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  1. Episode 10 HD here i come.. please have first cock-merchant appearance!

  2. 7/10 Disappointing due to being 9th episode. In Bravoos we got Arya whose story is way staler than in the books (Why the hell would they not include her being blindfolded for a month or how long it was as part of the training...? that was great in the books! ) plus the unnecessary bit about Ser Trant's brothel-breaking preferences regarding age.. he really plays creepy superbly though... ... So the only fun was Mace's singing.. at this point I kinda wish they never did Dorne, thus more time for better character-arcs... What does this all mean for Doran and his master plan I wonder.. There's too many possible spoilers for book 6 and they have hardly scraped the surface of book 4 and 5 material... :( I won't watch season 6 before reading book 6 and with the internet being stuffed with GoT, I'll have tread carefully come next year.. unless the book is released before next season, in which case hallelujah I can read the book and then watch the abuse committed to Martin's story in Tv-land. Jon Snow's like: "Imma just leave out that part about me being completely right and all, not gonna 'splain shit hopefully my brothers won't stab me! Heheeee..." Some "fun" Sand snakes time with girls talk in jail. Some Daario showing his cock and Dany looking pleased. Jorah's improbable survival... Some awesome Drogon action..Some Dany flying off to uncertainty, leaving her magic good-luck dwarf's cock behind, and Ser Grayscale and all the rest. Please don't hit Bronn in the face do' And Stannis dude what the heck...
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