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  1. @C.T. Phipps Of course. But the Red Keep was Viserys' house. If his man murders a guest under his roof and he fails to punish the agressor, accusating Viserys of violating the guest right is not that far off.
  2. By that rule, Walder Frey wouldn't have violated guest right. Ser Criston was Viserys' man. While I don't disagree with your point, a somewhat valid excuse would be claiming that they managed to do all that because they had the suport of Larys. He would be in a position of giving them posts at Harrenhal, giving them inside knowledge of how to access the private rooms and telling them how and when to start the fire. Yeah that's the vibe I get too. But I don't think it's a very good change. It doesn't add anything to the story, and it almost seems that they only wanted to have another excuse to show how they've invented a language. Not cool.
  3. Another very variable episode with some great parts and others that do not work as well. Good things: The introduction of the younger generation was great. From Aegon's masturbation scene (which I liked), him joining the Strong boys into ridiculing Aemond, Luce asking if Ser Harwin was his father, Helaena's obsession with bugs... they did wonders with little screentime. They've done a great work with the casting. All the new additions are great. Loved Viserys' self-denial. ("lads that traind together will certainly develop a lifelong bond" ) I admire how they keep introducing many of the players that will fight in the Dance: Alicent wanting to allow Lord Bracken's land-grab with the Princess kinda siding with the Blackwoods, lord Caswell being on court and on good terms with Rhaenyra,... Things I didn't like: Why they feel the need to make everyone miserable? Those should have been years of happiness for Rhaenyra and Laenor, and for Daemon and Laena. It would work better for the story. The protoblacks should be carelessly enjoying their lives, while a frustrated Alicent works to gain the control of the court. The time jump worked fairly well for King's Landing, but it didn't for Daemon&Co. No clue as to why Laena married Daemon, how Laena claimed Vhagar, how did their daughters got dragon eggs, why is Daemon favoring Baela over Rhaena, and most of all, how has Daemon evolved from the psychopath that murdered his wife. I would never have had Daemon murdering Rhea, but if that had to be, I would have done my best to show now how his marriage with Laena has changed him. I feel Daemon is one of the characters worst served in the tv adapatiton. The other being Larys. When you have someone orchestrate the murder of his entire family, one that you have previously shown that were in great terms, you should provide some justification. The episode's opening is great, and Emma D'arcy delivers a great performance, but it would have been more in Rhaenyra's character to ignore the queen's summon for at least a few hours. It'ts not as if she would have suffered any consequences. The make-up department has done a good work in showing the aging of most of the characters (bald Lyonel was a great surprise), but I feel they went a bit too far with Viserys. He looks far more frail than how he is scripted and played. I disliked the look of both Pentos and Harrenhal. Neither of them looked much like the previous versions that we had seen in Game of Thrones. Also, Harrenhal is small and not besides a lake, while Pentos has more the vibes of a provincial town than a thriving metropolis. It's good that they keep updating the family tree from the credits as the story progresses but this new version is even more convoluted and confusing than the previous one. The map from GoT was very helpful to non-book viewers. This doesn't help anyone. Even pausing the video and with full knowledge of all the familiar relationships, I have a hard time desciphering whatever they try to depict. Random thoughts: Why would Maegor build the Dragonpit as if it was an stadium, with benches for thousands of spectators? Are they doing some kind of dragon games?
  4. I gave it just a five, but at the same time I feel optimist about the show at this point. Most of the shortcomings of the episode were consequences of failings from previous episodes or due to the abrupt time jump. This should no longer burden the writers anymore.
  5. Wow, that's cool. Fire and Blood only says: "fell from her horse whilst hawking and cracked her skull upon a stone. She lingered for nine days before finally feeling well enough to leave her bed… only to collapse and die within an hour of rising." We are specifically told that Daemon was at the Stepstones at the time, and of course, if Rhea had been attacked or had noticed anything weird, she would have stated while at bed. And most importantily, nor Septon Eustace (who is as anti-Daemon as anyone can be) nor Mushroom (who enjoys spreading the most baseless rumors and aggravating accusations) suggest that Daemon may have been the culprit.
