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  1. 3/4's of the way through and it's been 11 years since Dance....so roughly 2025 for a release date.
  2. I agree with this statement and should clarify my position on time travel as it "may" relate to the books. I'm okay with Bran (or a greenseer) advancing backwards in time and then forward to the present. I seem to recall the phrase that the trees (weirwoods) remember, so plugging into the past after sipping the tea is a fairly easy jump in my mind. Where I would have difficulty (and great disappointment) is if someone could advance forward in time past the present. Those memories haven't been created yet and thus the trees would not be able to retain them. I'm okay with the notion of influencing, or guiding future actions based upon the present or past experiences, but I would go further and say that this happens today (should happen) in our current world existence. P.S. I also agree with @alienarea about barely being able to keep track on the series in my own mind, much less factoring in everyone's else's thoughts and theories.
  3. From my own view I tend to not embrace theories too strongly as I enjoy letting the story (books) take me where it wants to lead me. I’d be afraid that something like time loop inversions might take some of the unknown excitement away from me. As another example, take Bran the “time lord & traveler” theory that keeps popping up. In this instance, I take the stand that I hope this isn’t true. That would be a big downer for me as I like to reserve my “time travel” fetishes for sci-fi books/movies and I don’t consider ASoIaF sci-fi. Having said that I now get the visualization of eye rolls as well. Getting back to you time loops…. you’ve done a lot of research on this and come up with many examples of how this might/would/does work. If does pan out that this is indeed what is happening, then my next question would be where this would lead the story on the last page of ADOS. Perhaps that bittersweet ending that GRRM has stated from the beginning.
  4. Actually @alienarea and it's not well known, the genealogy of the "trandsgenderless" Targayren family name was.....Kardashain. Also to add...I think they originally came from Asshai.
  5. Thanks BC. Really didn't go anywhere and have just been lurking in the shadows. It has been pleasantly civil here on your Heresy threads for several months now and that has been a welcomed respite.
  6. I tend to agree, though I'm captured thinking of the scene from 'Alien' whereby the Xenomorph attaches itself to the 'host'. Is it possible that the connection (host to servant) could be made through...dare I say it...."blood"?
  7. Oh, and by the way.... @Melifeather if you are providing commentary on Westworld, please hit me up as I would enjoy reading our thoughts.
  8. @Melifeather 2 or 4 legs aside, how do we get to stone cold dragon eggs that Dany hatches by walking into the funeral pyre?
  9. What I really wanted to ask is this…I understand that Wyverns & Firewyrms “might” be different from dragons. Where in canon do we see the evolution of the two foresaid creatures evolve into dragon eggs that eventually have to be hatched by “fire magic”?
  10. Speaking of the Scaly beasts, I do have a question regarding definitions. Here is what I understand: Firewyrms: are creatures that breathe fire but have no wings and are possibly related to dragons. They can bore through rock, soil, and stone. “Possibly responsible for the 14 Flames of old Valyria”. P.S. There is an episode of Star Trek where they arrive on a mining colony and encounter a creature (silicon-based) that is responsible for the rock boring. BTW..it’s called “The Devil in the Dark”. Wyverns: are species of animal that lives in Sothoryos, kin to dragons, although they do not breathe fire. Wyverns have great leathery wings, "cruel" beaks, and an insatiable hunger. They are more ferocious than dragons, if smaller in size. Dragons: are magical flying reptilian creatures, which existed on the continents of Westeros and Essos, but were considered to have been extinct for almost one hundred and fifty years. (Edited to Add) Striking out my last comment due to incoherency.
  11. Guilty as charged. P.S. It's what I used to look like before my hair grew back...
  12. I would second @Melifeather recommendation on Bernard Cornwall's Arthurian Trilogy: The Winter King, Enemy of God and Excalibur. From a historical fiction perspective, the books tend to move along pretty quick. While not as complex, nor welding as George's 800 plus page behemoths, Cornwall cranks out books pretty quick and doesn't really break a sweat as evidence of his Alfred the Great series, which was the basis for The Last Kingdom cable show. Interestingly, the person who recommended Cornwall's trilogy was the same person who introduced me to GOT in 2011, which is when I joined "westeros". This was also the same person who told me in 2011 that George had backed himself into a corner and would not be able to finish the books. Alas, as a poor miserable Heretic I continue to see the glass as 'half full'. A quick tie into the current thread and the HotD series. They keep flashing this curved blade made of Valyrian steel, which looks surprisingly like the blade that Arya used to slash Littlefingers throat in mummer's farce. In last night's episode (and I'll try not and spoil this for anyone) the blade yielded a message when tossed into fire, much like Sauron's ring did in LoTR. HotD does seem to fill in some blanks where the D&D series fell short (Iron Throne cutting those who sat, incest amongst the Targ's, etc.).
  13. There was a period from about H58 up through H69 that I did not get to follow. So you may very well be true on the mid 60's.
  14. Thanks wm7 for this project update. I would expect weekly updates to be coming your to your "gude" on the recaps ot the topics under discussion. For those who may not have seen the Heresy Project introduction, here is a list of topics and the authors that will be orchestrating its discussion: (Father) The Wall by Capon Breath (Mother) Timelines by Mace Cooterian (Maiden) Winterfell by Black Crow (Warrior) White Walkers by Grey Words (Smith) Magic (Fire v Ice) by tyryan (Crone) Nights King by redriver (Stranger) COTF by evita mgfs For more detail on the Heresy Project please refer to Black Crow's introduction to the start of H90. While I'm not considerred an "old timer" I have been involved with Heresy since about H22. If memory serves me correct there was dicussion around the late 30's that may fit the bill; possibly into the early 40's.
  15. Additional items you might want to highlight for specific threads: H41 (& H42) - The Black Gate H51 - Ramsey Snow / The Changeling H55 (& H56) - Origins of the Weirwood Faces
  16. Yes. Haven't posted in a while and couldn't remember the font type and size if you were cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word.
  17. This is a normal type. Font 16 This is a test on the visual aspects of a cut and paste from Word Font 18 This is a test on the visual aspects of a cut and paste from Word
  18. This is a normal type. Font 12 This is a test on the visual aspects of a cut and paste from Word Font 14 This is a test on the visual aspects of a cut and paste from Word
  19. This is a normal type. This is a test on the visual aspects of a cut and paste from Word
  20. "Above all else, the truth. When a man lies, he murders some part of the world"

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