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    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Great ep. The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse on the Hill. The WW Commander made the fire diminish when he walked through to engage Jon. Jon is a great character. Tyrion and Dany , for me is a really interesting, I believe Tyrion is a Targaryen. The mad king was not averse to bedding whomever he wanted. Maybe he got Joanna pregnant? Waaaayyyyyy back in the first series , there seemed to be a bond betweeen Tyrion and Jon Snow. Tyrion as a child read everything he could about the dragons. So glad the show is pushing forward, this ep and last week's are two that I can say I did not get bored at all. Hardhorne Battle was really well done. The end scene is creepy. Welcome return to the atmosphere of that glistening first ep of the first series. And to all the DnD haters notice how they scripted this ep and last week's ep? I think they are doing a great joband GRMM should be pleased.
  2. Lord Snide

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    Not at all silly this is plausible even from the books... I think Tywin knew Joffrey was Cersei and Jamie's offspring . Tywin pretty much told Cersei in the last series he may well yet do something about Joffrey. Delicious to consider that Tywin and Grandma Tyrell conspired in the act. I think that Tywin despises Cersi more than he does Tyrion but he is such a (long term ) game player he is happy to bide his time . Tywin gets to elimininate Joffrey AND take care of Tyrion. Tywin knows Tyrion is intelligent and capable of planning strategy hell Tyrion is raising an army from nothing in Dance with Dragons. Cersei is a blunderbuss , Tyrion is a stealth bomber . Liked this episode v much . If that scene with Jamie and Cersei depicted a rape I am ok with that considering this series has given us murder , mutilation, torture and other modes of savagery by the bucketload ... if people are truly distressed by this then go read Famous Five or something. Or read up on the War of Rose and The Anarchy from "actual" mediaeval history. TV show Jaime ia still a character on a redemptive arc maybe his redemption will also result in his death. Just as the Stark family is seemingly annihilated at the moment it is plausible that the Lannisterrs will be destroyed at the end of the saga GRRM is confecting ( but notTyrion ). Sweetly ironic, no? Reckon the last song of the last ep will be the Rains of Castamere.
  3. 7/10 too many dreary moments : i am starting to find shae too annoying a character shae in the last ep where she refuses to leave the room after being requested by Tyrion to do so made me wonder but maybe there is something to the notion that gets aired ie Tyrions character is being whitewashed. Talisa says she is pregnant , but IS SHE???? Tywin v Joffrey was on the verge of being something great but it pulled back ... remember a few eps back when Tywin was having a chat with Cersei about Joffrey ... Cersei dared Tywin do something about Joffrey : the tone in Tywin's voice when he spits back " I will" seemed very interesting. Just what would he plan to do to get the little creep back in line ... maybe a severe lesson like a little dose of death? Dialogue between Beric and Arya too arch, felt contrived. nice that she is now out of his orbit. Discussion between Jaime and Quyburn and Jaime really good. Sansa is my least favourite book major character and her scenes, generally, i can do without. Sorry , y haveta show the destruction of Theon , yup it is unpleasant but this will make his eventual redemption down the track so much more dramatic. Goodbye Osha Goodbye Rickon I am just a little blinking candle in the firmament and GRRM is , in my estimation , a masterful story teller but he should cease his involvement in this series soon and not write any further eps and concentrate on the main game and we know what that is dont we??? Then again he is free to do whatever he wants, i know. Sigh only three more eps this season then the long wait begins again....
  4. Lord Snide

    How would you rate episode 306?

    solid ep , 8 out of 10 wondrrful that there's still a lot of places to go and people to kill.
  5. Lord Snide

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    great episode. maybe best this season so far. just rewatched the episode : Selyse is very good and I think the three jars is a beautiful touch made me think maybe David Lynch get to direct an ep sometime. Shireen is beautiful such pure innocence the Patchface lullaby bought a tear to my eye also the way she was so insistent that she teach Davos to read. she and Tyrion are both ... disfigured ...and shunned by their parents (selyse seems to consider her an abomination) yet each has an indomitable spirit. hope they handle Shireen's character deftly but so far, so good! thanx to the person in this thread who put up a link to the song in The Night The Hunter, this prompted me to revisit a very very fine old movie that is pregnant with creativity and is still watchable : came out in 1955. I have fingers crossed that Antonio Banderas plays Oberyn Martell, I reckon he would be beautiful. He has swagger and gravitas. Also how about Malcolm McDowell as Aeron (Damphair) Greyjoy? that would be a treat McDowell does very good maniac/fanatic. Albert Finney as Wyman Manderley....aaahhh reckon the show is really on a roll now, rest of this season should be great. and i'm now starting to think that Talisa is a spy so i am looking forward to what happens at that significant ceremony that we believe will happenin ep 9 or 10. could be really twisted. also, big props to michelle fairley her performance during the "trial" of Lord Karstark is phenomenal : she says nothing just seems to be a broken woman watching her son steadily drift to his doom.
  6. Lord Snide

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    re BlujeDeragon above: "I need to review Storm's story line to figure that out, but I don't see any reason why that should affect their relationship what is going to be years later when Arya is at least 15 and probably more." Edric Storm is a sub-sub-sub -subsidiary character against the whole of the story and is really narrative tool to provide a criterion for Davos. He wont give him up to the Red Witch. Like Ned refused to be party to the assassination of Danaerys. I can live without him in the tv series adaptation. Ditto Patchface. Ditto Willas and sundry other characters that people obsess about. There are very real resource and time limitations on D&D/HBO, the series is already bloated in terms of characters ... be happy that GRRM has taken so long to write the currently available 5 volumes if he finishes the story he dies a literary saint in my opnion.