  6. I didn't enjoy that one much. After all that buzz about how the constant time skips are harming the show, it's fun that the weakest episode so far was the one that started immediately after the last. Good things: They've updated the opening credits with Helaena's birth. A pity they forgot to use this version in the previous episode, but better late than never. And of course, that ensures that starting next episode we should expect major changes. Cole and Rhaenyra's scene at the ship was well-written and acted. It worked fine for both characters. The best part, I think, is that Rhaenyra doesn't even realize how much she has alienated Cole. Alicent's entrance at the party was cool too. And the bit of the Hightower burning green when the Hightowers call their banners to war is not from the books, but I think it fits quite well. Things I didn't like: I didn't like anything from Rhea Royce's death. It doesn't work for the story (it turn Daemon into an irredeemable monster), it doesn't work with what has happened so far (if Daemon was willing to do this, he passed much better opportunities), and it doesn't work with what will happen in the future (no one would willingly marry someone suspected of killing his wife). It was also shot very badly (Rhea should have been able to flee easily. The horse's reaction and Rhea falling underneath were absurd luck), Rhea's reaction was stupid (no one would incite anyone to go ahead in her situation), and there's no chance that this could have passed as a "hunting incident" . I'm OK with Viserys ensuring the Velaryons that Laenor and Rhaenyra's offspring will get the Iron Thone, but saying that "firstborn child, regardless of gender, will inherit" doesn't feel right to me. Viserys shouldn't be a proto-feminist that fights for equal right. He didn't chose Rhaenyra with the intention of setting a precedent, and many factors other than her being the firstborn also played a part (such as having Targaryen blood on both sides). A poor knight from the Dornish Marches should not have "deep knowledge" of the port of Sunspear in those times. This, combined with him supposedly being easily identifiable as a "Dornish", makes me wonder what's the writers idea of his background. I thought that Cole confessed too easily to Alicent. Perhaps he went from heartbroken to suicidal a bit faster than I'd liked. They are going too far in showing Viserys' deterioration. Someone in his state that is constantly passing out shouldn't last a month. How are they planning to make him after the time skip? Also, he should be very aware that he is going to die very soon, and act accordingly. In any serious court would Ser Gerold Royce be allowed to pass in front of the Lord of Oldtown. This outrageous behaviour should not have been ignored. Much has been said already in this thread, so I'm not going to reiterate all the arguments, but Ser Joffrey's death didn't work at all. They have a Grand Sept, and surely also a private sept at the Red Keep. Why would they choose to marry on a Throne Room, without attendance, and UNCLEAN! They have dozens of servants that where able to produce a chair and cutlery in a matter of seconds after Daemon's unforeseen arrival, but they are not capable of cleaning the blood of a murdered noble and clean up the tables a little bit?! Random thoughts: Larys' motivations are an enigma in the book, but I thought that for the show they would feel the need to clarify them a little bit. It doesn't seem that they are choosing that path.
  7. It's a five for me. Not a fan of this one. Some very nice bits here and there, but also very big misses.
  8. In relation to the Peake uprising, another think that seems very odd to me is the fact that they have survived as a house and still rule from Starpike. How could they maintain their lordly status after joining several rebellions and killing a king in less than 50 years? The Reynes or the Darklyns received a much harsher punishment for doing much less. I think we should assume that it only involved the Peakes and their vassals. If it involved some more houses it would be called the "fourth blackfyre rebellion", I'd say. Specially if they had been joined by houses from other regions such as the Lothstons. Given that the fighting seems to have been restricted to the Dornish Marshes and it involved combatants from the West, it seems as if this time it was the Crown attacking the Peakes and not the other way around. If I had to guess, I'd say that perhaps Maekar discovered that Lord Peake had been comunicating with the Blackfyres, preparing the invasion that would materialize three years later, and moved to Starpike to depose him and bring him to justice. AWOIAF claims that "Maekar ruled in a time of relative peace (...) and what turmoil there was in his reign was largely sparked by his own sons". Surely Daeron, Aerion and Egg all caused all kinds of problems. The Blackfyre supporters and the Golden Company had been badly beaten in 219, just two years before Maekar's ascension. They'd need time to rebuild and reorganize. Also the Blackfyre pretender was probably a child at the moment, as Daemon's father Haegon was born at the earliest at 190 AC.
  9. Not sure about that. This scene "worked" for me in Fire and Blood, and there Helaena was just a name that had been mentioned a couple of times. This is an extremely dramatic situation that I think it should be easy to emphatize with. As I see it, the impact of the moment will be much more dependant on the skills of Helaena's actress than the amount of time we've spent with her beforehand.
