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    Spending time with my daughters, running, going to the cinema, eating out
  1. Not relevant to what I've said, I've no idea if Jaime has mentioned her in the TV show. I'm saying that if GRRM has (in the books) the plan to have Jeyne Westerling give birth to an heir, this may be why the writers of the TV show (along with his input) are giving Talisa a pregnancy storyline.
  2. Nope In ADWD, he meets the supposed Jeyne Westerling at Riverrun
  3. The theory from some is that Jeyne Westerling is pregnant and that it's Jeyne's sister that Jaime saw. Maybe this theory is correct and GRRM has a long planned story that Robb does indeed have an heir after his death and that's why they've planted this seed (excuse the pun)
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    Hello, my name's David, I live in Rochester in Kent and work in London as a Financial Adviser. I've been looking forward to joining this forum and being able to read and join the discussions here. I started reading the books a few months ago, prompted by the TV show, and finished earlier today. Feel free to say hello back anytime.