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  1. It seemed a little more than that, I don't have my books on hand, but the statement (towards the the end of feast) was when the blackfish was talking to jaime about theon and he said cat didn't trust theon or Jon, and it turned out she was right about both. That's a pretty harsh statement to attribute to general bastard dislike. At the time it struck me as something specific Jon did.
  2. You guys are probably right. I was thinking the would be kings (and queen) would be at the wall by the end of dance. But I guess that was more hope than fact based. I'm not sure why I thought the blackfish was going to the wall either. Does anyone know what Jon did to make the blackfish lump him in context with theon?
  3. Sorry for the tangent, but to add how reek becomes theon again... I remember the black fish telling jaime that Kat never trusted theon or Jon. At the time I thought it was that jon does something that seems like treachery, but now I wonder if reek ends up at the wall (perhaps via stannis) and Jon help him out. I also seem to remember that people generally thought the black fish was headed to the wall at the end of feast to check it out.
  4. [quote name='Ran' post='1329030' date='Apr 24 2008, 22.59']In ACoK it's mentioned by Arya that Harrion was the captive of a hedge knight who hoped to make himself rich with his ransom, whereas Ser Wylis Manderly was explicitly Tywin's prisoner. We don't really know to whom Harrion is considered a prisoner -- the crown directly (if Tarly imprisoned him in the king's name), or Tarly himself, or some random knight, but in any case, if the crown needs to use him as a bargaining chip, they can expect to be able to arrange it anyways.[/quote]
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