  10. I found that that one was even weakest than last week's. As usual, there were a few things to enjoy here and there, but we have already watched the first half of the season and I still don't have a grasp of most of the characters motivations, or what they are trying to do with the show. Many things to dislike: Theo's laughably escaping from dozens of blind and deaf orcs that surround him, followed by his and Arondir's even more laughable escape, the palantíri used as crystal balls, Durin going from wanting to keep the discovery of mithril as the uttermost secret to giving away commercial samples, the random collapse of the mine, Numenórean politics making no sense, Isildur's stupid strategem to get fired from the Sea Guard, Halbrand being realeased from prison who knows why, new reasons to suspect that the Stranger may be Sauron...
  11. But Norway had a population density of 1,35 per square mile around 1200. And for Sweden it was barely 2. Given that the North represents a huge part of the Westerosi territory, it seems to work fine.
  12. Another good episode, with some missteps, but doing a good work in setting up what's to come. Good things: I like how they are showing the passage of time, not only by throwaway lines from the characters, but also for the changes in dressing choices or, as in Daemon's case, haircuts. They've done an incredible job in showing Alicent's transition from a teenager to a mother of two. It's also cool how Rhaenyra now has her own chair at the Council Room. Good work in showing how Alicent is not happy with her lot. She looks suitably offended when Viserys laughs at her for suggesting a tapestry tour for Daemon, and the dead look on her face while making love says it all. Lots of casual foreshadowing, such as when Rhaenyra says that the thoughts of the commoners are "of no consequence". Things I didn't like: A pity that the opening credits weren't updated with Helaena's birth. I'm sure most casual viewers still haven't grasped what the blood flows are supposed to represent, and they want the concept to work they need to start giving us updated information with different perspectives, hopefully with clearer looks this time. The opening at Storm's End was a nice idea, but it didn't entirely work for me. I think they are making Rhaenyra far too petulant and politically unaware, which is fine for a 14 year girl, but I think it's a bit too much now that she's supposed to be an 18 year old woman. Also, the selection of bachelors were a little weird: Dondarrions and Swann were fine, but why did they placed so many people from the Riverlands that could travel much more easily to King's Landing to visit the Realm's Delight. There was a Blackwood, a Bracken, a Frey, a Mooton, a Strong and a Mudd. The last two are particularly mind-boggling. Lyonel Strong would have direct access to the King to introduce him any candidate from his family, and house Mudd is supposed to be exctinct. And that's a failure from the books more than the show, but having the Princess look for a husband in Storm's End makes it even more blatant: why wasn't Borros never considered as a potential match? The scenes at the brothel felt ethereal and disconnected. They didn't really work for me. And I don't' buy that either Rhaenyra or Daemon would have sex in a room full of other people. They are not that stupid. In general, I'm not very happy with the show's interpretation of Daemon. They are overplaying his outrageous nature while not giving him enough redeeming features. Random thoughts: Alyssa from the show seems to have outlived her book version. Viserys claims that Daemon was her favourit because he was a "warrior", but according to Fire and Blood she died when Daemon was just 3. When the kingsguard deliver Daemon to the king, I think it would have been nice that a couple of them had remained in the background as they usually do, and one of them had been Cole. That way, he would have "learned" that Rhaenyra went to him after having fucked Daemon. I don't know how or when they plan to have the rift between Rhaenyra and Cole, but I'd do it asap.
  13. In same video Ryan Condal claims that Daemon refuses to go along with it because he knew it wasn't right. So I'd say that this was just Clare Kilner's personal interpretation. I agree that that reading is too sociopathic for Daemon and I both think and hope that the writing do not intend to go that far. A possible reading, I guess, is that Daemon asked Mysaria to fed Otto that piece of information. Knowing Viserys well, Daemon could have anticipated that he would be mad at his Hand spying on Rhaenyra for his own gain. And in any case, Daemon wanted Viserys to know what had happened (or more that what had happened) in order to force his hand into allowing their marriage. But then again, perhaps it's simpler than that and Mysaria is now just angry at Daemon and looking for herself. To be fair, predicting anyone's death on that show doesn't need any extraordinary foresight. But she is rude and mean, isn't she? I think that any male prince that publicly ridiculed his female suitors and made fun of them would be universally disliked by fandom. I think it's a good think that the sex scene between Rhaenyra and Cole wasn't "set up". Because that's exactly how it went. Rhaenyra didn't sleep with Cole because there had been sexual tension with him for years, or because he was her soulmate. She just fucked him because he was the closest male available. Cole is just a one-night stand.
