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    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Looks like they covered about 65% of the book according to my Kindle, though they are behind on Jon's story. The wildlings should have attacked the wall by now and Ygritte should have died. LS was in the end of the book so I didn't expect her to make an appearance. No Coldhands was disappointing. Balon's lack of a death was also disappointing, but I'm sure it will happen. Asha will not get to the Dreadfort, she will turn around when Balon dies. I love Arya's killing of the Frey guy which reminded us of what they left out in Harrenhal, best part of the episode. RobbWind was quite disturbing, they could have just mentioned it. Ygritte hitting Jon with not one, but three arrows?! Bitch! I dont feel that Stannis was ruined too much but I've only read the books once. He seems close enough to me. I never really shipped him. Overall sucky season ending. Worst one so far. But it won't stop me from watching.
  2. I hope so too. I just feel like they're overplaying the song as it is right now. Though I don't mind if its overplayed, I love it!
  3. Anyone wondering if they're going to play the Rains of Castamere during episode 9 at all? I mean, they should. But we had already heard it during the credits of Blackwater (one version) and now the credits of "The Bear and The Maiden Fair" and additionally Thoros was randomly singing it. I would have expected it to be sung during the RW (obviously) and also played during the credits of that episode. But now I'm not sure. It would definitely fit better there I think.
  4. jamesrivers

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    I feel your pain. I only just read the books last year so it was a month for me to read AFFC to not have any idea what was going on with Dany. Still too long! I joke of course because who knows how many months/years it will be until the next Dany chapter
  5. jamesrivers

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    I totally took that scene as a reminder that he has the dragon-glass dagger and a foreshadow that he will indeed use it. I was only hoping it would be then and there, instead of the conversation over the fire and the singing.
  6. jamesrivers

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    I was thinking it would be Dontos when LF was mentioning how he has a new follower. I'm still going by an interview with D&D where they said we haven't seen the last of Dontos on the show.
  7. While I'm all for Ros having the same fate as Dontos did. I think we are going to see Dontos again. I recall a recent interview with David and Dan and they mentioned we haven't seen the last of Dontos. So, being a little purist to the books, I would love to see Dontos take part in Sansa's escape of King's Landing.
  8. jamesrivers


    Hi everyone. Introducing myself now. I was a lurker for the past couple of months but never read too deeply into the forums because I was still reading. Well thats over, and now I'm suffering major withdrawal, so here I am! I didn't really take an interest into the series until the HBO show season 2, and then when it was over, I decided the show was too short and took up the novels. I started with GoT in June and just finished aDwD this past weekend. Now anything else in comparison seems a let down! I hope to read through this entire forum and participate in whatever I can, and I'm planning my own scheduled re-read to go with Season 3 on HBO. Looking forward to it and to getting to know everyone on this forum!