lemons though) - Why is there a nights watch and why are the wildlings going beyond the wall when they have been trying for 5 seasons to get the other way? - Also, why is Jon such a dick, letting all those women and children, and the one old guy, walk while he rides a horse? Glad it's over and I hope we get to read a more satisfying ending to the story when the books are finished.
  4. Khal Ivo

    What will Jon do?

    My prediction is he will look very distressed throughout the whole episode, but won't do anything. Dany flies to Winterfell to burn down Sansa, Jon rides there on his teleportation horse to arrive just before her and he will look very distressed as Drogon arrives on the horizon. As the dragon nears Winterfell, Dany will utter that deadly word "Dracaerys", scene cuts to Jon's distressed face, then cuts to Sansa's smug face looking at Jon with an "I told you so" expression. Back to Drogon, but no fire comes from his mouth, scene cuts to Bran in the Godswood, his eyes are all white, BOOM! Bran warged into Drogon to save the day. Dany looks upset. Credits roll, we don't learn how the aftermath plays out.
  5. Khal Ivo

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    Killing people who murdered your mother, brother and countless bannermen and soldiers. Killing a man who raped you, tortured you and murdered your little brother. Burning people alive because they don't bend their knee to you. You see no difference?
  6. Khal Ivo

    Dragons far to weak

    They would do some damage, but not rip the ship to pieces and certainly not sink it, unless they managed rip through under the water line (which they probably couldn't, even gunpowder cannons had trouble doing that easily. Apparently a Spanish galleon loaded with heavy cannons has nothing on Euron's ballista boats.
  7. Khal Ivo

    Dragons far to weak

    And Euron and his folk must be really stupid. Their aim is absolutely fantastic, I mean they didn't hit Rhaegal once, but like 4-5 times. I wonder why they didn't aim for the dragon carrying the bloody queen on his back? He was right there next to the one they killed.
  8. Khal Ivo

    Dragons far to weak

    What to me was even more unbelievable was how the scorpion just dismantled those ships to shreds. Were they made of matchsticks?
  9. Khal Ivo

    What is stopping Arya from killing Cersei and Euron?

    Well, when you think about it, Jon taught Arya to stick 'em with the pointy end and that is exactly what she did to the Night King. So, really, it was primarily Jon stopping the long night by teaching Arya this valuable lesson all those years ago.
  10. Khal Ivo

    How would you rate episode 410?

    The fact that people like it does not mean that it could not have been done better. I like it too, but I feel certain plots could have been handled better and people would like it even more.
  11. Khal Ivo

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I gave it a six, one of the worst of the season. Perhaps my expectations were too high for this episode. I can imagine that the show-watchers liked it very much, but I just can't get over the fact, that while decent, they missed a chance to make it completely awesome. I liked all the scenes at the Wall. I like Stannis (and Davos even more) and I thought it was handled well. I couldn't disagree more with people complaining about the music - I love the music they play in Stannis' scenes, it is by far my favorite track in the series. I don't see it as villain music, more of a badass music for me. Besides, he is a bit of a villain, otherwise I would not give a shit about his character. I liked Mance, Thormund, Jon Snow burning Ygritte. Every scene with maester Aemon is among my favorites. Mereen scenes were pretty good as well - both the slave-teacher scene and even more so the burned girl establish that Dany's happy little messianic world is falling apart, which makes her storyline interesting again. The only complaint I have is that those chains looked very heavy (and should be to contain the dragons) and I find it hard to believe that a little girl like Dany would lift them so easily to put them around their necks. Bran and co. scenes were probably the worst of the season and perhaps the series for me. First of all - the wights - the skeletons and the fight really reminded me of Pirates of Carribean, two skeletons on Hodor's back banging him on the head with a club and other things made the scene comic rather than terrifying, which it should have been. This way Jojen's death also fell flat. And then the Child came throwing fireballs, WTF? I didn't know CotF were such killing machines - if I ever had to name a champion in a trial by combat, I would pick that little girl for sure. Also, she just looked like a human little girl with a strange haircut and clothes. And then we finally get the three-eyed raven whom we've been waiting to see since season 1 and while his lines were great, he looked just like an ordinary grandpa with a long beard and nothing like a 150 year old half man/half tree that he is. These scenes were rather underwhelming. Arya/Sandor/Brienne/Pod were ok. A little unbelievable that they would meet there, but in a show with dragons and zombies things can be a bit unbelievable. I question Brienne's reasoning a bit - what was she trying to achieve? Kill Sandor and take Arya against her will? And where? Well, I guess Sandor got it right and Brienne is not the brightest person west of the Narrow See. I really liked the final scene of Arya and Sandor. I have mixed feelings about the King's Landing scenes. The Qyburn scene was nice, I liked Cersei and Tywin mainly due to great acting, I didn't really see the need for the Cersei/Jaime scene, but I would not complain about it. The most important scenes were not handled to their potential in my opinion. Jaime and Tyrion scene was too rushed. Tyrion hearing about Tysha was an important moment in the books - if only for giving him a good reason to risk his life and seek his father to confront him. At the same time, Jaime hearing about Cersei cheating on him was an important moment in the books for his character and his relationship with Cersei. I can't think of a good reason for cutting their scene like that. Tyrion with Shae was a good scene and with Tywin it was great (Any scene with Charles Dance is great, he will be missed). The only thing I have a problem is that while the Shae we saw in this episode was very believable in the books, it just didn't fit with the character of Shae in the series (especially the one we saw in season 2). I really liked the scene where Varys turns back and boards the ship when he hears the bells ringing. And I also think that no LS is a missed opportunity and it would have been the best ending possible for the season. This was the second season in a row in which the ending fell a bit flat. So in short: - Some storylines were good to great (Wall, Arya, Dany) - Some were good, but had potential to be much better (King's Landing) - Then there is really bad (Bran and co.) - And a scene that would have been perfect there was missing - 6 is a fitting score