  14. The show is not improving, and we've already seen more than a third of the season. It doesn't bode well. The visuals are still incredible. I loved so much the depiction of Númenor that I actually got angry when the camera moved back to show us about the characters. The bit about Miriel asking Elendil about his name's etymology was amazing. And I liked the interactions of the Elendil family. I don't think I enjoyed anything else on that one. Btw, I was thinking: is it possible that Halbrand is Bronwyn's ex-husband/Theo's absent father?
  15. I think it's fair to say that she put the interests of the monarchy in front of the happiness of her offspring. As I see it, she is not blamed as a woman, but as the head of the institution that forced Charles into a loveless marriage, or had placed a 12-year-old Harry in the center of the state funeral of his mother. She demanded strict etiquette and protocol, and does not seem to have been very welcoming or understanding to the new members that came into the family. That backfired.
  16. Even if anyone could prove that Jace is not a trueborn son, one of the privileges of a king (or a queen) is the right to legitimize bastards.
  17. Just as the Dance is based in the Anarchy, George clearly based the Westerosi official records on the real-life lists of English monarchs, where Empress Matilda is not included even if she was his father's designated heir and mother to the next king. And most "real historians" count Stephen of Blois's reign from 1135 to 1154. On the basis of this historiographic consensus, Wikipedia does the same, claiming that she is "rarely listed as a monarch" even though she "controlled England for a few months in 1141". Several references are provided. The point of contention here, I think, is that you are refering to "de facto" reign, while the lists of monarchs are invariably made on the basis of "de jure" reign. The difference is Jaehaerys didn't openly contest Maegor's rule, while Rhaenyra was crowned in Dragonstone on 129. Had she prevailed, she wouldn't accept 130 as the date of the beginning of her reign because that would be akin to accepting that her coronation had been void. The lists of monarchs are based on "de jure" rules, not "de facto". Again, in real life Henry II actively fought for her mother's rights, but when he became king he didn't move a finger to reinstate her mother's place as true monarch. I guess it's a combination of realpolitik, not wanting to stir the bee's nest by opening recent wounds, and having many other present and urgent matters to attend. It's an interesting what-if, because greens based their argumentation on women not being able to inherit. Alicent would surely disagree, but a rational player would see that Aegon III was the legitimate king even by the green's argumentation (Even if you dismiss his claim through female Rhaenyra, via his father he was Jaehaerys I's only heir through male line.) As I see it, this is the key point of the whole matter. After Aegon II was killed, Aegon III was the righful heir for both the greens and the blacks. Corlys and Co. used that opportunity to avoid ending the war with a winners vs. losers situation. They opted for reconciliation. Why else would they make sure that the rule of the realm was evenly split between the two factions? (the greens got the Handship, and more or less half the council)
  18. If it was a marketing ploy to attract viewers from the movies, wouldn't it make more sense not to make Gandalf's identity a mystery? Trailers with young Gandalf arriving by ship to the Grey Havens would have appealed the casual viewer much more than a random stranger falling in a meteor.
  19. On further reflection, here are a couple of things that I think that would have improved the episode: It would have been cool if, by the end (perhaps during Otto and Alicent's conversation), it had been revealed that Otto had actually planted a white hart in the forest, as a strategy to manipulate Viserys into naming Aegon his heir. Laenor should have claimed Seasmoke during the episode (offscreen). In the War Council someone should have demanded that Rhaenys joined the fight, and after Corlys had said no to that, Daemon could have remembered that Laenor had Targ blood and there were some young unclaimed wild dragons around Dragonstone. It would be easier to believe that the Triarchy had resisted two years against the Velaryons if they had only one dragon, and it would also make for a more sound battle strategy: once Daemon alone approached Crabfedder, the pirates would have reason to believe that no dragon would join the battle, giving them a reason to come out in the open in masse.
