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  1. Howdy. I hope you brought your working gloves as there is still a lot of work to do!!!
  2. Thanks for asking and am glad to hear everyone's current status. I report from Missouri (a.k.a. The Riverlands, where the two great North America rivers confluence - Mississippi and Missouri) all is well. We are following social distancing, wearing gloves when we go to the supermarket to buy food and seem to run out of our 30 day supply of alcohol each week. We can't find toilet paper and I'm stuck at home with my wife and two daughters who are now, as I write, in the bathroom putting on masks....and god only knows, what else. My offering for those interested in historical fiction....try Bernard Cornwell's Arthurian Trilogy "A Novel of Arthur".
  3. What is more likely: Working on a few bullet points, unrestricted by a time element; or having to rush towards the finish line and quickly wrapping up the story? The first allows the author the freedom to cultivate the story and story arcs; the latter is directed by "big production'" to maximize profits.
  4. @Melifeather I'm surprised that no one has responded to this post. I think it offers a few unique (and direct) synopsis of one Bran Sky Walker. I fell that the we end ADWD with Bran somewhere between stage 7 and 9. He certainty has passed stage 6 (trials on the road) and he is working towards stage 10 (apotheosis - greater understanding). I think he has passed stage 7 with the 3EC and may very well have passed stage 9; but question what atonement he has received. That only leaves stage 8 (the temptress) and not sure what this means; other than Mel's vision in the fire with the possibility of Bran staring back at her.
  5. @Black Crow First and foremost, please do not forget our friends in Russia as Die Herron Von Winterfell in their world is: Принц Винтерфелла I'd also ask for clarification on the gender reference in this latest edition of Heresy. "Die Herron" suggests a masculine gender to the anticipated recipient to Winterfell's throne; but recent posts refer back to Sansa's "Snowflake Commnion" which would imply a female derriere will occupy the coveted Northern post.
  6. Getting back to the Reed's Oath, this is a topic that has been volleyed back and forth on numerous occasions, never really getting dialed in on its meaning and relevance. As a curiosity, I researched the Heresy Database and found that it was first brought up for discussion by @Black Crow in Heresy 30, back in November of 2012. While we've had a good 7 years to explore the Oath, I do like your recent comments about the third line being performed in unison, suggesting an agreement or pact. I'd be interested in your thoughts on how ice and fire could have been key components on forming the Neck. The ice part is fairly straight forward for me, given the COTF and Northern magic. The fire aspect, not so clear to me.
  7. They most certainly do. From the almighty google: Wolves' vocalizations can be separated into four categories: barking, whimpering, growling, and howling. Sounds created by the wolf may actually be a combination of sounds such as a bark-howl or growl-bark. Barking is used as a warning. ... A wolf may growl at intruding wolves or predators, or to indicate dominance. Google did not indicate what a wolf would say if stranded on the IOF and trying to order something through the drive through at Burger King.
  8. Forgive my pessimism but the past couple of pages have not been positive on GRRM finishing the books within our life time, especially if as @JNR has proclaimed that Dany will be stuck in Essos at the end of TWOW. I shudder at the possibility. However, I continue to remain positive and agree with @Lord Aegon The Compromiser that @redriver will indeed be correct that the blizzard will be emanating out of Winterfell.
  9. And I'm getting a mental image of Gregor Clegan as "Biff". But the real question is who is portraying Dr. Emmett Brown? My shoot from the hip answer is none other than Bryden Rivers (a.k.a. Bloodraven)! Besides; who else has access to time travel......maybe not physical, but certainly mental.
  10. There was a period from about H58 up through H69 that I did not get to follow. So you may very well be true on the mid 60's.
  11. Thanks wm7 for this project update. I would expect weekly updates to be coming your to your "gude" on the recaps ot the topics under discussion. For those who may not have seen the Heresy Project introduction, here is a list of topics and the authors that will be orchestrating its discussion: (Father) The Wall by Capon Breath (Mother) Timelines by Mace Cooterian (Maiden) Winterfell by Black Crow (Warrior) White Walkers by Grey Words (Smith) Magic (Fire v Ice) by tyryan (Crone) Nights King by redriver (Stranger) COTF by evita mgfs For more detail on the Heresy Project please refer to Black Crow's introduction to the start of H90. While I'm not considerred an "old timer" I have been involved with Heresy since about H22. If memory serves me correct there was dicussion around the late 30's that may fit the bill; possibly into the early 40's.
  12. Additional items you might want to highlight for specific threads: H41 (& H42) - The Black Gate H51 - Ramsey Snow / The Changeling H55 (& H56) - Origins of the Weirwood Faces
  13. Yes. Haven't posted in a while and couldn't remember the font type and size if you were cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word.
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