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  1. WinterisAlwaysComing

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I didn't miss the "wherever whores go." It would have had no impact, seeing Tyrion just murdering Shae, but somehow pining for Tysha, whom we've never met.
  2. WinterisAlwaysComing

    How would you rate episode 410?

    10. I miss LS like everyone else, but you can't rate an episode based on future scripts you wish were in there earlier. The Tyrion scenes were beautifully shot, tense, and the BEAUTIFUL HAUNTING MUSIC - plucking "Rains of Castermere" into choral main theme - just amazing..... the Tyrion stuff alone earned a 10 for the episode all by themselves.
  3. WinterisAlwaysComing

    How would you rate episode 409?

    I don't understand how people can criticize this episode (and the show in general) for not closely adhering to the books, then complain that Stannis' arrival was the next day, which in fact, does adhere to the books. The books clearly set Jon & co. defending the Wall and Stannis' arrival as two separate moments, and the show follows that. I thought the decision to have a simultaneous north/south attack on the Wall/Castle Black was brilliant. The bouncing back and forth between the castle and the Wall was great, kept the tension moving. My giving the episode a 10 had nothing to to with "Awesome violence, bro!" and everything to do with the nonstop tension, excellent editing, writing, and acting from start to finish. (Okay, the violence was cool, too!) :)
  4. WinterisAlwaysComing

    How would you rate episode 409?

    I believe there was plenty of drama and raw human emotion: 1) Sam the self-admitted coward finally decides to fight for Gilly (starting with "open the fucking gate!!") and steals a kiss while he's at it. 2) Jon tries to put his relationship with Ygritte into words...and fails. 3) Ygritte tries very hard to hide her love for Jon Snow...and fails. 4) Maester Aemon reveals he too has suffered a broken heart for duty. 5) Thorne begrudgingly admits to Jon Snow that he was wrong, and admits he's been a prick, but if they can put their mutual hatred aside, they can hope to survive and get back to hating each other. 6) The very orphan whose father Ygritte killed returns the favor. 7) Sam actually COMFORTING someone else during a battle (Pip). 8) The look on Edd's face as he suddenly "has the Wall." ("Shit, ME??? But I just stand around and make smartass comments!") 9) Ygritte's revealing the Wildlings' bitterness at being forever excluded from the rest of the realms. Seems that people who hate the episode have two major complaints: It took too long to get to the battle, what with all the tedious annoying talking and drama, and there wasn't enough talking and drama which made the battle tedious and annoying.
  5. WinterisAlwaysComing

    How would you rate episode 409?

    10. I realize it didn't end with a nice neat button with Stannis "Tyrelling" to the rescue, but I didn't mind Jon's going out into the frozen white - it sets up one of several "Holy Shit!" endings for ep 10. No doubt Mel will roast Orell's eagle, or the the nosey owl next ep. Or both. I didn't miss the ambiguity of "did Jon Snow kill Ygritte?" Don't worry - the show still has 400 other ambiguous plot points. To be honest, it is a more epic battle than Blackwater - what with both flanks hit simultaneously, giants firing arrows 1000 feet and all, mammoths for God's sake, guys climbing a 700 foot wall, The World's Biggest WIndshield Wiper clearing the pesky climbers, oh yeah, the slight threat of 100,000 Wildings raping everything south of the Wall, and most important (as far as drama in a TV show) -- several characters we've grown to know over the past 4 seasons killing each other. in "Blackwater", Stannis never crossed swords with the Hound, for example. Here we had Thorne vs. Tormund, Jon vs. Styr, Ygritte vs. Pip, Ollie vs. Ygritte, Grenn vs. Giant, Ghost vs. whomever he saw first, Janos vs. his shit-stained pants. I loved the circle of death - the boy who witnessed Ygritte kill his father returned the favor. So many epic moments setting things up. I know critics will complain Sam's kiss of Gilly was melodramatic, but it truly felt real to me, and added to the tension. He finally falls in love with a girl, thought he'd lost her in Mole's Town, gets her back, then suddenly realizes he probably won't live another day. Who WOULDN'T steal a kiss? And I've seen several people say, "There were way more than 100 Night's Watchmen." Really? I missed the thousands of crows on the Wall or defending Castle Black. Seemed about 100 to me.
  6. WinterisAlwaysComing

    How would you rate episode 405?

    I think so LF could warn her with "it's not real unless you speak of it." And then of course later..... I gave the ep a 7. Ep's 1 and 4 were my favorites. Ep 2 was great, also.
  7. WinterisAlwaysComing

    How would you rate episode 404?

    Said this before - 10/10. I gave last episode a 5/10. I loved everything. Every scene was gripping. Even Dany's scene was great. Loved everything North. Even tolerated Littlefinger. Loved his "my friends" cut to the Tyrell ladies. No Ramsay giggling and mustache twirling. No "sexy" Eric Bana Daario muttering and winking. And of course....Ser Pounce.
  8. WinterisAlwaysComing

    How would you rate episode 403?

    Agree - but I dropped to 5. She's boring me to tears on the show. Somehow book Dany was much more compelling.
  9. WinterisAlwaysComing

    How would you rate episode 310?

    I gave it an 8. Loved most of the scenes, just hated the finale.
  10. WinterisAlwaysComing

    How would you rate episode 310?

    At the very least, the "climax" of her taking Yunkai was anticlimactic, because we know they're not going to kill her, or fight a massive battle with 2 minutes left in the show. She can't die yet. Who else are we going to watch at this point? Ser Jorah's Journey? The adventures of Drogon the dragon? Missandei's Misadventures? Having her crowdsurf was just silly. Looked like she was at a Motley Crue concert. I don't think the producers said, "Let's have these poor brown people carry this white savior while chanting something that sounds like 'Messiah'", but the imagery was there. It looked very patronizing.
  11. WinterisAlwaysComing

    How would you rate episode 310?

    8/10. I hoped to see Lady Stoneheart and I fully know she's not in the books til the epilogue, but we all know they play around with the timeline. The Dany ending was HORRIBLE. I was expecting her to say, "WHEEEEEEE." We get it. She's the mother of dragons, and the breaker of chains. Blah, blah, blah. How many more times are they gonna go the well with this? Arya scene was great, and I loved the Stannis/Davos scenes. --> Unscientific study - I'd guess that 90% of the people who loved the punk music "Bear and the Maiden Fair" after Jaime got his hand cut off also loved the Dany crowd-surfing season finale. Did anyone love one and hate the other?
  12. WinterisAlwaysComing

    How would you rate episode 303?

    Gave it an 8. Great episode - best this season so far. Would have been a 10, but that stupid last song knocked it down.