  20. I'm sure it was supposed to be seen as pathetic. Viserys himself cleary didn't want to be there, and his disgust was noticeable. This is, I believe, an apt depiction of a decadent court: a rouyal hunt where the king and the nobles do nothing else than feast and wait while his servants have to do the actual hunt. It also makes for a nice contrast with Rhaenyra, who has to get bloodied. It was weird that they mention that Viserys married Aemma because "the Vale had an army that could rival the North". Why would the North be a reference in that context? Specially when they didn't spell out that Corlys had resigned as Master of Ships. If they wanted to go for it, it may have had more impact if Corlys had said so before storming out of last episode's Council session. Lord Hobert Hightower addresses him this way shouting in front of a crowd, and Viserys doesn't even react to it. It doesn't seem to fit Viserys telling Jason afterwards that considering Aegon the heir is treasonous. At least HBO, the showrunners and myself disagree with this assessment. I don't know if there'll be enough reasons to have 'regular' flashbacks, but I'd be certainly a great addition to show a flashback when they are reunited at the fall of KL. It could work very well to show how badly have things escalated, and Milly Alcock and Emily Carey certainly deserve it.
  21. I liked it more than the previous one, but not as much as the first. Good things: The hunting camp was realy nice. Not only the colorful dresses and tents are much more pleasant to watch, but they can be used to identify characters quickly without words. Just as the first episode outdid the GoT's Tourney of the Hand, this one has put to shame Robert's royal hunt. And it's not only a matter of having more budget. I was a little afraid of the Lannister twins being played by the same actor, but it's been great so far. They really look different, their behaviors and personalities are distinct, and they are not shy of putting them together on the same scene. Given the complicated timeframe and the neck-breaking pace, I think the writers are doing a great job at giving us references to quickly grasp the timing of each episode. Thinks I didn't like: The battles were too unrealistic. Daemon single-handedly outmatching a few dozens of men while avoiding arrows, Corlys fighting on the front line, the helmets out policy, this stupid Hollywood fixation with flaming arrows (to kill a dragon, no less?!),... They should learn that some times less is more, and portraying a protagonist surrounded by a hundred warriors will have no impact on me if I don't doubt for a second that he will come out of it fine. I don't think the idea that the Triarchy was winning the war makes much sense. The crab men were holed in in the caves. Perhaps the Velaryon forces could not get them there, but they wouldn't be able to practice piracy from the inside. And while they were in the caves, the dragons should be able to burn all their ships, thus ending their threat. I think that the fact that Laenor owns a dragon merited an explanation. If I was a non-reader watcher, I think I'd be very surprised at a non-Targaryen having one. Particularly since the previous episode seemed to make a point of the fact that all dragons and eggs were zealously guarded by the Targs, and they are not in good terms with the Velaryons right now. Wine from Lannisport? Take that horsepiss away from me. I'll only accept Dornish red or Arbor Gold. Prince Aegon should NOT be addressed as the "Second of his name". Not only because he hasn't been named heir, but because Viserys is still alive! This style is only reserved to riling kings. And if they had been refering as the second Aegon of the family, they'd be forgetting about Aegon the Uncrowned and Jaehaery's firstborn. Random thoughts: I like how they don't shy away from showing Rhaenyra's ugly traits. But I'm afraid they may fail to do that with Alicent. This episode made her a little more likeable than she should be, I think. Rhaenyra was 15 in the last episode and 17 in this one. And now we celebrated Aegon's second birthday. This means that Viserys married and bedded Alicent immediately after the last episode (a bit creepy, if you ask me). Not sure about it, but I think that Samwell the Bard made the wrong call. I'd say that the Princess of Dragonstone and designated heir would outrank a queen consort.
  22. I gave it a 7. Nothing extraordinary, but enjoyable. I preferred the Kingswood scenes that the Stepstones ones. That was Milly Alcock.
  23. Amazon suspends "Rings of Power" ratings due to the influx of negative reviews.
  24. Well, I'd give them a pass for not including what they are legally forbiden to include. It's not like there are not plenty of other fronts where we can bash them. A benevolent interpretation would be to assume that all elves casually talk Sindarin among themselves (that we hear as English), and Quenya remains untranslated. I think it works with what we've seen so far (the battlecries from the First Age, and Elrond deferring to Galadriel welcoming her in her native language at Lindon). It's too early to tell where they want to go with that subplot (although I dread it). But this suggestion seems a far more interesting, realistic and fitting to the setting than what they are doing. It seems as if they felt obliged to do a prologue (narrated by Galadriel) just because LotR had one. It could have worked, but I agree that it came across as a little bit weak. I assume the "weird way" of depicting First Age iconic scenes that you mention is due to the lack of rights. The appendixes do not mention the Oath of Feanor or the Hill of Slain, so they can't show something that can be unequivocally identifiable. For this reason, I guess, they introduce major variations such as having Finrond taking the "Oath", or having Galadriel stack the helms.
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