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  1. I didnt even know this was in doubt, I guess I just assumed so, it seemed pretty logical I mean dragonglass/dragonsteel...not that far of a stretch.
  2. I did notice the cliff that the NK was standing on changed position depending on the camera shot about 3-4 times, oh well, still a great scene overall.
  3. Very impressed, this show has lost me as a whole, but this episode was on point, everything at Hardhome was done well. I really can't majorly fault this episode, Only nitpicks are the Reek/Sansa convo humanized Reek into Theon too much and the Tyrion/Dany convo was good but kind of repetitive. Other than that, I would probably give this ep a perfect score.
  4. This episode just saddened me, it kinda epitomized everything wrong with the adaption. Before this season I was still loving the show. 5 episodes in and Im pretty much over it. I'll stick with it because I still like seeing the portrayal of some great book characters (Jon, Arya, Jaime, Brienne, Tyrion), but the changes made in earlier seasons and this season have finally deteriorated the quality of the show as a whole to almost unwatchable levels (see Sand Snake seen in episode 4). This episode gets a 5 at best. The stone men were poorly done, Jorah getting greyscale was expected (with the omission of Young Griff/Jon Con) and I just don't understand the whole Winterfell situation, it just simply doesn't make any sense.
  5. No haha I'm just saying that the comparison between the two is uncanny and considering one was made 50 years ago and the other this year, they look too similar for it to be considered good special effects (for our time).
  6. I'm usually a staunch defender of this show, but this finale was very....odd. The highs were amazing, and the lows were well, downright disappointing. Pros -Stannis's attack was a bit quick but otherwise very grand and epic. Also all the other scenes tying up the Wall story arcs were done very well. (The Mag/Grenn conversation was epic!) - The Brienne/Sandor fight has me conflicted. While I loved Brienne and Arya's interaction about fighting and the actual slug fest between Brienne and the Hound, it was just another one of those unecessary conveniances the D&D feel obligated to shove in. What pushed it over the line into a positive was Arya and Sandor's final interaction, which was done excellently, and Arya's Saltpans encounter was great. -Liked Tyrion's last scenes with Tywin, Shae, Jaime and Varys albeit the lack of the Tysha issue and Varys deciding to jump onto the boat with him was odd, but I see why he did it. Cons -The skeleton fight outside the cave was terrible. Jason and the Argonauts anyone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF_Fi7x93PY (Also Jojen dying confirms that he dies in the cave in tWoW which I didn't want to believe) I did like the three-eyed raven and the costuming of the children, but hated the fireballs they threw at the skeletons. -Cersei/Tywin, Jaime/Cersei scenes were so meh that I seriously wonder why they were included them over scenes like LS. Overall I gave the episode an 8. I rate it based against the books and the quality of other tv shows. So although compared to the book it was fairly poor, compared to other tv shows, it still reigns supreme.
  7. 9 Only lost point is due to the unnecessary deaths of Grenn and Pyp.
  8. The only thing I disliked about this episode was the ridiculous love story between Missandei and Grey Worm, everything else was done well. Thanks Pedro for a great performance as the Red Viper :cheers: 9/10
  9. Dude, you can't expect people to read all that. It's just silly that you put so much effort into that review for the majority of people to simply skip over it as I did. Try to compress your thoughts. (Not intended to be malicious in any way shape or form).
  10. Yeh same, all these people crying over the so called changes to his character are blinded by their fanatical love for what is a mediocre character anyway.
  11. Well you do find out.......Mel or Davos say that how can Stannis be king if he doesn't protect his realm.
  12. Queen of Dragons? You mean Mother of Dragons? Yeh after season 4 her story really stagnates until the the arena and dothraki sea scene's.
  13. All I'm trying to say is that people who've read the books and hate the tv series just baffle me. They should be more appreciative to what HBO and D&D have provided us with, which is a stellar adaption to a timeless series of novels. I mean imagine if FOX got their hands on the rights? It could be alot worse is what I'm saying.
  14. It could have been better written? That comment proves you no next to nothing about what you're talking about. The show is one of the best written on tv atm, that in itself is a massive achievement considering the writers have such an expansive story and plot to cover. It's clear your expectations are way too high. I love the show and the books, and while I have my gripes with the adaption I can still appreciate how well the producers have done with such a daunting task. Please get off your high horse and grow up. I had my problems with the episode and the season as a whole but I can still safely say that the season and the episode deserves an 8/10
  15. Lol, I'll make sure to tell the producers to add in unnecessary violence and bloodshed just for your enjoyment next season.
  16. 8/10 The only major letdown was that I thought we would get to see the Wildlings attack Castle Black this season. And wtf? Ygritte just shows up out of nowhere and shoots him a couple of times. That's one scene where they swayed from the book unnecessarily, that scene should've been included into last episodes scene.
  17. The people complaining about the lack about the lack of burning tents, look at the promo for next week
  18. I'm guessing you're either a non-reader or just extremely pretentious and a purist?
  19. 9/10 it is what I've come to expect, simply amazing, almost perfect imo, but as a reader of the book WTF!!!!!!!!! why did they kill off talisa??? it was my only nitpick of this episode that could have giant repercussions in future seasons
  20. This guy should play Vic http://www.wearysloth.com/Gallery/ActorsM/37975-26457.gif
  21. One thing I didn't like was the logistics of Mel and Gendry going past the Red Keep, It's pretty much a huge detour into enemy territory. They could've just figured out another way to tell Gendry that his dadddy was the King without having to show KL.
  22. What you call relationship drama, I and most people who've read the books would consider character exploration and expansion. The Talisa/Robb scene was necessary to introduce the pregnancy arc that will come into play in future seasons. The Jon scenes were necessary to set up and heighten the emotional impact of what happens it the final episodes. Same goes for Tyrion/ Shae for what happens next season (although I hate everything about Shae, the character). I'm not familiar with 13 year old fan-fiction, maybe you can enlighten me one day :)
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