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  1. MrsManderly

    Overview of Forum Ratings

    Non-mathematically, it seems to me that one thing which may be affecting the numbers is that the book reading population (presumably the vast majority of the Forum) is probably grading more harshly as the seasons advance. The first season impressed everyone with its great production values, (overall) excellent casting and just how fabulous it was to see everyone's beloved books put to screen in a thoughtful and (mostly) cannon-faithful way. As the seasons advance, this "warm glow" factor has worn off and people now expect the show to deliver, so they are less tolerant of faults (or perceived faults) like the mishandled sept scene, the Night's King "spoiler" and the Craster's Keep/Locke/Bran off-piste sequence.
  2. MrsManderly

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Ha ha - I totally thought so too I just hope they will do the right thing and get Jon back to the Wall for that. Now that he's going to Crasters, I had a horrible thought that they may skip his role in the defence of the wall and have him captured by Mance or otherwise ending up straight in Mance's tent so as to be positioned there for the Stannis arrival. In which case there'd be no last "you know nothing Jon Snow". Surely they won't do that to us?!!?
  3. MrsManderly

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    I suspect the Fingers is the sort of thing that can get cut (no pun to Davos!) On Locke: I think he is being set up at the Wall to take Bowen Marsh's place and will be the one to stab Jon eventually. What do people reckon? And if that's the case, maybe that's a nod to the theory that the "Ides of Marsh" are orchestrated by the Lannisters/Boltons...
  4. MrsManderly

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere on this thread (did not have a chance to go through all 50 pages) but did people spot that little reference of Tyrion's regarding Sansa: "she is not a killer... not yet" Things not looking too rosy for Sweet Robin it seems ...
  5. MrsManderly

    How would you rate episode 303?

    I thoughy it was great 8 or 9/10. I am loving Dany this season far more than I ever did in the books, the Tullys, Arya, Crasters and most of all Jaime and Brienne were fabulous. I'll even forgive them the pointless brothel scene for getting a reference to Mereenese knot in there - LOL! I am not getting the Stannis characterisation but maybe they are going somewhere with it... The one thing that really bothered me is what was NOT there, namely Sam slaying the Other. I guess, as they got to Crasters already (which worked fine, except it needed a bit mor NW rumbling dissension which they had started building last week) this is now not going to happen or at least not in front of Sam's NW brothers. I think that is a real shame and together with how they cut out the fight with the Others and changed Sam's plot there, it s my biggest objection to the season so far But a great effort overall!